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Dil Se Dil Tak 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Indu Upto Connecting Parth And Teni


Dil Se Dil Tak 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 8th December 2017 Episode start with  Indu sat in the temple with the baby and wonders if Parth and Teni would ever be able to meet? If this girl has to grow up without a mother. If Teni would ever return? This baby and Parth’s incomplete relation needs Teni; the family also needs a daughter in law. She requests for some way of peace.

Mohini shouts at Chutkan in the hall to stand up from their couch. Chutkan asks her to call Parth. Indu comes there. Chutkan says Teni sent him. Mohini says he is ill mannered like Teni as well. Indu asks how Teni is. Chutkan says everyone is glowing since Teni returned. Parth comes downstairs for baby’s food. Chutkan recognizes him and hands him a bag with bottle filled with mother’s feed. Chutkan says they must feed the milk to baby and return the bottle. She will send it daily. Indu tells Parth to give this milk to baby, it’s the best for her. Parth gets a call about a meeting scheduled earlier and promises to be in office.

Chutkan complains they didn’t serve him with anything. Mohini goes to get some sweet for him. Indu gets it as a way to connect Parth and Teni.

In the room, Parth feeds the baby with the bottle Parth sent. Indu comes to the room and smiles watching them. Chutkan was done with serving of snacks. He asks her to pack what’s left. Mohini agrees for a single day only. Indu gives Chutkan the empty bottle and Sonth laddu for Teni. Mohini brings him a bag filled with sweets of desi ghee. Chutkan asks if they didn’t teach their son to be thankful. Parth brings a letter for Teni. Mohini asks what’s in the letter. Parth says it’s for Teni. Chutkan says he didn’t come here for delivering any letter. But for him, this first delivery is free. Parth gives him money as well. Mohini calls Chutkan a father of Teni as well. He hurries to kitchen. Parth asks Indu to stay with the baby, he will change for office. Indu says as the baby will grow up, her needs would also. Doesn’t he think someone takes the responsibility of his child? Parth asks if he must need someone else when she and family is there. Indu wish he understands these matters.

Bharat questions Jalpa about the photo. Jalpa says Spursh must be nervous and tore the photo. She says she told him to call herself mummy. She asks Bharat to calm down, then says Spursh will stay with them. For how long will they narrate the story of his parent’s accident to everyone? She was sure Spursh would soon call Bharat as Papa.

Teni reads Parth’s note that he won’t cease hating her. Chutkan tells Teni to fix some amount for daily delivery of milk, and assures her baby slept after taking her milk. Teni discuss with Chutkan about starting a business to run their house with respect, she intends to save the 10 lac for some bad time. Teni forbids him doing any theft. Chutkan asks what he will do then. They think for a while. Chutkan suggests about giving tuitions of robbery. Teni was furious over him, and suggests about starting a business of cooking. She can cook really nice Bengali and Gujrati food now. He can be her partner in the business. Chutkan was excited about it. Teni taunts if he won’t ask his girlfriend now about it? Chutkan boasts there is no class, he isn’t afraid of anyone. He gets his girlfriend’s call then and speaks to her fearfully. Teni picks a note flying from outside and places it in the bottle. Chutkan asks what’s in it. Teni says there is hatred in it that is precious. Both head to buy for their new business.

Indu was playing with the baby. She comes to the temple and thanks God for solving her problem. Only this baby can connect Parth and Teni. She wish Teni gets a right to name the child. If they come across each other thrice in these forty days she will understand her prayers are answered.


Dil Se Dil Tak 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth hits a lady that comes out to be Teni. Teni minds he is standing in her neighborhood. Parth watches baby’s shopping in her spilt bag and says she has no relation with the baby. Teni says the family respects and love her. She will come to be a part of their celebrations.

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