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Dil Se Dil Tak 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Parth gives Visa card to dhabba person, he says there is no card service here, give me cash, Parth says to Teni that I will bring cash from ATM, you stay here, Dhabba person says I know you are lying, give me money or sel wash dishes, Dhabba person asks Parth why he is leaving girl behind? who she is to you? Parth is about to answer but Teni says I am his wife, Parth is stunned. Teni says my husband is useless, he couldnt even bring money to make me eat outside, Parth says from the time I have married you, I have become mad, Teni says I am fed up of you, Parth says then leave me, Teni says give me divorce, I am done with you, Parth says then get lost, you make me get insulted everytime, they keep shouting on each other, Dhabba person asks waiters to throw them out, waiters pushes Teni and Parth out of dhabba. Parth says I have never shouted in public like that, Shorvori would be stunned to hear this drama, Teni says you would start using curses if you remain with me, dont tell Shorvori, she will get worried, Parth says you brought us out of this trouble so easily, Teni says this was so easy for me, Parth says stay here, I will bring cash from ATM, he leaves. Teni says blackmailer will call me soon, I saved Parth from this trouble but I am in bigger trouble and is dragging his baby too.

Parth comes to her, Teni asks why he brought her here? Parth says make titanic pose first, Teni says you are crazier than me. Teni and Parth mimics titanic’s pose, Parth asks her to take long breath, she does, Parth asks if she is feeling better? Teni nods, Parth says you know why I brought you here? she shakes her head, Parth says to make your realize that you are not alone, someone worries about your dreams, your wishes and worry about you and that is me, as a friend and well-wisher, I am always with you, always.. you have fought all fights alone but not anymore because I am with you anymore, whatever problem comes in your life,it has to face me. Parth asks why she needs 50lacs? Teni is lost in his eyes, Parth says I know there is something you are hiding, I want to help you,trust me so tell me. Teni gets emotional, she hugs him tightly and cries, Parth consoles her. Teni says I am in big trouble and I swear this time it was not my fault, promise me to not get angry, he says I wont. Teni tells him everything, eni tells him how she caught Sejal giving necklace to Vikas, how she got to know about Vikas blackmailing her, how she destroyed evidence after going in house and how later that day she got to know that Vikas was murdered and now someone is blackmailing her with CCTV footage. Teni says dont be angry, Parth says I am not angry, you did great work, Sejal would have needed support, she did bad with you but you still helped her? I am so proud of you, Teni says really? Teni says I am proud of you, you were right that if I help someone then I will forget my pain, when I helped Sejal, I forgot about necklace. Parth says you should have told Aman, he is your life partner, you should trust him, Teni says I got scared about blackmailer,he knows everything, I am worried that he might be watching us right now, Parth asks if she trusts him? Teni says more than myself, Parth says if blackmailer calls you,tell him that he will get money in evening.Teni gets Sejal’s call and says everything is fine, dont worry, she ends call. Teni asks Parth how he will arrange money? Parth says we have one hour to arrange.

Aman and Shorvori has made props for bachelors party, Shorvori says we will play truth and dare game. Aman says Teni will be surprised to see all this, Shorvori asks where is she? Aman says she wasnt feeling well so I left her to rest, shorvori says lets go and check on her. Shorvori and Aman comes to Teni’s room, Sejal is there, Shorvori asks if she knows where is Sejal? Sejal says no, I am finding her, Aman goes to search other rooms.

Parth and Teni are in car, Parth asks Teni if she knows how blackmailer knows Vikas? Teni says no, I dont know how he got my CCTV footage, I have dragged you in all this, I am sorry, Parth says no sorry, no thank you in friendship. Shorvori calls Teni and asks where are you? Teni says I was out to eat at dhabba but Parth found me and is bringing me home, Shorvori says you shouldnt be careless, Aman says Teni you could have asked me, Teni says you would have snitched to Shorvori, Parth says we are coming home soon, Teni ends call. Parth says we shouldnt hide truth from Shorvori, Teni says if lie is said for betterment of others then its good, she gets worried easily, promise me to not tell anything to Shorvori. Parth says no I cant lie to Shorvori, I will tell her later, love’s rule is to not hide anything from each other, you should tell Aman too. Teni says you both lie to family but not each other, see I tell lies to Aman so easily. Parth says lies which dont hurt anyone instead do better for others id good but Aman and Shorvori are parts of our lives so it will affect them, Teni says I will understand this deep thought later.

