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Dil Se Dil Tak 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Teni makes Aman go out of restaurant, Aman is totally drunk and stumbling, Teni says why did you drink that much if you cant handle? Teni supports him. Teni brings him out of bar and tries to take him home but some drunk goons come there. Aman laughs and says to Teni that i will handle them Teni, dont worry. Teni says you handle yourself, Aman makes her wear his coat and says you just stand in corner and i will handle them. Aman comes to goons and asks what will you do? he stumbles. One guy caresses his face and says you are hot, other asks Aman to come with them and spend night, Teni is stunned and says Aman’s honor is in danger. Aman imagines Teni in man and says Teni you here? he caresses goon’s face and says Teni you are looking beautiful, Teni screams that I am here not there. Teni mumbles that he has irritated me a lot so let his honor be taken but he is Parth’s brother. Aman says to goons that lets go home, we will have good night. Teni says I have to save his respect. Teni takes iron rod and beats goons constantly, she shouts that if you are seen again then i will break your legs, goons leave. Aman is in shock and says they were real goons? Teni says yes and i saved your honor, lets go now, they leave.

Teni comes to Shorvori and Parth that i did one more favor on you both, I have saved your brother’s respect, i should charge more, Shorvori says i was worried for you, they were goons, what if anything happened to you or baby? Teni says there is no goon that can take over me, i wont let anything happen to baby. Parth says to Teni that 7days of Aman has completed and he couldnt impress you, now if he doesnt get flight to US then he will go by walk to US, Teni looks on, our life will go to normal from tomorrow, Teni smiles.
Aman says to himself that where will i go leaving you here desi girl? i will stay here in your eyes, he recalls their night, how Teni danced and beat goons, he says i have got who i was finding, i was finding you Desi girl, he smiles broadly and imagines Teni on his bed, she asks if he is fine? Aman is mesmerized with her and says i have started liking you and want to marry you.
Teni says to Parth and Shorvori that he was so drunk that he was seeing me in goons too. Parth says now our lives will go back to normal.
Aman says why i am seeing Teni everywhere? i have fallen in love, yes Aman is in love, now Aman wont leave without his love from here.

In morning, Aman wakes up with winds blowing, he recalls Teni leaning in to kiss him and then slapping him, he smiles, Pehla Nasha plays, he blushes. He twirls around in happiness and dances, he gets ready and looks on.
Teni gets ready and says i am looking so bomb today, I have defeated that Aman and he wont in my way, baby sees your mummy no. 2 is so strong, lets go and see his face but first Shorvori and Parth.
Teni comes to Parth’s room but sees whole family there, Teni mumble that there must be some problem. Shorvori asks her to come inside. Sejal asks Shorvori why she called everyone? Shorvori says we found Dada and Baa’s marriage certificate and today they completed 50years of marriage, Parth says now that we know that, we should celebrate it grandly, Indu says Baa and Dada never told us about marriage date, Teni says there should be big party, Shorvori says this plan should not reach Dada and Baa, we have to keep it secret, Parth says Dada, Baa and Aman should not know about it, Sejal says why not Aman? Shorvori says this party is special for Aman too, Teni says party for that caterpillar? Shorvori says Aman is leaving so its farewell for him and he leaves with memories. Indu says good idea but Baa and Dada will be in house then how will we do arrangements. Shorvori shows them map of house, she shows them where decorations and stage will be placed. She asks Mohini to look over food arrangements, Mohini gets happy, Shorvori says Indu has to busy Baa, Parth says we will busy Dada. Shorvori says Indu will take Baa out of house, Mohini says take her to relative’s house who invited her, Indu says great. Shorvori says Sejal will supervise everything and Teni will handle entertainment section, Teni says now you will see how i do it, Mohini thinks that Teni is expert in doing drama so she has got good work, Shorvori says we will make this special for Dada and Baa.

Scene 2
Baa makes Dada wear his chain, Dada says time changed but you didnt at all, Baa says see your hair, they are white, Dada says its old age but your memory has gone weak too, how can you forget such special day? Baa says what special day it is? Dada says today 50years back we got married for births, Baa says i know it, i just wanted to see if you remember it, we might be old but our relation is not, he says right, he asks what gift she wants? or she wants party? Baa laughs.

Parth says to Shorvori that i will take Dada out of house, Shorvori says i am making list of things. Parth says i have never seen you like this, you have arranged party on such short notice, you planned everything, Shorvori it feels good to celebrate such long relations who have lived with us for lives, Parth says one day we will celebrate 50years of wedding too, she smiles, Parth kisses her hand, she hugs him, they are peaceful in each others arms, Raabta plays.
Aman comes in lounge and is lost looking at Teni who is busy talking with Indu, kuch toh hai tujhse raabta plays, Aman just keep looking at her and keep smiling.

