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Dil Se Dil Tak 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Parth was determined to find the real reason behind her behavior. Shorvari gets a video message while she sat in a couch. She hears the message and cries. She cries that her life is leaving her, she needs to get away from him at any cost. There in the hospital, Parth cries thinking about Shorvari’s behavior lately, and his good times with Shorvari.

Sejal and Mohini find Baa and Indu praying in Bhanushali house.
Rishab’s mother confirms if he is sure Sejal is going to own half property of Bhanushali family. Rishab says he is sure, Sejal told him herself and she wanted him to search a house for her in London. He asks his mother to cheer up, it’s a good news. His mother says she regrests engaging him to the right girl. Rishab says relations and trust are there in the world to be broken. It was only an engagement and could be broken. His mother cheers.

There at home, Indu was happy to hear from Parth that child and Teni are both fine. Dadi asks what about Shorvari. Indu says Parth said everything is fine. Indu was thankful. Mohini agrees to Sejal that she was right, there is always a drama. Sejal tells Mohini to speak to Ramnik in the morning. Mohini was worried to hear this.
The next morning, Parth and Teni return home. Parth says doctor advised complete respect against herself. Dadi assures they will take care of her. Indu asks about Shorvari. Dada ji takes Parth aside and asks what the matter is. Parth was lost in some thought. A lawyer comes there to meet Parth. He hands her a file, Parth was shocked to reach divorce deed from Shorvari. Everyone at the family was also taken aback to know about it.

Parth asks the lawyer about Shorvari’s whereabouts. The lawyer says he must speak to him now, as Shorvari is his client. Parth grabs his collar and deters him that Shorvari is his wife. Dada ji comes to calm Parth down. Parth tears the divorce papers into pieces. The lawyer asks if Parth realizes what he has done. Parth inquires about Shorvari’s address. Indu asks the lawyer to try and understand, divorce isn’t a petty matter. Its better they solve the matter, and they all want to meet her. The lawyer tells him about her stay in a hotel.

When the lawyer has left, Parth was shattered and fell on the floor. He was doomed about what was his mistake in all this. He agrees she is angry at him but he has done everything to make her up. He wish she remember how much he loves her. Doesn’t she know how much they love each other? Dadi ji says Shorvari can’t send these papers. Parth asks if she agrees Shorvari can’t do this. He asks Dadi about some advice to make her up? He will go and speak to Shorvari. Dada ji stops Parth and asks him to calm down, maybe she doesn’t listen to him right now. Parth was sure there is something Shorvari is hiding from him and leaves. Teni thinks about informing Shorvari about everything.

In the room, Teni tells Shorvari that Parth has realized there is some other reason behind her behavior. He will now get to the core of matter. Dadi was upset that relations got so weak these days. Their children are losing their relation, and they are so helpless. Mohini says Parth and Shorvari have always done novel things at home; what’s the big deal in a divorce deed. Dadi says relations joint through love shouldn’t be broken. She must understand the emptiness that remains after relations are lost. Mohini asks who can understand it more than her. Indu asks why Mohini always speak so bitter, then. She prays for everything to get better. Mohini thinks she has no respect in this house and there Sejal is insisting on her to ask her share. She wonders how she must speak to Ramnik about it.

Parth comes to meet Shorvari who was getting mani-pedicure in the hotel room. He sends the girls away with a demand to speak to Shorvari in isolation.

Dil Se Dil Tak 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :PRECAP: Shorvari calls the police and tells them to take Parth. Teni informs the family that Shorvari complained in police against Parth and he was arrested.

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