Shorvori says to Aman that Teni doesnt take us as part of our family, she doesnt care at all. Aman says dont worry, Parth is with her. Shorvori says I still think.. Aman says Teni’s normal behavior is like this, we can do preparations for party till they come home, Shorvori nods.

Parth brings Teni to bank, she asks if he is going to give money to blackmailer? Parth says stay here. Parth goes to bank, he brings out bag and shows 50lacs to Teni. Teni gets blackmailer’s call, he tells her address of some godown, he says come alone with money otherwise, Teni ends call, Parth says we will see after reaching there.

Aman and Shorvori selects food menu, Aman says today’s party will be superb, all because of you, Shorvori giggles. Aman says what will you give to Parth in truth and dare? Shorvori says there is no truth he can tell as I know everything about him, he tells everything.

Parth is driving car. Teni says stop car, he does. Teni says if we had to give blackmailer money then I could have given it alone, what was the need to tell you everything? Parth shows her empty bag, Teni says he will kill me if he finds it empty, Parth says nothing will happen and if things go out of control then we will give him but I dont want to give money easily, if we bow down to him today then he will ask for money so I want to teach him lesson. Teni says you are right, I am earning 10lacs in 9months and he will get money so easily? what do I have to do? Parth says you are brave, I like it, Teni says I like when you support me like this but I dont feel this trust with Aman, Parth says because you are reserved with him, when you fall in love with him then you will feel everything, Teni says I pray so.

Shorvori brings jars, she gives one to Aman and says write everything which is in your heart for Teni and put in jar, I will do it for Teni.

Scene 2
Parth brings Teni outside godown, he gives her bag. Teni goes in godown, she asks blackmailer to come there. He comes there, Teni sees the man and says it was you? he asks her to give money, Teni gives him money. Parth is hiding and making video of everything, Teni asks what is the guarantee that you wont give CCTV footage to police, blackmailer says I wont give it because CCTV footage shows real murderer of Vikas, Teni says why you didnt blackmail him instead of him? He says only you could give me money, murderer is poor and cant even give 50,000/- Teni says you have sympathy for him? Blackmailer says I have to have it because Vikas’s murderer is no one but me, Teni is shocked, Parth records this confession on his phone. Teni says why did you murder him? who are you? Killer says I am Abhishek, we both blackmailed Sejal and planned to share Sejal’s money but when Vikas got diamond necklace, he had greed and didnt give me anything, I couldnt bear it, we had a fight and killed him, I blackmailed and did murder but still I didnt get that necklace but I was lucky that you came there otherwise I wouldnt have another chance to become rich, he opens bag, sees money in bag, he turns to leave but bag falls from him, bag opens and Abhi finds trash beneath money notes, he shouts Teni to stop, Teni gets worried, he is about to attack Teni but Parth comes there and says I have called police, he beats him and says I have recorded your crime and you will live in jail. Abhi brings out gun but Parth beats him, Abhi tries to attack him but Parth throws him away, Abhi gets gun, he points it at Parth and says give me phone else I will kill you and get it.

Aman and Shorvori are doing decorations in Shorvori’s room, wind blows. Jar falls and breaks, Shorvori says glass breaking is bad omen, she gets worried.

Parth says to Abhi that you can shoot but you wont get this phone, Teni says dont be mad, give him phone. Parth says you are dreaming of getting money by blackmailing innocent girls, I wont give you phone, Abhi says give me phone else I will shoot, Teni says please give it Parth, Parth says Teni remain silent. Abhi shoot at Parth. Teni screams and comes infront of Parth, Teni gets shot by bullet which was for Parth, she falls in Parth’s arms. Teni looks at him and recalls how he said that when she falls in true love then she will be ready to give life for that person. Parth cries and caresses her face.


Dil Se Dil Tak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth says to Teni that what was the need to come infront of me? if you had gotten shot then you would have died, Parth is horrified, he pulls Teni and hugs her tightly, Teni is stunned by his care.
Teni is in her room and says why I am restless, why my heart is beating so fast? she tries to sleep but recalls Parth’s words that she wont be able to sleep when she falls in real love, Teni gets worried.