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Dil Se Dil Tak 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 5th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Teni says to family that someone changed address slip. Sejal says wow now you will blame whole family? you cheap pr*stitute, Parth shouts Sejal.. I am warning you last time to not use these kind of words for Teni, i dont care of proofs are against Teni because Teni is innocent for me and pure like ganga jal, Shorvori is surprised to hear it, Teni is proud of him. Mohini says Parth tell us you know this TEni for whole one month and what happened in one month that you trust her so much? Teni comes to dada and says now you decide if you trust Mohini and Sejal’s words or trust me, dada looks away. Dada says i dont know if you are right or wrong but i know that you are lying about my family members changing address because no member of this family that stoop that low, Teni nods and says i understand that blood is thicker than blood, you would trust your blood, if you dont trust me then what will i do by living here, i will leave this house of yours today only, all are shocked, Sejal and Mohini smirks, Dada says maybe that will be for good for you and for this family, Teni is hurt hearing it, dada leaves, Shorvori is sad for Teni, Teni wipes her tears and leaves. Parth and Shorvori goes behind her.
Mohini and Sejal are dancing in Sejal’s room, Mohini says i am feeling dizzy, Sejal says finally that cheap girl is going. Mohini says but i dont understand how she was so proud after showing her real character? Sejal thinks that i hope nobody finds proof against me, nobody should know that i did with Teni, Mohini says i am just happy that Teni’s movie is ending, she leaves. Sejal says my next target is Parth, he did mistake by raising hand on me that and now he has to pay big price for it.
Teni comes to her room and packs her luggage. PArth comes to her and says i am sorry, i couldnt stop you here, i have talked to estate agent, he has fully furnished flat for you. Teni is angrily packing her stuff, Teni thinks something and gets tensed.
Shorvori is in her room and thinks that i wrote right address on slip then how Teni reached other hotel? Mohini, Sejal and Indu comes there. Sejal says i am sorry Shorvori but Teni went to that cheap hotel herself. Mohini says Shorvori you were not able to see how Teni was seducing Parth, she had eyes for your husband but you were blind, Indu ask them to calm down, she says to Shorvori that we cant change what has happened but this is lesson for you to not trust people blindly, you are mature so you would understand, Shorvori nods, they start leaving but Sejal thinks that Shorvori’s silence is showing that she doesnt trust Teni anymore, now she will bring Parth out of Teni’s magic trap.
Parth holds Teni’s hand and says something, curse me, swear at me but dont be silent. Teni says what should i say? everyone is liar in your house, nobody can see truth here, even your dada is liar, your dada cant even understand who is lying and who os saying truth? nobody has guts in this house to call out to dada when he does wrong, everyone is scared of him, your family made me call girl? call girl? i thought rich people are nice but if rich people cant see truth in others then my poor people are nice, atleast they fight in your face, they dont think to destroy lives of others, she breakdowns and cries, Parth hugs her and says i know my family did wrong with you, you are not wrong, i am sorry, he consoles her. Shorvori comes there and sees them hugging, Parth looks at her tensely, Shorvori huffs and leaves from there, Parth looks on.
Shorvori comes to her room and is tensed, she gets teary eyed. Parth comes there, she wipes her tears, he asks why did you leave Teni’s room? Shorvori says i was not needed there so i came here, i am proud of you, the way you handled Teni and shared her pain, i couldnt have done it, i am lucky to have life partner like you, she kisses his hand and holds it, Parth says this is because of your togetherness that i do everything rightly. Shorvori says i dont want Teni to leave with this much insult, she doesnt deserve it, i want Teni’s truth to come out to everyone, all family members should know that Teni is not at fault. Parth says i want it but how will we prove it? Shorvori says i was thinking that Teni said manager told her that we were waiting in room for her and when police raided there, manager was nowhere to be seen, he ranaway before. Parth says you mean to say that manager knew everything? he trapped in Teni and he knew hotel will be raided so he ranaway, he was part of scheme? i have to go and find him, please keep Teni staying till i comeback. Parth leaves.

Scene 2
Teni is leaving house, Shorvori asks Teni to stay, Sejal thinks that i thought Shorvori would be out Teni’s haze but she is running behind her still. Teni says let me go Shorvori, Shorvori says stay till Parth comes back. Mohini taunts that she did such cheap deeds and now showing ego too? Sejal says its big thing that she is leaving. Shorvori pleads to Teni and says you swear on me to stop, i beg you, she folds her hand. Teni says why you are stopping me? what else do i have to listen and see in this house? let me go. Parth comes there and throws hotel manager on floor, all are stunned. Parth says its time for this family to listen and see. Parth shows manager’s face, Dada asks who is this man? Parth says dada you were doing injustice, as a son of this house, i couldnt let it happen, he is manager of that cheap hotel from where it all started, now he will tell us truth. Sejal gets tensed seeing manager there. Parth shouts to speak up. Manager says i deliberately locked Teni in that hotel room with that man so that when police raid there, they think that she is call girl too, i knew from before that there would be police raid at hotel and i stole her phone too so she couldnt call anyone. Teni grabs his collar and says why you did it with me? did you know Parth and Shorvori that you said they were waiting for me in room? he says no i didnt even know hear their names before that day, dada says if you didnt know them then why you did that with Teni? how did you know Teni would come to your hotel? Manager says i didnt know anything, i just did what i was asked to do, Parth asks who asked you do that with Teni? Manager points finger and Sejal and says she bribed me to do it, Parth and whole family is shocked, Sejal panics.


Dil Se Dil Tak 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni is leaving house but Dada says to Teni that i vow and promise you to find good groom for you, i will choose nice life partner for you, its my responsibility to send you to your inlaws house after getting you married, this is my promise. Parth and Shorvori are stunned to hear it, Teni’s eyes bulges of out her sockets hearing his vow.

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