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Dil Se Dil Tak 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Aman proposes Teni and asks if she will marry him? Teni gulps and helplessly looks at Shorvori, she says you found this chance to joke? its their anniversary and this joke is not good today. Aman says i am not joking, I have fallen in love with you. Parth says Aman I want to talk to you. Aman says wait, let Teni answer first, Teni whats your answer? Teni thinks that if Dada was not here then i would have answered you so well that you would remember whole life but I told dada that you are my boyfriend then how to deny now? Dada says when Teni told me about her separated, i promised myself to bring her love back and i fulfilled my promise Teni, see your love is on his knees and asking your hand, answer him, you love him too right? Teni thinks that i feel like strangling this Aman, Dada asks her to speak up. Teni says i am just nervous, she takes Aman’s bouquet, hinting she accepted his proposal, all clap. Aman touches Dada and Baa’s feet, Dada says we shouldnt wait to do ,such nice thing so I will make sure that their wedding date is soon, Aman blushes and hugs everyone, Teni tries to smile but cant. Aman gives her sad smile, Jagruti notices it. All leave, Teni throws away bouquet, Parth and Shorvori are in shock.

Aman is massaging Dada’s feet, he says I have taken such big decision, are you happy? Dada says we can spend life alone but we cant live that way, we are happy that you chose your life partner, Baa says we will have grand wedding, me and your Dada wanted grand wedding for Parth but couldnt get it so we will fulfill it in your wedding, he blushes.

Aman comes to his room and sees Teni, Shorvori and Parth there. Aman says wow bride side is here, what can i serve? Teni says i know you are playing, you dont know me then how can you love me? Aman says i really love you, i have known you enough in these days to love you. Shorvori says we bear your jokes but this is way too much, all are taking is seriously. Aman says why you are not taking it seriously? i love your sister, i know my impression is not good but Teni have won my heart. Parth says Aman you are not in sense, take shower then we will talk. Aman says i was not sense before but now I am in sense, i have no confusion, Teni is the girl which God has chosen for me and Teni knows that Teni has started loving me. Parth says you think she loves you? Aman says she saved me from goons that day, she loves me. Teni says i could have saved anyone and you are Parth’s brother so i saved you, Aman says why did you accept my rose bouquets and why you kept flirting with me? Teni says i will strangle you, i am telling you that i dont love you then why he doesnt listen? Parth says you go to your room, Teni and Shorvori leave. Parth says to Aman that i dont know why you are doing all this but I am giving you time till tomorrow, think about it and take your decision, he leaves, Aman says its not needed, I have thought what i wanted.

In morning, Teni comes out of her room and is about to strike with Aman, she gets scared and says you were about to break my heart, Aman says i wouldnt break my own heart as my heart is with you now, i just wanted to say that you gibe your heart to me, Teni says i am same Teni who put your image at stake infront of dada, Aman says it was not your mistake, it was fate’s way to make us meet so i respect you more, Teni says you are clingy, Aman says then dont try to go away, he gives her gift and says i hope you like it, Teni says I dont want it, Aman drops it in her hands and leaves, Teni says this clingy boy is behind me, i have to do something.

Teni wears Aman’s knee high frock, she looks in mirror and screams. Shorvori and Parth comes there, Teni says i am getting fat, see my stomach, Shorvori says you are not fat, this is baby bump, Teni says i know, i have made fun of pregnant women’s belly before, now people are going to call me fat. Aman comes there and asks if she is fine? he sees her belly and laughs, Teni snaps at him, Aman says your belly? she covers it, Aman says its not much, its just little showing, you do exercise so it will go away, Shorvori says I will tell you about new yoga. Teni asks Aman to stop laughing.

Mohini snaps at Sejal, Sejal asks why she is frustrated? Mohini says that Aman proposed Teni, now she will go with Aman to US and you keep sitting with your phone here, Sejal asks her to calm down, she gives her water, Mohini drinks it and looks on.

