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Dil Se Dil Tak 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni sits for wedding rituals. She watches Parth smiling at her and thinks she found her happiness in Parth’s wish. Parth thinks today, Teni’s life would change completely. Pandit asks Teni to stand. Jalpa tries to speak to Bharat but he was angry. While the garland ritual, Teni looks towards Parth who nods; she forces a smile over her face and put it on. It was Aman’s turn now. They now sit for wedding vows. Ramnik and Indu do the Kanyadan.
Teni gets a cough in the midst of wedding rituals as the Pandit burns the oil. Shorvari comes to her, and gets water for Teni. Mohini thinks what they keep on whispering.

In the room, Bharat was packing his clothes. Jalpa requests him to share about the matter. Bharat was furious and says he can’t do this drama anymore, she hid a huge matter from him and didn’t share anything with her. He says she didn’t discuss the IVF pregnancy matter with him for once. Jalpa was speechless as Bharat says Jayu isn’t his son.

After drinking the water, Parth comes to tie the knot of Aman and Teni. Shorvari had tears in her eyes. They stand for wedding rounds. Aman holds Teni’s hand. Teni loses her balance and was about to fall back. Parth holds her from behind. Aman asks if Teni is fine. Teni laughs that her jewelry is so heavy, she felt dizzy with the weight. Parth eyes her. Aman straightens for the rounds. Parth nods towards Teni. Teni thinks about Parth all during the round, she again gets suffocated due to smoke. It was time for fourth round and Teni had to take on. She felt dizzy, her vision blurs and she faints. Parth who was eyeing her closely comes to her support. Everyone gather around.

In the room, Jalpa says she was ready to leave everything for the smile of one person; but he is leaving her only because he suspected her. She tells him to leave, he isn’t worth her love. She tells him about the truth. The receipts have her name but they are Teni’s receipt, Shorvari can’t be a mother and Teni is the surrogate mother of Parth and Shorvari’s child.

Downstairs, Shorvari comes to call Jalpa.
Jalpa tells Bharat he must have checked the receipts at least once, he should have checked the dates. The receipts are of this date, while Jayu was born last year.
Ramnik asks Dr. Pooja to check Teni. Parth says Shorvari has gone to bring Jalpa, but Mohini fears it might get late.
Bharat accepts his mistake and says he couldn’t think of anything else when he saw her name. He joins his hands and asks to forgive him. Jalpa wasn’t ready for that. Shorvari comes to call Shorvari, Jalpa and Bharat hurry. Everyone wonder why Pooja has kept a hand over her stomach. Pooja asks if they know Teni is pregnant. It comes as a blow to everyone.


Dil Se Dil Tak 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dada ji wonders how Aman can do such an act. Mohini comes to tell them Teni is five and a half months pregnant and Aman returned only three months ago. Parth was about to speak, but Shorvari stops him.

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