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Dil Se Dil Tak 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Parth and Shorvari spend some intimate moments. Shorvari realizes Parth smells of Teni’s perfume, she was upset and runs outside. Parth thinks she is hurt because of Indu’s anger, he was sure this will get better in a while. Shorvari cries in the corridor and thinks she never expected everything would change so much with time.
Mohini comes to Indu and says Sejal is in love with Rishab, but couldn’t express it. She gets emotional that she is a widow and can’t talk about her daughter’s proposal alone, she requests Indu and Ramnik to speak to Rishab’s parents about it and asks for a promise to marry Sejal to Rishab. Indu holds her hand and promises. She was sure Rishab’s mother would agree to it. Jagruti had just come to the room, she brings the phone that Rishab’s mother is on call. Indu pleasantly speaks to her. Mohini was sure Indu won’t break her promise.

In the balcony, Shorvari thinks it might be her overthinking, like Teni says this too. She feels negative because of Indu, and see everything as wrong. She calms herself down that everything is fine. She goes to Teni’s room and asks why she is getting ready so late at night and wonders why she is in makeup. Teni says she has decided to remain in makeup even at home. Shorvari recalls Parth once asked her to remain in makeup whenever he returns from office. She was lost, Teni teases if Shorvari was jealous of her beauty.

Shorvari asks Teni to share her perfume, Teni readily hands the bottle. Shorvari thinks this is how Parth smelled. Teni takes a selfie with Shorvari and forwards it to Parth, Shorvari was furious. She stuffs the bottle back in Teni’s hand and leaves the room. Teni wonders what happened to her.
Teni was unable to sleep at night. She sits up and speaks to her baby why he doesn’t let her sleep. She watches a canvas in her front and thinks about painting something. She picks the bottle but it falls off her hand, spilling all over her. Parth hears the sound, he calls Shorvari but finding her asleep he goes by himself. Teni comes to bathroom to wash herself, she doesn’t let the door close as its handle was broken.

Parth comes to Teni’s room and finds the broken bottle. He enters the washroom and asks why she is getting so wet at this time. Teni throws a cup full over him. He was aggressive, then goes to sprinkle water over her. They were playing when Shorvari wakes up and comes looking for Parth. Meanwhile Teni hits the door which was locked, Teni gets tensed. Parth notices she was cold and dries her with a towel. Teni blames Parth’s baby for all this restlessness at the mid of night. She says until someone arrives he must narrate her a story. Parth tells her a joke. Teni feels the movement, Parth was reluctant to touch her but she says he is the father. Parth was excited as he feels the movement, Teni asks him to hear the heartbeat as well.

Shorvari comes to Teni’s room and finds the paint bottle broken. She was about to return when she hear Teni and Parth from inside.


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvari enters the bathroom and questions Parth what he was doing with Teni. She was furious. In the room, Parth asks Shorvari what’s going on in her mind. Shorvari asks if a wife sees her husband with another girl at middle of night, what must go on in her mind?

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