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Dil Se Dil Tak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Abhi shoot at Parth. Teni screams and comes infront of Parth, Teni gets shot by bullet which was for Parth, she falls in Parth’s arms. Teni looks at him and recalls how he said that when she falls in true love then she will be ready to give life for that person. Parth cries and caresses her face. Police comes there and shoots Abhi too. Parth cries and keep caressing Teni’s face. Teni says I didnt get shot, I am not feeling pain, Parth is so relieved. Parth hugs her tightly, Parth says to Teni that what was the need to come infront of me? if you had gotten shot then you would have died, Parth is horrified, he pulls Teni and hugs her tightly, Teni is stunned by his care. Parth gives phone to inspector and says this is Teni’s innocence proof. Inspector says killer is dead now, we will take Teni’s statement later. Parth takes Teni from there holding her hand.

Shorvori is tensed for Parth and Teni. Aman says its nothing, jar broke because of wind. He holds her hand and makes her sit in car. Parth sits in car and have sigh of relief. Teni recalls how she came infront of Parth when he was about to get shot, she recalls how Parth said that when she falls in love, she would be willing to die for that person. Parth makes Teni drink water, Parth asks if she is fine? Teni nods. Parth starts car. Teni is tensed. Parth says seems like your BP is low due to shock, we should take something sweet. Parth stops car. He comes to Teni and holds her hand. He makes her sit on bench near shop. Parth orders tea, Teni keep recalling his word of falling in love. Parth brings tea and biscuit, Teni is lost looking at him, she is confused. She recalls her moments with Parth, their bonding. Parth makes her eat biscuits with his hands, Teni eats in daze. Parth asks how she is feeling now? she nods, Parth gives her tea. She takes it and drinks in daze, she silently keep gazing at Parth. She recalls how Parth said she is not alone.

Shorvori calls Parth but his phone is not reachable, she is tensed. Shorvori says I am worried, why he is not taking call. Aman says Parth is perfect husband, I want to become like him so Teni will love me like you love Parth.

Parth gives hi-five to Teni and says we won, we won because of you, I cant say in words how much it means to me what you did for me, you put your life at stake for me, thank you so much. Parth starts car and plays music, Kiya yehi pyar plays, Teni gets tensed and changes it, Pehla pehla pyar hai plays, she changes again and ek dosre karte hain pyar hai hum plays, Teni get worried, she recalls saving Parth.

At night, Parth brings Teni home, Teni slips but Parth holds her and asks if she is fine? Teni sees him holding her arm, she jerks him away and says I can handle myself. Parth says sorry I forgot you dont like gentlemen-ness. Parth says to Teni that I thought to tell everything to Shorvori earlier but I didnt know story will take this turn, if Shorvori gets to know about shooting then she will get very worried so we shouldnt tell her anything. Teni says you are weird, you lectured me about not hiding anything from your loved ones and now wants to hide it? Parth says its our duty to take care of our loved ones too, Teni says you twist love as per your requirement, Parth says there is no language of love, its upto to us how we love, love just understand words of eyes, and your loved one can read love in your eyes. Teni says it means you can read my eyes? Parth says I am talking about people who love each other, they can read each others eyes. Teni looks at him mesmerized. Shorvori and Aman comes there. Shorvori says Parth! she runs to Parth, Parth smiles as she hugs her, Teni looks at them lost. Aman asks if she is fine? she nods. Shorvori says to Parth that where were you? why it took so much time? Teni says dont scold him, I asked him to take a shortcut, he took it but it was deadend and our car got stuck in dirt, mechanic had to come to take out car then we came here. Aman says leave it, it was a mistake. Aman says we should not spoil their surprise. Teni asks what surprise?

Scene 2
Shorvori and Aman brings Parth and Teni to Shorvori’s room, Parth sees it decorated and says wow? this for what? Aman says this is secret party, Parth says we should call other family members too. Aman says dada and bachelors party? this party is for youngsters. Aman holds Teni’s hand. He says to Teni that I did this for you? you like it? She nods. Aman asks Parth to capture their moment that will stay with them forever. Aman brings Teni closer, Parth takes their pictures, Aman makes Teni wear props and takes many pictures with them. Shorvori says now my and Parth’s turn. Shorvori and Parth poses for picture, she is about to go away but Parth holds her hand and brings her in picture, Teni weirdly stands with them while Parth hugs Shorvori close. Teni thinks what is happening to me? have I really started loving Parth?


Dil Se Dil Tak 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth dances with Shorvori. Aman takes Teni’s hand and dances with her.

At night, TTeni is in her room and says why I am restless, why my heart is beating so fast? she tries to sleep but recalls Parth’s words that she wont be able to sleep when she falls in real love, Teni gets worried. Teni says shut up, I dont love you. She writes Aman and America on her mirror and says these are two names I have to remember only.