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Dil Se Dil Tak 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Teni Leaves Bhanushali House


Dil Se Dil Tak 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 6th December 2017 Episode start with Bharat was playing with Jayu when Jalpa says Teni wants to leave the house. Bharat was upset that Shorvari always waited for the baby but left before baby. And now Teni is also leaving the baby. Jalpa asks Bharat about Spursh? Bharat says he must be outside. Jalpa says at least he must concentrate where he is, he is their child. Bharat gives her a stare and says Spursh is old and can take care of himself, Jayu can’t. He leaves Jayu with Jalpa and leaves the room. Jalpa thinks it’s important for Spursh and Bharat to come closer.

In the kitchen, Baa suggests about making Karhi for her. Indu was upset that Teni won’t get to eat her dishes now. Mohini says Teni would continue coming here just to eat from her hands. Baa says even Teni prepares good food now. She says they need to give Teni all the happiness today. After the dinner, Teni says she is so full now; she might burst. Mohini brings jalebi for her. Ramnik jokes she must eat it at her own risk. Teni belches loudly, saying she is filled till neck. Baa says they will miss her honestly. Mohini asks what she will do in America. Teni says she intends to go to statue of liberty first; she will hire a translator and visit all the tourist sites. She says she intends to give Garba classes there. She was lost at once, thinking she can’t share with them that she doesn’t intend to leave the family.

Bharat asks Jalpa why she is preparing the small pillow. Jalpa says Spursh would sleep with them today. Bharat asks where his manners go have. Jalpa says he was afraid last night. Spursh comes there, so Bharat can’t object. Jalpa calls him up to their bed. In the middle of night, Spursh get into middle of Jalpa. Bharat was irritated by the space he took and fell off. Jalpa wakes up and laughs about what happened. Bharat complains that Spursh made him fell off. Jalpa tells him to adjust a little.

Indu brings Teni to sit and speak with her for a while. They might not get this chance again. Teni promises to come and meet her. Teni thinks she would break if she faces them again. They hear the cry of baby. Parth brings the baby downstairs. Indu says she knows how she will stop crying. She tells Teni to get up and take her in her arms. Parth asks what she is doing. Indu says the baby is crying for mother’s feed. Teni was reluctant. Indu asks can’t she understand why her daughter is crying. Indu says no matter Teni is leaving tomorrow, but at least today she has to show her motherhood.

She must go inside and give milk to her. Parth asks Indu not to be forceful, she will feel awkward and she has to leave tomorrow? Indu says there are machines to pump br*ast feed, they will bring milk from her daily until she leaves for America. Parth argues it wasn’t a part of the deal. Indu says their love for Teni was also not a part of their deal, they will do it for the love of their baby. Teni takes the baby inside.

The next morning, Dada ji gifts Teni a cheque for 1 crore to protect her future. Teni asks if this won’t father her away from them. Dada ji says he considers her a family, and wants to see her in peace. Teni says she won’t need this money but only their blessings. She returns the cheque and asks for their blessings. Parth comes downstairs with the baby. Mohini asks for a photo together. Everyone group up. Mohini calls Parth closer as well for a photo with Teni.

Teni says she knows he will make a bad face only. Parth smiles he couldn’t miss the chance. Mohini asks Teni place a hand over baby’s head. They all group up. Mohini then takes a selfie of family together. Parth says at least Teni is leaving everyone happy. Teni says for her, his happiness matters the most. She warns Mohini not to steal anymore laddu from kitchen. She advices Dada ji to take his medicines in time. And suggests Ramnik to take Indu to any hill station and celebrate vacations there. She forbids Indu miss her a lot, she might die of hiccups. She tells Parth to be honest with the relation between them. Parth promises; for whole of his life, with all the intensity. Teni says she is leaving a piece of her heart with him, she won’t spare him if something happens to her.


Dil Se Dil Tak 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Teni turns to leave. She cries badly in the car. Indu watches her from behind.

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