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Dil Se Dil Tak 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 7th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Dil Se Dil Tak 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Recap :
Shorvori comes to Teni, Teni is getting ready, Shorvori gives her bangles which Baa gave her, Teni sys i will wear my bangles, Shorvori these bangles are sacred bangles, God has blessing on these and i want God’s blessing with you, she makes Teni wear them with her hands, Teni says you gave your God’s blessing to me too, you are gone now, Shorvori says i have given you my God so blessing doesnt matter, Teni is stunned to hear it.

Dil Se Dil Tak 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Start with Shorvori gives bangles to Teni and says these have god’s blessing and i want you to get blessing, she makes Teni wear them herself, Teni says you even gave your God’s blessing to me, Shorvori says i gave my God to you so blessing is nothing. Teni gets silent. Shorvori does Teni’s makeup and puts kajal in her eyes, she makes her wear light pink dupatta and recalls how Parth made her dupatta. Shorvori sets Teni’s hair, she brings her infront of mirror. Teni says you think this is getting ready? they are dull clothes, i am looking like khidchi, nobody will like me like this, Shorvori says i have made you ready for my Parth and he like it like that, Teni says if you fool me this time then i will get mad. Shorvori says bindi is missing, Teni says i dont have it.

Shorvori sadly looks at Teni and recalls how Parth used to set her bindi. Shorvori takes off her own bindi, she recalls Indu’s warning, she puts bindi on Teni’s forehead. Shorvori says you are looking pretty, Teni smiles and says i feel like i am going to see patient, i am looking dull, Shorvori says Parth likes simple beauty. Teni says you promised me take me to your Parth, ask him where he is. Shorvori calls Parth. Parth takes call, Shorvori asks where are you? Parth says i am in office, we have very less days remaining so i am trying to find solution, i will call you later, i love you, shorvori says i.. love you too, Parth says bye and ends call.
Shorvori brings her to Parth’s office. Teni strikes with Parth, Parth says Shorvori? Teni turns to him and says see i am ready just as you like, these light colored clothes, these noisy bangles, these open hair, this bindi and kajal, she dances around him, Parth is stunned. Mohini says to Sejal that we will do photo session of yours in office and nobody will know it, they leave to go to office. Forum hides Soyug’s office card and says i have to reach to courier parcel to client. Teni and Shorvori leave for office too.
Mohinit and Sejal are leaving house but they see dada coming there, they hides, Forum hides too seing dada. Dada goes to his room, Mohini and Sejal leaves. Forum leaves too.
Mohini and Sejal comes to Parth’s office. they hide. Forum comes there too and hides. Teni and Shorvori comes there too. Shorvori says i fulfilled my promise, i dont have guts to move more, Teni says its short space, lets go with me, Shorvori thinks that small space will kill me, Teni says i will go alone, she goes to Parth’s cabin.
Shorvori makes Teni get ready in light pink dress with hair down, Shorvori says to Teni that i fulfilled my promise, she brings her to Parth’s office. Teni strikes with Parth, Parth says Shorvori? Teni turns to him and says see i am ready just as you like, these light colored clothes, these noisy bangles, these open hair, this bindi and kajal, she dances around him, Parth is stunned. Teni sys i am looking like Shorvori today, she is not here, Parth asks what happened? why you came here? Teni says i need your help. Parth tries to look outside, Shorvori is outside, Teni says i am beauty and you are not looking at me? Parth says did Shorvori come here with you? Teni says no, Parth says i smelled her fragrance, Teni thinks that he smelt her perfume from so far away. Teni says i am here and you are thinking about other things, PArth asks what happened? Teni thinks that i got ready so much and he doesnt care. Teni says lets sit in your cabin and talk.
Mohini and Sejal comes in Parth’s company.
Parth asks Teni what help she needs? Teni says this whole room is yours? he says yes, Teni says even table and sofa too? Parth says come to point, Shorvori must be waiting for me for dinner,. Teni says she wont be waiting for you today. Parth says what? Teni says she must be sleeping now, Parth says my wife doesnt eat without me. Teni recalls her challenge to Shorvori, how she bragged that she will bring Parth in her arms. Teni thinks that their couple is very strong, i cant come inbetween them, i should accept defeat and leave.. but no Teni can never be defeated. Teni sits on sofa. Parth is waiting for her to say something, Teni thinks that i can seduce him. Teni moans, he asks if you have pain? Teni thinks that he might have not watched movies. Teni says i am perfect, where is washroom? i will come, he shows her, Teni goes to washroom. Teni drinks wine and says i should message Shorvori that nothing is working.
Sejal and Miohini are in another room at office, they are waiting for photographer to come, Sejal gets message that she will get her online order tomorrow. Mohini sees some shadow and says someone was there? Teni comes out of washroom and hears Mohini’s voice, she says i feel there is some ghost here or maybe i have drunk too much. Sejal says to Mohini that no one will come here at night, you are distracting me. Forum is in another room at office, she gets courier of Sejal, she says i have to courier it now. Teni sees some shadow and gets scared, she says there is someone else in this office, i dont believe in ghosts but i should pray now. Forum sees some shadow moving in office too but doesnt find anyone.
Shorvori gets Teni’s message that your Parth doesnt see anything except to go to you, this day is not good, we will do tomorrow, she messages Teni. Teni gets Shorvori’s message and says we have to do this work today only, we have only 4days remaining. Teni drinks more wine and says i wont lose to Shorvori as then my honor will be lost, she mistakenly throws wine bottle on floor, it breaks. Forum hears it. Mohini hears and says to Sejal that i told you someone was here, lets leave. Parth comes to TEni and asks what happened? Teni says glass broke, see my hand is bleeding, Parth holds her hand and says i will do wound’s dressing, Teni thinks that atleast he held my hand. Mohini and Sejal stealthily leaving office. Forum is leaving office too.
Indu is working in kitchen, Shorvori comes to her and says why you are making prickle? its not its season, Indu says i dont have time, i have only 4days, Shorvori sadly looks at her, i thought to make prickle before going, my first function in this house was Holi and my last function will be holi too, there will Holi after two days, Shorvori says you wont go anywhere, Indu says my dream was to leave this house after death but after such big lie coming out then nobody will let me stay in this house, when this prickle will get ready, put it in jar and before going from here, i ask dada to forgive you both as you both lied because of me, i wont do for kids, i am not miffed with you both, i have no grudge, i know you both tried everything but maybe God is miffed with me lying and didnt bless you, i have a request that after i leave, take care of my Jagruti and keep this house as mandir like i kept it, she cries and leaves. Shorvori cries and says no Maa, you have to handle this house even if i have to take any path for it, you wont go anywhere.

Dil Se Dil Tak 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni gets Shorvori’s call. Parth is dragging Teni out of office, Teni’s phone falls on floor and is put on speaker. Shorvori says Teni did you succeed in getting Parth? please make him agree, i know you can do this, Parth is shocked to hear it, Teni says to Shorvori that now that wont happen because Parth has heard everything, Shorvori is stunned.

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