Parth comes to Dada that i have to show you new sit for factory lets go, if we go soon then deal will be finalized soon. Ramnik asks Dada what was best day of your life? Dada asks why he is asking suddenly? Ramnik says please answer, Dada says when you were born, that day was best day of my life, Ramnik hugs him. Parth says my grandpa and father getting emotional? Dada says when you will become father then you will know, Parth says we have to wait for 6months.
Indu says to Baa that we should go to relative’s function, Baa says i am not in mood today, Indu says i wont go without you, Mohini says Baa you should go with her, Baa says why i feel you both are trying to send me out of house? Shorvori says you always stay at home, you might be bored, you should meet people, what is your favorite color? she says pink, Mohini says what is your favorite desert? she says rabri, why? Mohini says i was making desert so thought to ask you. Indu says please come with me to relative’s house, Baa says okay.

Sejal says to Teni that we should put lights on whole house. Teni says did you hit head in childhood? you dont know that if we apply lights then Baa and Dada will know about party? Sejal nods. Aman comes and asks what they are doing? Sejal says i want to talk to Aman, Teni can you leave? she turns to leave, Aman says no Teni ji will not go anywhere, Teni thinks why he is giving me so much respect? did wine get to his head? Aman says Sejal i want to talk to Teni ji so can you excuse us? Sejal says along with everyone, this Aman has started dancing to this Teni’s tunes too, she leaves. Aman says Teni ji i want to talk to you, Teni says i have won challenge, are you giving me another challenge? Aman says no more challenges, Teni says then go on, Aman says I.. Um.. Teni says you have started stammering? Aman says its important.. I with you.. Sejal says Teni see time, lets go, Teni says i will talk later, she leaves. Aman says i call myself playboy and I couldnt say such small thing? shame on you Aman.

Sejal shows dresses to Teni and says they are designer dresses, i should wear one of them, Teni says they are sold on streets, you call them designer? Sejal says i did mistake by calling you here, i will wear best dress, Teni says dress doesnt matter, if your heart is clean then everything looks good, i will prove it when I will wear common, desi dress in party and will look good more than you even if you wear expansive clothes, she leaves, Sejal looks on.
Dada drinks tea and says i should rest, Parth says you are young, Aman have arranged movie plan with you, Aman says when? Parth says you were saying you want to spend time with Dada, you will miss him and all. Dada says i cant deny him so i will go with him to watch movie, Shorvori i will select saree for Baa as she is going too, Parth gives money to Aman and says enjoy, Aman thinks what Parth is up to?
Aman calls Teni, he says i wanted to talk something important, Teni says i dont have time, i will talk later, she ends call. Aman says she doesnt even listen fully, tonight i will tell her about my heart thing. One courier man comes and says sir Parth called me here as today is his dada’s 50th anniversary, Aman thinks that this is the thing Parth was hiding and nobody told me, I will express my love for Teni in party as that will be big gift for Dada, he wants that only.

Scene 3
At night, Baa and Dada comes home and sees darkness, they enter and asks where is everyone? lights switch on, they see whole house decorated, family comes there and wishes them 50th wedding anniversary. Parth and Shorvori brings cake, Dada and Baa are surprised, Baa says you people did all this for us? all nod, Indu says we are with you, you are our identity so we did this for us, Dada says to Baa that we kept is hidden but they got to know, happy 50th anniversary, she says you too. They blow odd candle and cut cake together.
Party starts, Shorvori and Parth dances on kyun aage peche dolte ho. All enjoy their dance. All clap for them.
Aman comes on stage and says there are more surprises, lets move on with Desi girl Teni. Teni comes there wearing beautiful green dress. Aman is awestruck seeing her. Aman says and me too with her. Aman and Teni starts dancing on didi tera deewar Dewana, they do quirky dance, all laugh and enjoy, all clap for their dance. Aman says now my surprise for Dada and Baa. He takes flower bouquet and sits on his knees, he says Teni I love you. Parth, Teni and Shrovori are shocked. Aman says i want to spend every moment of my life with you, will you marry me Teni? Teni gets tensed hearing it.


Dil Se Dil Tak 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dada says we shouldnt wait to do this good deed, right after 7 days, i will arrange Teni’s wedding and will do her kanyadaan, Teni pleadingly looks at him.

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