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Dil Se Dil Tak 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Parth And Teni Decide To Marry


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 5th January 2018 Episode Start With Indu questions Dada ji if he is happy that Parth is in jail. Dada ji says he is happy because he was caught with Teni, Teni will take care of him. Indu goes to tell Ramnik, he will get them freed. Dada ji and Baa cheer for them being together.

Teni shouts to wake the inspector. The inspector asks if she wasn’t done last night. Teni says someone made them drink alcohol, else they are respectable people. She requests to spare them, she has an interview for visa. The inspector demands them to apologize and accept they are spouses. Parth wasn’t ready to accept this lie. Teni asks him to accept whatever the inspector says, but he reminds her of the promise and allows her to break hers. Ramnik comes there with the senior officer from police who scolds Patel for arresting the business tycoon Parth Bhanushali. Ramnik brought the papers of bail and the lawyer. Teni and Parth are released. Teni was in a hurry to leave for visa office. Parth says he has no car. Ramnik gives him keys of his cars. The inspector assures Parth he will drop Ramnik. Teni takes Parth out.

As Parth stops the car, Teni complains couldn’t he drive some faster. Parth says it was Teni who had to change and do makeup. He brought her in time. Teni says she had to appear presentable for interview. She returns to get a good luck from Parth and enters the office. Parth stands by the car, thinking Teni will go far from them if her interview is cleared. He waits on a bench in the office. Teni appears from the door, upset as she was rejected for being late. Parth was happy and says whatever happens is for good luck. Teni blames Parth for driving her slow, he is jealous of her and doesn’t want her to go to America. Parth apologizes and says he doesn’t wish her to go to America. Teni asks why?

Parth says he promised to never lie to her, the truth is what’s in his heart. He must tell her… Teni awaits to hear her long lasting wish. Parth says he wish Teni to always be around him. She was confused, and asks if he is still drunk? Parth proposes Teni for marriage. Teni was lost. Parth says he realized he will be incomplete without her, he was losing some vital part of his life with the news of her leaving for America. He and Ipshita need her, and Shorvari also wished so. Teni demands Parth for a ring, she can’t accept a mere proposal. Parth plucks a nearby flower. He thinks to Shorvari he can’t give her place to anyone, but as her last wish he is stepping towards Teni. Dadi was passing by and watches Parth present Teni a flower ring. Teni wears it. Teni says she won’t spare him without a permanent ring. They leave for house.

At home, Dada ji and Dadi were excited to discuss about Parth’s proposal. Dada ji says he wants to see if his grand child is as romantic as him. Parth and Teni arrive at home. Teni asks if he will be able to speak about it. Dada ji was determined to tease her. As Parth and Teni come in, he asks Teni about her visa interview. Teni pinches Parth to tell them. Dada ji says he has a source in the embassy, he can speak to him. Teni stops Dada ji, as she doesn’t want to go to America now. Dada ji says Teni must not get tensed of petty issues, he will make her dream come true. Teni says she had a change of heart. Dada ji asks why she wants to lose such a chance; what the matter is. Teni was unable to complete her sentence, then goes to meet Ipshita. Parth also goes in.

In the corridor, Teni stops Parth and scolds him for not speaking a word. Parth wonders how he can abruptly agree to marry in front of his family. Teni tells him to go and tell everyone right away. Parth says she can go and tell them by herself. Teni says she is a girl, though she speaks a lot but can’t be shameless in front of his family. Parth argues that girls always fight for equal rights, but can’t take equal share in this matter. Teni was weepy as he is fighting her before marriage right now. She then reminds Parth how Shorvari always wanted him to make love his strength.


Dil Se Dil Tak 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth tells the family he has decided to meet Teni. Dada ji tells him to repeat. Parth says they have decided to marry. He and Teni share an eye lock.

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