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Dil Se Dil Tak 8th February 2017 Written Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 8th February 2017 Written Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 8th February 2017 video watch online

Scene 1
Indu says to Shorvori that you have to get pregnant again, i never asked you anything ever so dont say no to me now, Parth says i wont cheat Dada, Indu says why? because its not your love on target but your mother’s love? you knew that Dada wont accept Shorvori but that didnt stop you from marrying Shorvori, you didnt care for cheating Dada then but why you are saying no now? because its about my feelings this time? Parth says i didnt lie earlier and i wont lie now. Shorvori says i will become mother again, i care for your happiness Maa. Parth says i care about Indu’s happiness but i wont be part of any lie ever, he leaves. Shorvori says to Indu that dont worry, i will pacify Parth. Indu says dont tell anyone about this news, Shorvori says yes.
Suyog asks Parth why he seems angry? Parth says actually.. Shorvori comes there and says he is miffed with me, Parth says dont even try, he jerks his hand from her and goes. Shorvori comes to Ambika and asks if wife wants husband to agree with her then what should wife do? Ambika says see dada, he is like stone but even he can melt with love attacks, Shorvori asks how? Ambika starts dancing around dada, Daa blushes and smiles. Forum dances around Suyog. Jalpa dances with Bharat. Parth is clapping for them. Shorcori starts dancing around Parth, she holds his hand and nudges him playfully, he tries to control himself, Shorvori dances on mora piya song, Parth starts smiling, Shorvori pulls him closer, he starts dancing with her, they lovingly gazes at each other and smiles.
Its night, Parth lifts Shorvori’s bridal style and makes her lie on bed. He says you wives dont have to try harder to make husbands get trapped, just one look of your eyes and husband is wrapped around your hands. Parth leans in and kisses her cheek, Lal ishq plays, Parth caresses her hair and kisses her forehead, he kisses her cheek again, he caresses her arm and puts hand on her stomach and rubs it, Shorvori winces in pain, Parth gets tensed, Shorvori says i am totally fine, Parth says we will go to doctor tomorrow for check-up, lets rest tonight, he puts pillow under head and lovingly looks at her.
Its morning, Parth and Shorvori are at hospital. Shorvori looks at kids pictures on wall. Shorvori says i would want chubby son, Parth says i want princess, Shorvori says no i want chubby son. One woman says to Parth that why dont you have twins? Parth says i have no issue, Shorvori blushes and says Parth! they are called inside.
Parth and Shorvori comes to doctor, doctor says i saw her reports and i am sorry but she wont be able to become mother ever again, Parth says what? she conceived some days ago, there might be some mistake. Doctor says no, she had miscarriage and damage is parmanent and baby wont be able to stay in her embryo. Parth says there must be some way, we can go anywhere for treatment, doctor says there is no treatment available in medical science for it, Parth says there has to be way, please. Shorvori runs from there and goes out of hospital. She sits in car and drives away. Parth runs behind her but she is already gone. Shorvori is driving and recall how doctor said that she cant be mother ever, she cries, she recalls how dada accepted them because of baby only, how Indu requested her to become mother again. Shorvori sees mandir, she sees sign board and looks on.
Indu reads some tips for making women pregnant, she says i will make medicine for Shorvori and she will become pregnant soon. Ramnik comes there so Indu hides book, Ramnik says i brought jalebi for you. Indu says you show love when you are happy, Ramnik says that is wrong but yes i am happy, i am going to become grandparent, Indu thinks that i am hiding something from him for first time but i cant tell him. Ramnik says have sweets. He makes her eat jalebi. Mohini comes there and gets jealous seeing them, she says Ambika is calling you both, they leave. Mohini looks at Jalebi box, she says Indu is black mark in my life, if she didnt come in room that day then this husband and married life would be mine. She finds book which Indu was reading, she says what is this? she sees tips to make woman pregnant, she says this is the matter.
Parth takes lift from someone and sees Shorvori outside mandir. Parth runs to her and hugs her. He says where were you? i was sick worried for you, he hugs her tightly and says we lost our baby because of me, if i was not stubborn that day then this wouldnt have happened, give me punishment but dont go away from me ever. Shorvori says i will become mother again, we will have baby, doctor’s words are not final, if you have faith then impossible things can happen too, lets go home. Parth is confused by her behaviour, she has knots on her dupatta as vow of mandir, Shorvori says lets go home, we have to prepare for our little princess to come in world, Parth thinks that what has happened to Shorvori that she is acting like this?
Indu is waiting for Parth and Shorvori. Mohini sees her and says i will start drama infront of Ambika. Ambika comes there. Mohini says to Indu that you should knit sweater for baby, Indu says i dont know how to do knit it, Mohini says you can do anything, do something twisted like you always do, Indu says what you are doing? Mohini says do your trick like you did trick to make Parth and Shorvori get Dada’s blessing. Ambika asks what are you saying Ambika? you keep lying all the time, i saw you started talking after i came, what you want to say? Mohini says i wanted to bring Indu’s truth to you, we have been cheated about Parth and Shorvori’s baby, she brings pregnant women tips book and shows it to Indu. Indu says i didnt want to betray anyone, i did everything for my kids. Ambika asks what betrayal? Indu says shorvori’s baby.. Mohini says Shorvori’s baby has been conceived with help of this book, she gave tips to Shorvori so that she become pregnant and they wont go to America, Indu has cheated us, Ambika says but that cheating brought happiness in house and we didnt lose anything, she takes Mohini from there.
Parth and Shorvori comes home. Indu asks Parth what did doctor say? Parth says actually.. shorvori says what you want will happen, if you have faith then impossible becomes possible too, she puts hand on her stomach implying that she is pregnant, Indu smiles. Parth thinks that Shorvori is hiding something from me.
Shorvori comes in kitchen and sees knife, she says it will be very helpful. She brings knife to her room and puts it in her bag. Parth comes there and asks where are you going? Shorvori says i am going to meet my friend, Parth asks is there something else? are you fine after what doctor said? Shorvori says i am fine, Parth says should i drop you? Shorvori says no my friend Nisha will pick me up, she leaves, Parth looks on.
Shorvori is on road and is trying to get rickshaw. There is Teni in one rickshaw and sees Shorvori on road, she says this girl is Parth’s wife. She sticks her head out of rickshaw, Shorvori gets scared, Teni says i will drop you where you want but you have to give money for full fare, Shorvori says no issues, just drop me to destination, Teni says sit inside. Shorvori sits in rickshaw. Teni thinks that where is Parth’s wife going alone at night? why she seem tensed? i have to find out what problem is.

Dil Se Dil Tak 9th February 2017 Written Update Precap: Shorvori is in mandir for some ritual. She imagines Parth’s family accusing her like Ambika saying my Parth’s wont have heir, Indu ordering her that she wants her grandson/granddaughter.

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