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Dil Se Dil Tak 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mohini introduces Sejal to the guests. Shorvari introduces Jagruti who greets everyone. Indu discusses why not turn their friendship to a relationship. Rishab’s mother cheers as they also came for same purpose, this means Rishab and Jagruti’s proposal has been fixed? Indu was speechless. Mohini and Sejal furious. Rishab’s mother doesn’t let Indu explain anything and says Jagruti is pure gold, they like her a lot and Rishab also agreed for her proposal. She asks for Jagruti’s consent.

Shorvari says why Jagruti would object, she won’t get anyone better than Rishab. Indu was upset. Teni thinks Sejal’s love was snatched. She thinks Rishab and Jagruti are smiling as if they like each other. Dadi calls Pyaray Lal for sweet. Shorvari says this is true love. Rishab’s mother calls Jagruti to sit with her. Indu shares a helpless look with Mohini. Teni thinks she can understand Sejal’s situation. But few lovers are made for each other only, like Parth and Shorvari and no one can come between them. Rishab’s mother gives Jagruti shagun. Sejal leaves curtly. Mohini thinks Indu again betrayed her, she won’t spare her this time. Dada ji and Dadi comes to greet the guests.

Outside, Indu explains to Mohini they themselves asked for Jagruti’s proposal. Mohini says she didn’t want Sejal’s proposal be fixed before Jagruti. She blames Indu to kill their relation once more. Years ago as well she snatched her right and today she made a drama of her daughter. She could have clarified to Rishab’s mother that Sejal must marry Rishab. At the time with Ramnik’s proposal, they took Indu’s name and she stayed silent. Similarly, she let Jagruti’s proposal fixed today instead of Sejal and stayed silent. Indu tries to explain but Mohini says Sejal’s love would be left incomplete like her mother’s life. Indu was speechless and cries. Mohini jerks Indu and curses Jagruti, they will never remain happy in life.

In the room, Teni was restless and wonders even if Parth is reading her messages. Car gets into the car and reads the texts from her. He watches her incoming call, then recalls his promise with Shorvari. There, Shorvari brings Sonth Laddu for Teni. Teni denies eating it as it’s bitter, she emotionally throws the box down. Shorvari was angry and asks what this way is, she isn’t anyone special that she should get special Laddu, every pregnant woman have them. Indu comes there asking why can’t she they prepare special Laddu for her?

Shorvari tries to explain, Indu asks if she can’t increase the amount of honey in these Laddu. This wasn’t her way to speak to Teni, she must take care of it and leaves. Teni comes to Shorvari and apologizes for her mistake. She says she couldn’t speak to Parth since morning and now Shorvari is feeding her these spicy Laddu. In the kitchen, Indu watches Shorvari collecting ingredients for Laddu. Indu taunts she can’t become a mother, how would she be able to prepare Laddu. Shorvari says she can’t be a mother, but will get the comfort of motherhood. The child Teni bears is hers and Parth’s. She is a daughter in law of this house, not an outsider like Teni. Indu was speechless.


Dil Se Dil Tak 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth leaves Teni’s room saying she would always be their surrogate. At night, Shorvari comes to sleep with Teni as she felt afraid. She watches Teni rub her hand over Parth’s photo and asks why she is doing this. Teni says when a person is worried he would go to God only, for her Parth is God.

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