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Dil Se Dil Tak 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Teni is worried. Teni hides behind couch in her room and says if someone knows about Vikas’s murder and wrote letter to me? I cant get stuck in jail. Aman comes there and asks Teni where is she? she says here, Aman looks behind couch and asks what she is doing there? Teni says I was searching my phone. Aman holds her hand and brings her out. Teni is still holding letter, Aman asks whats in her hand? show me, Teni moves away and says I cant tell you, its personal, Aman says what personal and you cant show it your would be husband? show me, he snatches letter from her and smirks knowing as he wrote it himself. Aman reads “Teni I know your secret”, Aman asks what secret? Teni thinks to tell him, Teni says trust me and dont misunderstand me, actually.. Sejal comes there and says police have come with CCTV footage, they are calling you, Teni gets tensed and leaves with Sejal, Aman looks on.

All family members are in lounge. Teni and Sejal comes there, Teni murmurs that police will take me infront of all family members. Parth asks Mohini to go to Shorvori in room, she is not feeling well and make sure she doesnt get to know about all this, Mohini nods and leaves. Inspector comes to Teni with handcuffs, inspector says we checked CCTV footage but.. we couldnt find anything, Vikas took that necklace and he might have stole it from here, Teni is confused. Inspector says to Aman that you and your family has no connection with this case but your necklace will remain with us for sometime, Teni says i dont care about necklace.. I mean murderer should be caught first, inspector says I promise to catch him soon and give you your necklace, Teni says dont be late, I wont look good wearing necklace in old age, he smiles and leaves. Teni says for first time, police has come on right time, all luagh.

Aman stops Teni and says you were about to tell me your secret? Teni thinks that even blackmailer cant do anything now so why should I tell him and risk my chance of going to US? Teni says I used to stole chocolate from shop in childhood, I have no other secret in life. Parth comes there and says I told you Teni is like open book, she has no secrets. Teni says what you mean you told him? Parth says Aman wrote that letter to you to rile you up and if you have any secret in your life then you tell him, Teni says Parth you knew it and didnt tell me? I was so worried seeing it. Aman says I am sorry sweetheart, this was way of romance I learned from Parth and Shorvori, Teni thinks that If I had told him truth then I would have lost my Visa, Teni says its okay, dont do this again, she leave, Aman leaves too. Parth looks on and thinks that did do mistae by doubting Teni? or was really something wrong happened with her?

Sejal comes to Teni and says how that happened? I mean in CCTV footage, we both were not seen by police, Teni says its fine we were not seen, maybe CCTV was broken. Sejal and Teni dances happily on dhol baje, Teni gets call from some unknown number. Caller says I know you have connection with something. Teni puts on speaker and says it must be Aman playing trick with me. Caller sends video to Teni, video is of CCTV footage, Teni and Sejal are stunned to see CCTV footage in which they are shown outside Vikas’s house at night of murder.

Scene 3
Parth calls Teni and says you have to sunbath daily. Teni makes weird face, Parth asks what is it? I know there is something you are hiding from me, tell me what is it? Teni says I am in big trouble, it all started with necklace, Teni tells him how she caught Sejal giving necklace to Vikas, how she got to know about Vikas blackmailing her, how she destroyed evidence after going in house and how later that day she got to know that Vikas was murdered and now someone is blackmailing her with CCTV footage. Parth shouts and says how can you put our baby in danger like that? if Sejal was in trouble then why you wanted to be hero? you could have told me, I would have helped and now you are telling when situation is out of control.. it all turns out to be Teni’s dream, Parth asks where she is lost? Teni says actually I am sunbathing, I have put sunlight in my mouth too, I dream about US these days, Parth says really? Teni says yes, Teni gets call from blackmailer, she leaves.

Teni comes to Sejal’s room. Sejal shows her newspaper and says police got to know that CCTV footage of that night was lost and they are finding it, Teni gets tensed and says this means.. Sejal says it means if that blackmailer gives that footage to police then we are caught. Teni gets call from blackmailer, he says your name is Teni, you were bar dancer then got offer of 10lacs. Caller says first you became surrogate of Parth Bhanushali and now you want to get married to Aman Patel and go to US, I know your kundli, Teni says what rubbish? come infront of me and I will show you my slipper, caller says sit on bed comfortably then we will talk, you cant find me but you cant stay away from my eyes, you know what I can do now so I am giving you time till 5PM today and if I dont get 50lacs till then your CCTV footage will reach police so dont even dont tell to your baby’s father Parth or your would be husband, Teni says how can I bring money without telling anyone? blackmailer says steal it or do anything but bring money, he ends call. Sejal says why he doesnt want us to tell family? he should be concerned about money only, Teni says I dont know maybe he is scared, Sejal says dont tell anyone but you can ask for money, you can ask Aman for money and I will ask others, Sejal leaves.

Sejal is going from corridor, she slips and falls, she says everything goes wrong in bad times. Parth comes there and says I can help you in bad times, tell me what is it? I know something is going on between you and Teni so tell me, Sejal says actually.. Mohini comes there

Teni says to Parth that soon I will give you your baby and then I will go to US. Teni sees someone pointing gun at Parth, she screams and comes infront of Parth, Teni gets shot by bullet which was for Parth, she falls in Parth’s arms. Teni looks at him and recalls how he said that when she falls in true love then she will be ready to give life for that person.

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