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Dil Se Dil Tak 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The next morning, Parth looks towards Shorvari and thinks about their last night talk. He watches a chocolate in the drawer and thinks about his promise with Teni to bring a chocolate for her daily. He places the chocolate back in drawer. Teni was waiting for Parth in the room, she speaks to his photo that the baby is hungry. Parth thinks if he gets the chocolate to Teni his promise with Shorvari would break, but if he doesn’t take the chocolate his promise with Teni will be broken. He places the chocolate back. Shorvari leaves the room.

Outside, Mohini was concerned about the decorations and arrangements for guests. Indu assures they are simple people would be happy by their warm welcome. Jagruti cheers wondering if Rishab’s family is coming today to see her.

Teni speaks to Parth’s photo. Shorvari asks Teni if she was speaking to Parth’s photo. Teni says Parth has ruined their baby and now it’s craving for chocolate. Shorvari asks if their baby is, or she is. Teni says it’s the same thing, it goes to baby when she eats it. She asks about Parth and her off mood. Shorvari says its their personal matter. Teni says Shorvari always say their relation is not complete without her and insists on her to share with her. She asks if Parth is in bad mood. She goes to speak to Parth about it.

In the room, Parth doesn’t reply to any of Teni’s questions. She runs behind him through the hall but he doesn’t turn to her or reply. Teni comes to Shorvari and asks about the matter, Shorvari says she doesn’t know about it. Teni decides to dig the matter out.

Sejal comes to Teni’s room with face pack on. Teni was afraid at first, Sejal then explains Rishab’s family is coming for her proposal. Mohini comes to Teni and asks her to help Sejal get ready. There, Shorvari assures Jagruti that today Rishab won’t be able to take an eye off her face. Jagruti hugs Shorvari while Shorvari thinks today her trust over true love is not as firm as it was before. She asks Shorvari to remain with her, as she is really nervous. Shorvari had tears in eyes when she straightens, Jagruti was concerned. Shorvari says she got upset thinking Jagruti would soon get married and leave her. Jagruti says they are more than friends, and takes Jagruti inside.

Teni was excited to prepare Sejal for the guests. Shorvari compliments that Jagruti looks really pretty. Rishab comes with his family. His father says they are aware Ramnik is out of town, but where is Parth. Indu says Parth has gone out for some important business task. Indu was speaking to Rishab’s mother intently, his father discuss about Jagruti’s brought up. Mohini thinks she must do something to stop them mentioning Jagruti’s name. Mohini watches Shorvari bring Jagruti through the corridor. Sejal came with Teni. Shorvari tells Jagruti to take the tea tray. Sejal thinks about sending Teni away so that she can stop Jagruti from getting the tray. Teni was waiting for Parth’s reply and moves on. Sejal takes a chance and takes the tray from Jagruti. She asks Jagruti if she has noticed her kajal, its spread all over. She must go and set it while she would wait outside.

Jagruti comes to kitchen and tells Shorvari to fix her kajal. Sejal said it’s ruined. They come outside and finds Sejal serving the tea. Shorvari thinks Sejal didn’t do well with Jagruti.


Dil Se Dil Tak 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The next morning, Teni complains Parth for not replying to his texts. Parth clarifies they have no relation with each other. Teni insists this child will always keep her connected to him but Parth says he and Shorvari are the parents of this child, and Teni has already been paid for her surrogacy.

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