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Dil Se Dil Tak 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Shorvori changes into her night clothes. Parth comes there and comes closer, he says did you get happy to get me scolded by Baa and Indu Maa? Shorvori says very much, i feel like we have become kids by living with Aman and Teni, its like teenage love, Parth says just one request, when you are in mood to romance then keep it in this room, Shorvori says dont call me unromantic again, Teni has gone to talk to Aman, will he agree and end all this? Parth says he is unpredictable but Teni has taught him nice lesson, Shorvori says Teni is childish not us, we will be gone if Aman knows that Teni is pregnant, she our responsibility, Parth says we are with her, nothing will happen to her and baby.
Aman says to Teni that i will leave from here and will never irritate you ever in life, Teni says you are clever. Aman says but i should get a chance spend one last night with you, to have perfect date with you, candle light dinner, romantic music, champagne and me and you only, dont say no to person who is already leaving, Teni is moved by his request, Teni says okay i give you a day, you can spend it with me, where only you and me are there, we will have a date and i promise you that i will make it so memorable that you will not forget it even if you leave this world, he says deal? she shakes hand with him and says deal, he smiles at her.

In morning, Sejal brings letter for Aman, its invitation, Aman thinks that she challenged me and now she cant even think how i will impress her and will win this challenge. Sejal sees invitation of five star hotel, she sequels seeing it, Mohini asks what happened? Sejal its invitation from great hotel and i am going there, Aman says these passes are not for you, i have brought it for someone special, its for Teni, she says you will take that middle class to this high class hotel? he says yes, i am taking her, good day, he leaves.

Teni is doing yoga. Aman comes there and says so this is secret behind your fitness? she asks what is it? Aman says i have prepared our special evening, he shows her invitation, Teni says i will meet you in evening, Aman says its a classy place to wear some nice clothes, Teni says nobody teaches me what to wear, i will be dressed so well that you will forget all foreign girls, he nods and leaves. Teni says i have to ask where he is taking me, sorry Baba today no yoga.

Parth sees Shorvori happy, Shorvori says Aman agreed to leave from here, when you told me that Aman is playboy, i was worried about baby more than Teni, Parth leans in and says i told you there will be no problem. Teni comes there, they move away from each other, Parth says cant you knock? Teni shows him invitation and says your brother is more lover boy than you, he is taking me this candle light dinner place, Shorvori sees invitation and says its most expansive and classy place, its opening is today, Teni says he wants to impress Teni, Shorvori says he is leaving right? so just have dinner with him and come home. Parth says his seven days are ending today so he has to leave, he was pretending like he has started to love you. Parth says to Teni that this must be his last try to impress you, dont come in his trap, Teni says that snub can never impress me, Parth says listen carefully, he tells some information to her which is muted, she nods.

Dada sees Aman ready, he says you seem changed, people change in love, Aman blushes and says nothing like that, i am taking Teni on date so can you give me tip? Dada says what you think of your dada? Aman says you have to give me tip, Dada says just remember to never break heart of any girl, Aman says i should record this tip too, he records it.

Mohini says to Indu that dont know what has happened to Dada, there is unmarried Sejal and Jagruti in house but he is worried about other girl. Mohini says to Sejal that you remain stick with your phone, learn how to make pickle so I can proudly say to Dada that i have made you ready for marriage. Sejal says Maa.. she turns to leave but strikes with Teni, Sejal says to Teni that cant you see? oh right, after Aman inviting you to that five star hotel, you are not able to see anything else? what are you going to wear for that hotel? Teni is about to punch her but Shorvori comes there and takes Teni away.

Scene 2
Aman is waiting for Teni with flowers and three piece suit. Teni comes there in pink kurta and shalwar, he says i told you that place is happening and class and you wore these kind of clothes? they wont get us entry now, Teni says if they judge you by clothes then we dont have to go there, I will take you to place where they dont care about your clothes, Aman says but i booked that place, Teni says if you dont want to come with me then I am not going, he says no no, take me where you want, Teni says great, they leave.

Teni brings Aman to sleazy bar, she says this is the real heaven, he says this is heaven? what about my plan? music and everything? she says there are songs playing, Aman hears cheap peppy songs playing, he asks where will we eat food? she says first wine comes then comes food, he says you drink wine too? Teni says my and wine have strong relation, wine is my sister, i drink without stopping, Aman says lets have competition then, Aman asks to bring two shots. Teni says no bring desi wine, it has its own taste. Waiter brings wine, they take glasses, Aman drinks his glass, Teni smells her glass and then drinks it, she orders 4 more glasses, Aman says four more? She says you are scared in starting only? Teni drinks from more glasses, he says you are drinking like its water. Teni recalls flashback how she bribed waiter and asked him to put wine in Aman’s glass and put water in her glass, fb ends. Teni says i told you about my tolerance, Teni thinks that i can have one glass of wine but i have promised Shorvori and have commitment so I cant. Teni makes Aman drink more and more wine.
Parth is watching them on mobile, Shorvori sees it and asks how is he watching Aman and Teni live? Parth says I have hidden spy camera in Teni’s bag so I can see what they are doing. Aman gets drunk and totally wasted as Teni gives him more and more drinks, Shorvori says they were going to five star hotel? Parth says i sent them to this cheap restaurant, he wanted to act classy and now Teni will take his class, i know he wanted to imprese Teni by taking her to five star hotel so I asked Teni to take him to place which he cant expect, lets see what he will do now.
Aman praises singer in cheap restaurant, Teni thinks that he was trying to impress me but Teni cant be handled by him. Aman says youa re cute desi girl. Parth laughs seeing it on mobile, Shorvori sees this on Parth’s mobile and says whats wrong with you Parth? that place is not safe for Teni, she is not only girl but she is pregnant with our baby, i have lost my baby once already. Parth is stunned with her outburst.

Aman stumbles to stage, he takes mic and shouts I am Aman from America and this girl Teni, i tried to impress her but she doesnt budge but today to impress her, i will sing many songs, play music, Teni slaps her forehead. Aman starts dancing funnily and sings Aashiq surrender hua, Teni holds her head and gives him awkward smile, she takes mic from him and sings dil ke dushman say yaari, she dances around him, Aman sings palat tera hero idhar hai, Teni dances with him.

Shorvori is in tears, Parth consoles her and says i am sorry, no one will cast eye on our happiness this time, i will call Teni and ask her to come home, he hugs her.

Teni makes Aman go out of restaurant, Aman is totally drunk and stumbling, Teni says why did you drink that much if you cant handle? Teni supports him. Teni brings him out of bar and tries to take him home but some drunk goons come there.


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Parth says to Teni that 7days of Aman has completed and he couldnt impress you, now if he doesnt get flight to US then he will go by walk to US, Teni looks on, our life will go to normal from tomorrow, Teni smiles. Aman says to himself that where will i go leaving you here desi girl?

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