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Dil Se Dil Tak 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Teni Returns To Chawl


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 5th April 2018 Episode Start With While packing the luggage, Teni and Chutkan pack soap and shampoos as well. She throws one at Parth to use in his bath. Parth says he doesn’t use body soap. Teni wonders if he really a driver. A nurse comes to ask them for some favored money. Chutkan handles her and takes her outside as Parth signals her.

At the main door, Teni asks Parth for some money so that they can pass through the gate with hospital luggage and puts it in the guard’s pocket. Outside, Teni demands Parth to bring the car to main gate for them. The driver arrives with the car and apologizes Parth for being late. Teni was quizzical. Parth explains he is the head driver, and personal to his landlady. Only he gets to wear the used clothes from them as well. Teni was convinced. She firstly sits in the back seat, then comes to sit with Parth in front. She says she called him a friend and doesn’t want to disgrace him as he is also poor like her.

In the chawl, Shorvari requests the residents not to discuss with Teni any event about last two years. The residents were annoyed of Teni’s behavior in matters. Shorvari joins her hands and was ready to give them anything in return. One of the lady demands Shorvari money for this, another old lady insults the fellow. The residents assures Shorvari to take care they don’t discuss anything from past two years with Teni. They go to clean Teni’s room. The old lady announces that Teni is here.

As the car stops, Teni tells Chutkan that the chawl residents are amazed to see them. She asks Parth to take the car inside, open the door and salute like he does to Shorvari. Parth stares at her, then opens the door for her. Teni greets everyone at the chawl. She asks Kaki why she didn’t come to hospital to see her. She hears some guys’ gossip against her. Shorvari joins her hands in request to them, they change their words. Teni throws a bottle as a gift to them.

Teni returns to chawl and was shocked to see her room. She was afraid if her owner lend this room to someone else. Chutkan says it is her room. Teni asks Chutkan about Parul. Chutkan was silent and tells Teni she ran away already. She asks to speak to her on phone, she indebted 500 to her. Chutkan says she wouldn’t take the call and must have changed her number. Teni’s head bang as some vogue memories flash in her mind. She was about to fell down;

Parth holds her into his arms. Teni says she recalled her old house. Parth was hopeful, Teni says she only missed her old room. She was tensed what if Parul left her indebted by all this. Shorvari comes in and says she did this for her. Teni was happy but demands her to get an AC as well. Shorvari says it will be installed by evening.


Dil Se Dil Tak 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvari was shocked to hear Teni is leaving for dance bar. In the dance bar, Parth beats a man offering Teni to spend the night with her. He was leaving with Teni but Chutkan comes there. Teni warns Parth not to interfere with Teni’s money matters, his line won’t fit in here.

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