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Dil Se Dil Tak 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Parth-Teni’s Marriage Preparations


Dil Se Dil Tak 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 8th January 2018 Episode Start With The family was happy to hear Parth’s decision of marrying Teni. Dada ji teases him to repeat it again. Teni blushes as they look into each other’s eyes after the announcement. Baa, Indu and everyone bless them. Mohini asks them which date must be chosen for the Shagun. Dada ji says there is no better time than the day when two hearts meet. Baa announces they will do the Shagun tomorrow. Indu was thankful to God.

In the evening, Jalpa tries to speak to Bharat. Bharat says there is nothing left, he will separate from her now. Jalpa asks if this is his final decision. He replies positively, and asks if she dislikes it. Does she ever consider how he feels knowing she was with someone else… and that Spursh is a proof to her disloyalty. She must consider herself in his place, would she have survived? Jalpa says if this is his final decision, she won’t force him to stay with her. They will go to her family and tell them the whole truth. Bharat says the sooner the better.

In the morning, the family holds a Shagun ceremony for Teni. Mohini complains that Jalpa and Bharat haven’t yet arrived. Indu says Jalpa called her in the morning as they had some important work of hospital. Dada ji asks to begin the rituals. Indu gifts Teni some jewelry sets. Teni thinks she can’t believe this is true, and thinks Shorvari must witness what she wanted is coming true. She speaks to the family that a girl like her can never think of her dreams come true. Parth thinks about Shorvari before their marriage; Shorvari was upset that she won’t be able to complete all their wedding rituals but is happy to have got him for life. Parth had brought a thaal for Shorvari and said their family was angry, there will be a day they will accept them. Then they will marry with complete rituals. He had done her tillak.

Indu asks Parth and Teni to hold the coconut together. Mohini makes Teni wear the jewelry, and tells her to take everyone’s blessings now. Dada ji gets a call from Pandit ji that three days from tomorrow is a good day. Mohini was worried for the preparations, and says Sejal always needs a whole month for shopping. Baa assures they will do all the rituals of wedding, and they can divide responsibilities amongst themselves. She says there is none from Teni’s side except for Chutkan, who will prepare from her side then.

Indu insists they are all a part of Teni’s family, and suggests to be from Teni’s side. Baa suggests that she and Mohini will participate from Teni’s side. Dada ji says as an elder he will bear the expense of Teni’s wedding. Teni wasn’t ready and says she has earned great money from deal with Parth, she won’t get a better chance to use that money. Dada ji agrees, and says he holds a right to bear the expense of wedding day. Mohini says she must prepare as per their monetary status, but Indu says they will like what Teni would decide. Baa goes to get sweets. Dada ji stops the ladies from leaving. Parth stands to get the sweets, but Ramnik makes fun of him to tease him.

Later, Parth comes to Teni in the kitchen. Teni asks if he is happy with the proposal. Parth says somewhere in the heart Teni must think he agreed to marry her for a purpose. But he is happy to think she will be a part of Ipshita and his family’s life. She must think about her own happiness now, he will also be happy this way.


Dil Se Dil Tak 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni and Parth were standing under the sky. Teni says she loves stars at night, and can watch them whole night. Parth recalls Shorvari also stared at the stars for hours. Teni assures Parth that Shorvari must be happy wherever she must be, because she also wished for the same. There, Shorvari opens the eyes in a bed.

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