Scene 2
Aman is laughing with family and telling them about his US antics. Teni comes there, Dada says i got to know Aman gave you designer dress, did you like it? Aman says she didnt wear it, i brought small size and she couldnt wear it. Sejal says if girl like her gets a boy like you then she would swell, shorvori is pregnant but Teni is gaining weight like she is pregnant. Baa says dont keep saying rubbish Sejal. Aman says Shorvori is fit even after being pregnant, Parth gets tensed. Baa says to Shorvori that its your third month then why your baby bump is not showing? Indu thinks that Shorvori’s second month is going on so her belly would not show. Baa says I will take Shorvori to Jalpa and will ask her the problem, she asks Parth to call Jalpa and we should go there. Indu says Baa dont worry, I will take Jalpa there in two days. Bharat comes there and says if there is problem then you should take her for checkup right now only, all gets tensed. Bharat greets them and says to Baa that you are right about being worried for her, if Shorvori’s baby bump is not showing then it means there is something wrong with her, all look on. Baa asks Bharat to not scare them, Bharat says this is pregnancy not some joke, we cant be careless with it. He says to Shorvori do you sleep nicely? Teni nods, Shorvori says yes, he says Jalpa will do her check up, bring your medicine, Shorvori nods, Teni says I will bring Shorvori’s medicines, she leaves. Dada says what is happening? Parth bring out car, we will take Shorvori for check up now, Bharat asks Parth so stop, nobody is going anywhere, he laughs, all are confused. Aman asks why he is laughing? Bharat says it is to laugh about, he ask them to sit down, all sit, Bharat says i joked about this to take revenge, Aman asks about what? Bharat says it was Dada’s anniversary and you all did party without us, Dada says you scared us, Bharat says there is nothing to worry, everyone has different body type so some show baby bump in three months of pregnancy and some doesnt, Shorvori is totally fine, how was my acting? Baa says you scared us. Aman asks why he didnt come in party? Bharat says I had to go to medical conference but I have brought gift for Dada and Baa. Servants bring gifts for Dada. Shorvori says i will bring tea for Bharat, she hints at Teni, Teni goes to help her, Parth leave too.

Shorvori, Parth and Teni comes to kitchen, Shorvori says to Teni that you have to wear loose clothes from now on, your baby bump will show more. Parth comes there, Shorvori hugs him and says soon Teni’s belly will show, what will we say then? Parth says I will talk to Jalpa and try to find some solution, Teni you stand in door and see if anyone is coming, Teni nods and goes to door of kitchen. Parth calls Jalpa,

Jalpa says give me some time. I will find a solution. Parth says to Shorvori its risky but we have to handle this till she finds a solution. Shorvori says what about amar? Talk to him. What does he want? Why is he doing all this? Parth says I will talk to him.

Parth comes to Aman. Aman says what happened bro? Are you worried because your half spouse will now be my full? Parth says enough Aman. Why are you doing all this? Do you hate teni so much that you will stoop this low? Aman says I am not the low. I can’t play with a girl’s emotions. How can you think like that of me. Parth says because I know you. I know how many times have you fallen in love. He says yes I know I had been with a lot of girls. I didn’t fall in love tho. I really love Teni. I really want to marry her. PArth says but she doesn’t like you. Aman says how can you be sure? He says because I know you and teni both. Amaan says then you don’t know me then. Teni is very simple. I have never met a girl like her before. She doesn’t care about my name or money. If she hates then why she saved me from goons? Like you are settled in life I want to be. You should be happy for me.
Teni can’t find a better guy than me. He leaves.

Parth comes back. Shorvori asks what did he say? Parth is silent. He says I am sorry. You were right. We are in a trouble. Aman actually loves Teni. Shorvori says you didn’t say how can this happen? PArth says I tried convincing him a lot but I couldn’t. His phone rings. Its Jalpa.
Jalpa says baby bump has been arranged. I will bring it. Shorvori says we have to get out of this situation.

All the women are in kitchen. Mohini says is everything okay Shorvori? Ba says her sister is getting married. She is going to America. Of course she would be sad. Mani says both sisters are lucky. They both got good boys. Mohini says we should start preparing for the wedding. It would take time. Shorvori imagines Teni taking their child with her after getting married. Shorvori no.. Ba says what happened? she says nothing.
Shorvori says I have to stop this marriage. I can’t let my son go away from me.
She comes to dada ji. Dada ji says come in. I am glad you came. I was coming to you. She says any problem? He says had to decide wedding dates. Shorvori says Teni and Amar can’t get married. As her sister I have some responsibility. I don’t think aman can be right partner for her. Dada says what is the problem? He is nice and educated. Shorvori says his lifestyle is different. He has left Teni once. What if he does that again? He is not a consistent guy. He came here because you asked him to. The relationship between them is not love. Knowing that I can’t give my sister’s hand in his. I am sorry but I can’t approve Amar for Teni.


Dil Se Dil Tak 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aman says to Shorvori I promise you I will always keep Teni happy. Shorvori says relationships are not tied from one side.
Sejal says Teni will leave one palace and go to another. Teni overhears and says am I doing a mistake by saying no?

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