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Dil Se Dil Tak 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The next morning, everyone gets to wedding arrangements. Aman comes downstairs cheerfully announcing it’s his wedding today. The family dance with him on Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna.
Jagruti was selecting a dress for herself, Shorvari and Rishab come from behind. Shorvari says its really pretty. Sejal comes at the door. Shorvari asks Rishab’s consent saying this would suit her. Sejal says if Jagruti doesn’t feel comfortable why they are forcing her. She says everyone will look when she comes out ready. Rishab insists on Jagruti to wear this dress. Sejal takes Rishab aside to show him something. Shorvari shares with Jagruti that Sejal takes Rishab’s attention every time he is with her.

In the hall, Indu and Mohini discuss they will finish packing and take the Shagun for Teni. Shorvari asks what is given in Shagun. They say its wedding dress, jewelry and some sweets. Dadi asks Indu about Tulsi Qara. Shorvari asks for its reason, Indu says it brings a purity over the face, and boosts immunity. Shorvari remembers the doctor had forbidden it as it may be dangerous for pregnancy. She tries to convince Indu it isn’t needed. Indu says one has to fulfil the rituals.

Dadi and others bring the Shagun to Teni’s room. Dadi shows Teni the drink and says until she marries she can’t eat or drink anything but this drink. It contains Tulsi Qara, then she must apply Chandan over her and take a bath. She asks Shorvari to make Teni have it. Shorvari stood lost in some thought. Dadi comes to her, Shorvari takes the tray towards Teni, praying for help from Mata Rani. She deliberately slips near Teni, the drink fell over Teni. Shorvari apologizes, Dadi makes her relax saying they only needs to fulfil the ritual. Shorvari says her hair are all wet and sticky, she hands her the dress saying she will make her drink this when she comes out changed. She insists on Dadi and others to leave, she will give the Qara to Teni. Mohini senses something wrong.

Teni comes out of the bath in wedding dress. Shorvari tells Teni pregnant girls are forbidden to drink the Qara, she must tell everyone she had the Qara already. Teni was sad and looks around for Parth. Shorvari sits for her makeup. Teni makes up that it’s burning. Shorvari goes to bring rose water for her. Parth comes from behind, Teni smiles watching him. Parth says he was making other arrangements of wedding. He makes her sit and puts on bangles in her hands. Shorvari comes in and watches Parth help Teni. Parth looks towards her and calls her inside. He says they share an interesting relation with Teni, why not help her together. Teni denies getting rose water into her eyes. Shorvari helps her with other side of bangles. They smile watching Teni into the mirror in her bridal attire. Teni hugs Parth. Shorvari doesn’t like this much. She places her hand over crying Teni’s head.

Dadi calls Shorvari downstairs. Teni looks towards Parth and thanks her heartily. He hugs her again, then holds her face while she smiles. He turns to leave the room..


Dil Se Dil Tak 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aman’s baraat reached. Parth comes to take Teni and compliments she looks beautiful. Teni cries as she feels like losing everything. Parth tells her to trust her future. Mohini breaks the news about Teni’s five and half month old pregnancy.

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