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Dil Se Dil Tak 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Aman makes Teni wear Tiara but Teni takes it off and goes to stand beside Parth who is hugging Shorvori and smiling. Aman takes Teni’s hand and start dancing with her. Parth romantically dances with Shorvori, kuch toh hai tujhe Raabta plays, Teni feels awkward around Aman but gives fake smiles. Aman hugs Teni and sways with her, Parth and Shorvori are lost in each other, Teni recalls Parth hugging her, she recalls Parth taking care of her, she jerks away from Aman’s arms, he asks what happened? Teni says I am hungry, you are doing romance with me when I am hungry? I was out for whole day and I didnt eat anything and you are thinking about romance? Aman says you destroyed romantic mood, go and change, Teni leaves. Parth goes to change too.

Teni comes out of Parth’s room and recalls how she saved Parth. Teni says my heart and mind is racing in different directions, I should eat to have peace of mind.

Teni comes to Parth’s room after changing. Aman brings cupcakes there. He holds Teni’s hand and brings her inside, Teni awkwardly smiles and starts eating cupcake, Aman says this Parth’s favorite so take another one, Teni takes other food item. She sees wine bottle and asks if they have arranged for drinking too? Aman says this is not for getting drunk, this is way of finding truths of hearts, Teni coughs, she says really it can bring out truth? Aman says yes. Shorvori thinks I know why Teni is behaving like this because she doesnt love Aman. Teni asks whats special in this bottle? is there magic inside it? Aman says no this is game of truth and dare, Teni says I dont know it so I am leaving. Aman says I will teach you, he spins bottle and says whoever is infront of bottle after it stops spinning, that person have to choose truth or dare. Parth comes there and says lets start game. Aman spins bottle and it stops at Parth. Parth says dare. Shorvori says truth, Aman asks Shorvori to ask his one,

Parth says okay truth. Shorvori asks what love means to him? Parth says love.. its friendship, very deep friendship that you dont get scared by telling anything, you trust your partner more than yourself, you put your life at stake for your love. Teni recalls how she stood infront of him and saved him, Teni thinks Parth’s words fit me well. Aman asks Teni to eat, what she is thinking? Teni slaps herself and thinks how can I love? Shorvori asks if she is fine? Teni says it was just mosquito on my cheek. Aman says its Teni’s turn now. Teni spins bottle and it stops at Shorvori. Aman says yay.. Parth asks her to sing song, she says okay, Parth gets call and goes to take it. Shorvori sings ajeeb dastaan hai yeh, Teni recalls her moments with Parth, she cant stop thinking about him. Bottle stops at Teni next, Aman says you have to answer my question. Parth comes back. Aman asks whom you love most in this world? Parth says you cant lie, you have to say truth, Shorvori says yes only truth. Teni gets tensed, she looks at Aman and says to Parth.. all are stunned,

Shorvori is horrified.. Teni says why you people are looking like this? whom I would love if not Parth? I am everything today because of Parth, I was nothing, I used to live in hut and dance in bar, Parth was first man who looked at me with respect, when no one trusted me about necklace incident, not even Aman trusted me but Parth did, he said that he believe me and is on my side, I respect Parth a lot and thats why I love him, all smile. Aman says wow, you gave me another reason to love you, Parth you deserve all affection. Shorvori says my Parth is so nice that anyone can love him. Teni nods. Parth says enough of my praising. Shorvori asks Parth who called him earlier? Parth says it was call from Jaipur dealer, our consignment got rejected so I will be leaving for Jaipur tomorrow, Teni gets tensed. Shorvori asks when he will return? Parth says I will get to know it after going there, I have to talk to Dada about it, he looks at Teni and says I am going, he leaves. Teni says I am sleepy too. She and Parth leaves. Shorvori looks on.

Scene 2
Teni comes to her room and recalls Parth’s answer about what love is to him, she recalls Parth saying that he is leaving tomorrow. Teni drinks water and panics. Teni says why I am restless, if he is leaving then he will comeback. She says I am going mad, why my heart is beating so fast? what is happening with me God? I dont want to leave world so soon, I should get some rest. Teni lies on bed. she tries to sleep but recalls Parth’s words that she will give away her life for the she loves, Teni says shut up, its my habit to do anything without thinking thats why I came infront of a bullet, Teni gets worried. Teni says shut up, I dont love you. She writes Aman and America on her mirror and says these are two names I have to remember only, I was poor, illiterate and my fate is going to change as I have got Aman who will marry me and take me to America and I am thinking about love and only but why I see Parth everywhere? I have to snap out of it, I have to think about Aman and America only.


Dil Se Dil Tak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth comes outside Teni’s room and asks her to come out, Teni says this mess is happening because of him so I shouldnt see his face, Parth says I am leaving for Jaipur, I wanted to say bye, Teni doesnt open door and says alright leave, I am sleeping. Parth leaves.Teni sees empty jug and says I cant go out to see Parth’s face but I can go out to fill my jug. Teni comes out of her room, she runs downstairs to see Parth but as she reaches door, Parth has already sat inside and his car leaves, Teni is unable to see his face as he leaves.