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Dil Se Dil Tak 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sejal was speaking to someone on call about her likings for Rishab. Teni meets her in the corridor, Sejals asks Teni about some suggestions, Teni advices her to be Mastani. Sejal leaves uninterested.
In the room, Parth and Shorvari shared some intimate moments with each other. Teni comes at the door and envisions the three being together. She smiles and runs to hug Parth and Shorvari. Shorvari was irritated and shouts what is this way. Teni becomes innocent and says she was having nightmares. Shorvari was concerned that night mares aren’t good for their child. Shorvari tells her to sleep here, Parth can sleep outside. Teni says she was getting nightmares only because she had seen a horror movie. Teni insists Parth must sleep here, else she will continue being afraid. Parth agrees and says it’s their responsibility to look after Teni. They sit beside Teni. Teni forces them to sleep. Shorvari was about to leave the bed, Teni drags her back on the bed. Parth smiles she is just like a child, they must take care of her as she is carrying their child in her womb. After Teni is asleep, Parth goes to sleep on the couch.

The next morning, Aman stops Teni in the corridor and asks why she was in the room last night. Teni says she slept in Parth and Shorvari’s room. Aman asks why she didn’t come to his room. Teni was irritated and pushes Aman aside, she apologizes that they must not spend time together. Shorvari hears this. Teni says she is going through mood swings these days. Aman leaves. Shorvari hears Teni murmur that this Aman is always sticking to her, that that Parth and Shorvari have to be repeatedly reminded about her existence.
There, Rishab comes to meet Jagruti with a rose. Both fell over the couch as Jagruti slips. They stand up at once, Rishab says he wants to win the quiz and take her to the coffee shop. He says he would come to pick her up at 2 am, and before leaving compliments this color suits her. Outside in the garden, Parth hears Jagruti asking Shorvari to select a pink dress for her.

Shorvari tells Jagruti to use the lipstick and tikka on her dressing table. Jagruti leaves happily. Parth comes to ask Shorvari about Rishab, Shorvari says Rishab is a nice guy and very suitable for Jagruti; they must spend some time with each other. Parth hugs Shorvari thankful for what she is doing for Jagruti. Shorvari speaks to Parth about going to couple dance class, Teni comes there and insists to go there. Shorvari was reluctant, she says she needs sometime for themselves as well. Shorvari must come there with Aman. Teni was angry and calls them liars, firstly they offered her chocolates and now wants personal time from her. Jalpa hears this all. Teni breaks the pot on the wall. Parth shouts at Teni who leaves. Jalpa asks Parth if this is the way to handle situations, Teni is going through so much. She is about to marry Aman in a few days, it’s her fourth month and she is facing much in her life; its natural she is behaving odd. It’s better for the health and growth of their child to keep her happy. Parth agrees that he must have taken care of Teni. Shorvari wonders why she feels there is more than what Jalpa is saying, she can sense something wrong.

Teni comes to her room crying and says Parth shouted at her. Parth and Shorvari come to her room. Parth says sorry. Teni throws cushions over them and tells him to leave, she breaks a vase near her saying she only wanted to come along and he scolded her so high. Parth apologizes. Teni complains that she disliked him shouting at her. Parth was even ready to do sit-stands for her. Teni says if he wants her to forgive him they must take her along as well. Parth says they came to take her, Teni cheers and gets a vision about the three dancing together. Shorvari watches her, lost in some thoughts. She wonders what’s going on in Teni’s mind.


Dil Se Dil Tak 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Teni watches Parth giving a spoonful to Shorvari. She demands Parth to give a spoon to her as well. Shorvari dislikes.