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Dil Se Dil Tak 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Parth thinks he understands it’s difficult for Shorvari to handle Indu’s anger and everyone care for Teni. He can’t let Shorvari feel lonely in the house. He turns to leave. Shorvari tells Parth to clarify to Teni what’s her place in the house, they did a deal with her and she must remember this. Parth was shocked. Shorvari asks if he is still concerned about her, what she will feel and think. What about her feelings? Parth agrees and comes downstairs.

Dadi and Indu were preparing Teni’s plate. Indu tells him to take Teni’s food upstairs, she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Teni thinks Dadi must have forgotten about her wish for ice cream. Dadi tells him Teni wished to eat ice cream, he should take her out somewhere. Parth asks them to take her outside for ice cream, as he has some important work to do. Teni heard this from upstairs, and goes inside annoyed. Parth stops by Shorvari.

It was night, Rishab was working when Sejal brings sweets for him. Sejal says she is really happy for him and Jagruti, she couldn’t wish him well at home. She asks about his parents, Rishab says they are out for some important task. Rishab goes to take juice for her. Sejal says until he returns everything must be changed, she will go to any extent to get him as his love has become her craze now. Rishab brings the juice for Sejal but feels dizzy. She thinks medicine has started to work. Rishab held his head as he feels dizzy. Sejal helps him towards the bed. Rishab holds her hand saying she looks so beautiful. His phone bell rings, Sejal watches it was Jagruti. She turns the call on then says no one is allowed to come between them. She goes to other side of bed. Jagruti hears Rishab say yes no one is allowed between them, Sejal loudly tells him leave her. Jagruti was upset.

Parth comes to Teni’s room. Teni asks why he came now, he didn’t listen to her in the morning and even won’t take her for ice cream. Parth tells her to eat first. She is angry at him but must not pour the anger over their baby, at least she can do this for the baby. Teni says she understands he is father to the baby but firstly he is her friend. When he doesn’t speak to her she can’t handle it. She agrees to eat but then he will share with her about the problem and feed her with his own hands. Parth silently sits to give bites in Teni’s mouth. Shorvari stood outside. Teni notices he was still angry and didn’t say anything. She bits his finger and laughs about it, she asks him to cheer up as well. His smile makes her and her baby feel good. Parth doesn’t respond. Teni now holds his hand and asks if he won’t eat by himself, he also leaves eating when he is upset. Parth tells her not to worry about him, and puts the bite in her mouth.

Teni wonders what has happened to him. After the meal is finished, Parth turns to leave. Teni stops him and says she agreed to him, now he must tell her why he isn’t speaking to her. Parth gulps hard, then turns towards Teni and asks what’s the relation between them that he must speak to her? Teni was taken aback and asks if he is joking. Why they don’t have a relation, they have a relation from heart to heart; his baby would keep him connected to her. She won’t be a mother, but he would always be a father to the child she bears. She holds his hand, Parth withdraws it. He clarifies him and Shorvari are parents to this child, they have already paid for her womb. She gets a lot of love from family, she must have forgotten she is only a surrogate. They signed a deal that she will give them a child and get 10 lacs for that, later she will have no relation with them nor their child.

Teni was in a disbelief and asks if they really don’t share a relation? Parth turns around and asks if their relation has a name? No. She must not try and find relations or love in their deal. Teni comes to him and says she knows he can’t think like this, he is angry for something else. Parth asks Teni what she would do. She must understand he doesn’t want to speak to her if he isn’t replying, she disturbed him all day long. She must understand his child must not be effected by any of her stubbornness or tantrums, she must do her job and leave; and try not to cross her limit. Teni cries broken, she asks if he really doesn’t care for her, holding his face. He jerks her hands away and says everyone at the family take care of her, what else does she needs. She is here for a few months now, she will be free once the baby is born and she gets her money. Parth cries as he turns around and leave the room. Teni was shattered.
In the room, Parth also cries about his behavior.


Dil Se Dil Tak 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvari comes to sleep with Teni. She watches Teni touching Parth’s photo and asks why she is doing this. Teni says when one is upset he goes to God, for her Parth is God

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