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Dil Se Dil Tak 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak  7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Baa calls Jalpa who assures Bharat agreed to come for the wedding.
Aman was ready in the hall as groom. Everyone gather around and asks about Mohini. Mohini comes and asks Shorvari about Qara, she says she made Teni have it and hurries outside with Jagruti. Mohini notices the butler bringing the empty glass from Teni’s room, looks into it and thinks she already knew there is something wrong.

Parth comes to Teni’s room, and compliments she is glowing as soon as Aman’s baraat reached. He tries to wipe her tears, Teni says he must not wipe them and let them flow. Parth says even he would break into a cry now. Teni says life is so strange, how their relation developed which cost 10 lacs, but today she believe this relation is invaluable. From now on, she will have to live with the relations she would be tied in today; she will lose all her rights to fight and argue with Parth. She is going to get a loving husband and everything, yet it feels she will not get anything. She cries saying her mind doesn’t accept. Parth says she is special, and their relation is even more special. Teni asks why he is too good and hugs him crying.

Downstairs, Aman’s baraat was ready. The family danced in celebration. Teni’s dupatta was stuck with Parth’s shirt button. He drapes her with it again. Teni says Aman is standing on the door with all her dreams, but her heart is still fighting with her. It feels she is going to do something very wrong. Parth says sometimes life bring situations that doesn’t seem right, but time tells them they had taken the right decision. She must trust on the future as well. Teni wipes her tears, forcing a smile and goes with Parth. She gets dizzy saying she didn’t get anything to eat since morning. Parth takes her downstairs.

Baa stops Aman’s way on the door. Aman requests to let him see his bride for once. Shorvari tempts him saying Teni is looking really beautiful, but doesn’t let him inside so easily. Dada ji asks about Jalpa and Bharat, Indu says they just reached and are upstairs to get ready. Shorvari makes Aman wait on the doorsteps. Baa asks her to do his Tillak-aarti. Ramnik keeps a cloth but Shorvari wins to hold nose tightly. Shorvari says this ritual shows he got his bride after much difficulty. They all go inside.

Parth brings Teni downstairs. Teni tells Parth she feels like suffocating. Parth assures everything is fine and she must not think much. Shorvari says to Aman if he can’t take his eyes off. Aman says whatever she told him was much less. Shorvari comes to bring Teni with Parth, Aman also walks towards her. Teni smiles towards Aman, Shorvari tells Aman this is fruit to all his hardwork and patience. Parth gives Teni’s hand into Aman’s.


Dil Se Dil Tak  8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni faints during the rounds. The doctor asks everyone if they knew she is pregnant. Dada ji says Aman can’t do such an act, Mohini comes to tell everyone Teni is five and a half month pregnant.