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Dil Se Dil Tak 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shorvari hears the laughter from washroom and goes inside. Parth had kept the hand over her belly, feeling the baby. Shorvari asks Parth how he reached here. Teni explains Shorvari the whole incident. Shorvari questions why had Parth placed his hand over Teni’s belly, and makes him touch her again. Parth sends Teni to change. Shorvari leaves without saying a word. In the room, Shorvari asks Parth why he is leaving the room, Teni would not be shy to change in front of them. Parth leaves while Teni asks why Shorvari jokes with her. She wonders why was Shorvari was upset but decides not to poke into their personal matter.

In the room, Parth comes to Shorvari after changing his clothes. He asks Shorvari what was this all. Shorvari was lost somewhere, she says she didn’t say anything. Parth says he recognizes her well, and asks what’s going on in her mind. Shorvari says if someone finds her husband locked in a bathroom with a stranger at 2am, what must the wife think? Tear fells off Shorvari’s face. Parth asks what she wants to say. Shorvari cries that she got lonely. Parth asks why she says so, what the matter is. Shorvari asks where he is, he is always with Teni. She questions what’s going on between him and Teni? Parth laughs over her thinking, he asks if she has gone crazy.

Shorvari says once before Teni turned to a Mastani and wanted him and today they made it true. Parth was speechless. Shorvari tells him to speak. Parth says he finds it useless to explain to her, she has already decided to take a false meaning of it. Shorvari says he always discuss about Teni, her feelings, her emotions? Her bangles were given to Teni, but Path cared for Teni. He held her hand, pinched her under the table, fragrance of her perfume on his shirt and getting close to her during yoga… if he thinks she is crazy. He didn’t wake her up at 2am and just went to her room. She says this won’t have any effect on them now, their relation has crossed a limit. Parth asks if she realize what she is saying. Shorvari says this is what she has seen.

Parth says she has seen but couldn’t understand. She took his and Teni’s relation as wrong. He swears to her head, there is nothing between him and Teni; only Shorvari is important for him in life. Shorvari blankly stares at him for a while then says she doesn’t trust him anymore. Parth was broken at her words. He says her trust holds great important, what must he do to regain it. Shorvari asks if he really wants to win her trust back. He says yes. She tells him not to speak to Teni again. He leaves the grip over her arm. Shorvari says she is there to take care of Teni, the whole family is there.

If he thinks she can’t take care of the girl bearing his child. Can’t he do this? Parth says he never thought he will have to testify his love and relation, then agrees to her condition. Shorvari asks his hand for promise, tears fell of Parth’s eyes as he say how can she trust his promise? She withdraws her hand. Parth goes towards his bed. Both lay awake all night, thinking about good times together. Shorvari cries recalling about Parth and Teni’s intimacies.


Dil Se Dil Tak 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The next morning, Teni complains Parth for not replying to his texts. Parth clarifies they have no relation with each other. Teni insists this child will always keep her connected to him but Parth says he and Shorvari are the parents of this child, and Teni has already been paid for her surrogacy.

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