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Dil Se Dil Tak 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Teni To Leave Bhanushali House


Dil Se Dil Tak 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 4th December 2017 Episode start With The ladies pray for the baby in temple. Baa wish this baby gets the love of both parents. Mohini says no matter what, but God has kept Parth and Teni intact.
Teni looks towards Parth thinking if this is the precious gift he got her. Parth turns to leave. Teni turns him around and says she was an idiot to think he has changed; but when he has spoken about the deal he must pay for everything, for her tears and her love. Parth says Teni must pay for what she did, she attempted to get him and snatched his Shorvari. Teni says she isn’t ashamed of loving him; but never attempted to snatch him from Shorvari. Teni asks why he couldn’t find a proof for her, if she was wrong. Parth says he will surely bring the proof one day, then he will find her no matter what corner of world she is in.

Downstairs, the ladies discuss Parth has got rid of all the doubts he had in mind. Indu says Teni suffered a lot, Parth hurt her but now Parth must have realized his mistake.

Teni says there is a relation of hate as well. Parth tells her to leave the house without any drama. Teni agrees to leave the house, but for once she wants to see her daughter. She will leave the house peacefully. Parth holds her by arm as she moves on.
Indu says Teni would see her child for the first time today. Mohini was sure she must be dancing with her daughter, she won’t even listen to Parth. She asks to suggest a good name for the child.
Teni tells Parth she won’t leave the house without seeing her child today. She won’t leave without watching her daughter today, else she will create a huge drama. She isn’t listening to all his rubbish because she is wrong, but because she wants to see him happy.

Mohini suggest the name Shruti. Baa asks Mohini to think about a few more. They ask about Parth and Teni. Indu says they must be enjoying with the baby, she is a connection between them now. Mohini calls them downstairs so as to suggest a name for the baby.

Teni cries emotionally watching the baby. Parth tells her to be careful while holding the baby. Indu was sure Parth will now realize only Teni can give him happiness of life. Teni speaks to the child, she couldn’t witness her in pain and came in seventh month instead of nice. She goes to see if she is after her mother or her father. She walks to Shorvari’s photo and says Parth wanted a quality of hers in their child. Parth had wished that Teni’s quality to overcome and fight every situation must be there in her child. Parth speaks from behind, he doesn’t want any such thing now. Teni says she wished to play with her daughter, but it might not be possible. She advices the baby to go after her mother; she always wanted to spread love around. She cries recalling Parth’s promises when Shorvari was alive. Parth asks Teni if she is done, she must place the child and leave now. Shorvari puts the baby down and turns around to leave. The baby breaks into cry. Teni was moved, but Parth comes to tap her; the baby was relieved. He says the family is downstairs, Teni must think what to say to them. Teni says for him she is a liar, she will make up any lie today but won’t let Parth be blamed.

Teni packs her bag with a heavy heart. She recalls all the good times spent at Bhanushali house, her love for Parth. She wipes her tears and reminds herself it was the deal, she had come here with a smile. Mohini comes to take Teni downstairs and asks where is she going? Teni says she will tell them everything but in front of family. Mohini comes downstairs confused, and tells the family about Teni packing her bags. Everyone was shocked at this. Teni comes downstairs. Indu asks why is she packing the bag. Teni held a smile over her face and says its time for her to go, how long will she stay here?


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Indu was crying while Teni attempts to make her mood up. Inud asks Teni about the truth, what happened between her and Parth that made her leave the house.

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