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Dil Se Dil Tak 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Scene 1
Bharat says to Parth that if you want to leave house then you have to play song, Parth says what? Bharat says i know you used to play guitar in college, Parth blushes. All family members gather in lounge. Parth sit on stairs and starts playing tere sang yara song on guitar, Shorvori smiles seeing Parth sing and play, Parth looks at Shorvori and sings. Shorvori imagines themselves alone in lounge and dances together, Parth swirls Shorvori around and walktz with her but it all turned out to be Shorvori’s dream, Shorvori recalls Teni’s challenge that she will bring Parth to her arms. Bharat says Parth used to be rockstar in college, Jalpa says to Parth that go where you wanted to go. Parth says bye and starts leaving but Shorvori gets tensed. Shorvori calls Parth and runs to him, she tightly hugs him while all family members are looking on, Shorvori says i love you Parth, Parth says i will comeback soon, he smiles at her and leaves.
Its night, Shorvoris is working in kitchen but waiting for Parth, she says Parth has gone for more than an hour.
PArth comes to Teni’s house, Teni seductively smiles at him, she thinks Parth looks clean-bowled now only, Parth says sorry i got late, she says come inside. Parth comes inside and sees room lit with candles, Teni gives him water and broadly smiles at him, PArth looks at her weirdly.
Jalpa comes to Shorvori and says this baby is important for whole family, we will try again, dont lose hope, i was thinking we should try another candidate instead of Teni and i am sure we wont fail this time.
Parth says to Teni why all this? Teni says you didnt like me today? Parth awkwardly smiles and says you look good but you said, you wanted help, what can i help you? Teni sits beside him but Parth moves away and asks what? Teni thinks he is little twisted, i should make him come onto me.
Bharat says to family that we will nice food today. Servant brings parcel and says its someone’s. Servant says it from Mira creation, Forum thinks that i forgot to give supplier address of customer and he sent it here. Sejal says to Mohini that i gave my friend’s address when i ordered online so it cant be mine. Bharat is about to open parcel but Forum says it must be some mistake, i will take it back to courier guy. Jalpa says lets go for foor. Forum takes parcel from Bharat, she calls supplier and says i am sending you address, give this parcel to that address.
Bharat is eating dinner and praises Shorvori, Bharat says arrange these dinners now only because you will get busy with baby soon, Forum says we will all be here to play with baby, Baa says i will wash baby first,, dada says then i will take him for walk, Forum says then i will play with him.. Indu says stop all this, she realizes her outburst, Baa says Indu is right, Shorvori is one month pregnant only so we should not cast eye on her, Jalpa asks all to enjoy dinner, she sadly looks at Shorvori.
Teni says to Parth that you know i was raising my America dream but you came in my life and it became mess, i thought whats the need to go to America? i thought to get married and give birth to illu pillu(babies), Parth looks at her stunned but says its good decision. Teni says i have selected guy for relationship, Parth asks who? Teni says you, he says what? Teni says he is exactly like you, he is going to meet me so tell me what you like so will get dressed up like it, Parth says all have different likes and dislikes, Teni says he is exactly like you so tell me how you like my dress and makeover? are your knees weak seeing me looking this good? Parth looks on awkwardly, he says Umm.. you are looking good but.. i have different thinking, i like light colors like baby pink, sky blue like Shorvori wears. Teni thinks that his wife told me likes dark colors specially dark green thats why i wore it, Parth says i like bangles which make noise, Teni thinks that Shorvori told me he doesnt like bangle noise. PArth says i like open hair, i like kajal in eyes, and good perfume, Teni thinks that Shorvori lied to me, she told me all opposite stuff. Otherside Shorvori gets ready exactly like Parth likes with hair down, wearing light colors and kajal in eyes, Shorvori thinks that i am breaking dreams of this family for my selfishness, i lied to Teni, i did mistake, she goes from house.
Teni asks PArth to leave, Parth says okay. shovori comes there, Parth says you here? Shorvori says dinner finished so i came here, PArth sys Teni has changed, she has started liking someone and wants him to like her thats why needed our help, Teni you wanted to know my liking? He comes to Shorvori and says she is is my liking and if that person is like me then he wont be able to stop loving you. Teni says i understood that i have to wear light colors, noisy bangles, untied hair and kajal in eyes, Parth says you take advise from Shorvori, he leaves. Teni says to Shorvori that you lied to me? you said Parth likes dark colors and tied hair etc?
Tenibrings shorvori out of her house and says i dont want to see your face, get lost. Shorvori sits on her knees and begs Teni, she folds her hands and says i lied, i hided Parth’s likeness but i was helpless, you wont understand what love is and what it is like to lose love, i was scared that Parth might go away from me, Parth is my breathing and my life, i was scared, try to understand me once, i didnt do it deliberately, i am his wife and its not easy to share my husband with anyone else thats why i lied, i did mistake but give me one chance please, Teni says fine but this time its truly last time, Shorvori says i wont lie to you, i will tell you what he likes, Teni says now you will get me ready for your Parth and will take me to him yourself, do you agree? Shorvori is speechless but takes deep breath and nods, she says yes, Teni is surprised.
Its morning, Parth’s sister makes movie plan but Sejal and Forum doesnt agree. Forum as to go to deliver courier, she excuses, Mohini says Sejal has to go with me to mandir, Sejal thinks to go to pick her parcel. Baa comes there and says we have to wear these bangles till function comes, no one should take them off, Sejal says these bangles are not matching my dress, Baa says you want right match for life or with your dress? Baa gives bangles to Shorvori and says these bangles are important for pregnant woman, think that baby’s life is in your hands, Shorvori takes bangles and wears them.
Shorvori comes to Teni, Teni is getting ready, Shorvori gives her bangles which Baa gave her, Teni sys i will wear my bangles, Shorvori these bangles are sacred bangles, God has blessing on these and i want God’s blessing with you, she makes Teni wear them with her hands, Teni says you gave your God’s blessing to me too, you are gone now, Shorvori says i have given you my God so blessing doesnt matter, Teni is stunned to hear it.


Dil Se Dil Tak 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Shorvori makes Teni get ready in light pink dress with hair down, Shorvori says to Teni that i fulfilled my promise, she brings her to Parth’s office. Teni strikes with Parth, Parth says Shorvori? Teni turns to him and says see i am ready just as you like, these light colored clothes, these noisy bangles, these open hair, this bindi and kajal, she dances around him, Parth is stunned.

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