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Dil Se Dil Tak 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Parth says to dada that i came here, i mistakenly left door open, dada says i dont know whom you are saving but its clear that you are lying, dada glarest at Shorvori silently accusing her. Dada says to Parth that if you came here alone then how did these broken bangles came here? Parth says that answer.. Shorvori says i will tell, i have been craving pistachio ice-cream for somtime now, i though to come to Parth’s office and when he would finish his work then we would go to eat ice-cream, but when i reached office, he had already left, i called Parth and asked him to come here but Parth got angry that why did come to office, he would have brought ice-cream later. Indu thinks that Shorvori is not pregnant then how does she have cravings? their truth is about to come out in four days so why lying now? Ramnik says you should have told Indu. Baa says i understand that we have cravings when we are pregnant. Mohini whispers to Sejal that Parth and Shorvori were here when we came here, thank
God they didnt see us. Baa says to Parth that have you gone crazy? you are going to be father so you should understand her cravings and deal gently, dont scold her, Parth nods. Baa says to Shorvori that you shouldnt have come to office late at night, you have to take care of yourself.
Teni comes to her house, she throes her bangles away and says i am a fool, why did i accept this challenge? i didnt get anything and also embarrassed myself.
Parth and Shrovori comes to their room. Shorvori says listen to me Parth, Parth throws hsi jacket away angrily. Indu comes there and glares them. Indu looks at Parth fuming in anger, she asks shorvori why did you lie? you are not pregnant that you would crave things, and you didnt go to office, i was with you so why did you say that you went to office? Indu asks what is going on between them? answer me. Shorvori says i know i lied but i didnt have any other choice, me and Parth had fight about something, truth is that if Parth wants then everything can become fine, we can become parents and you can become grandmother. Parth says ask Shorvori about cost of this happiness, i have loved you only, i am yours and only yours, not anyone else. Shorvori says love is not only emotion but also sacrifice too, we should never move back from giving happiness to one we love. Indu asks what cost? what is happening? Shorvori says doctor has told us very difficult procedure and Parth is not agreeing with it, he thinks that i will be pained with that process but tell me if my pain is bigger or our baby? its not about only us Parth, its about our whole family, its about dada’s dreams, Indu’s belief, we cant be selfish. Indu says to Parth that its not easy to become mother, all mothers have to bear pain to bring baby in this world, you know that baby will unite this family and all cost would be less infront of this happiness, last decision will be of you both. Parth glares at Shorvori, shorvori looks at him in tears. Indu sadly leaves. Shorvori tries to hug Parth but Parth goes in washroom. Shorvori comes behind him and says i love you. Parth says this is not love, if it was love then you wouldnt even be able to think about it, my love is my life and you wanted me to be with..? i cant even say it properly, how could think it? what was the need for it? we would leave in 4days anyway. Shorvori says hear me out, Parth says i would fall in my eyes if i touch someone else, by thinking that, you have not only doubted my love but have hurt my honor and self respect. Shorvori says our pain and hurt is bigger than family and Maa’s belief? love, rights, your truth everything on one side but if we want to give happiness to family then we dont have any other way to get baby, Parth says its about, you know its not surrogacy, Shorvori says i just know we will get baby by this, Parth rolls his eyes and says it will not be your baby but mine and Teni’s baby, you wont be mother but she will be mother, you wont have any life in that baby, Shorvori says how can you say it? that baby will be your baby, you are my life, my life is yours so how what baby will not be mine? Parth says the baby which is not ours, i dont want that baby, i told you before that the way on which you are not, i wont follow that way, result can be anything but what you are saying, i cant do that, he leaves angrily, Shorvori looks on.

Scene 2
Its morning, Sejal brings parcel and says we got online parcel at my friend’s house. Mohini says hide it in bag, we have to leave for Ahmedabad contest.
Suyog is getting ready and says to Forum that Mohini is going to Sejal’s friend house with her so they need my car today. forum thinks that should i tell Suyog that they are not going to someone’s house but to beauty contest but then he will ask how i know and i would have to tell him that i went to office.
Sejal opens parcel and sees glue sticking all over dress. Mohini says its all damaged, Sejal says let me call online seller. Suyog is going from there. Suyog comes to Mohini and asks what happened? Mohini says we bought this dress online but its so bad. Suyog says this dress is stick with glue, its faulted, send this to my room, i will deal with this online store, he leaves. Mohini says we were cheated.
Shorvori brings Parth’s jacket and says its your favorite jacket, Parth glares her and goes away. Shorvori gets sad, Parth brings another jeacket to wear. Shorvori gets Teni’s call. Teni says to her that i worked so hard to seduce your husband, i did everything possible, you even fooled me first but i tried again, i didnt do anything wrong. Shorvori says i know you tried well, you fulfilled your promise, its not your fault. Teni says you agree? I want my money now, i did my work, will you come with money or should i come? Shorvori says money for what? you keep singing about money, cant you see how much in pain me and Parth are, how my family is suffering, you keep imagining money, you tried but you didnt succeed, i am cancelling this deal rightnow, you wont get any money, we wont have connection from now on.. Shorvori says what? listen to me, Teni cuts call. Parth asks what did she say? Shorvori says Teni said that she will go to mandir and tells truth to dada. Parth leaves, Shorvori goes with him.

Scene 3
Teni comes to mandir. Dada is distributing parsad to poor there. Parth and shorvori comes to mandir. Teni is looking for dada, she finds him praying in mandir, sees Teni talking with dada, Parth is shocked.

Teni says you have come again to mess with my mind? i dont have stamina to do more, i lost so leave, Shorvori says only you didnt lose, i lost too with you, you lost challenge only but my whole life is stake so i cant lose, you are my only hope, God has sent you to help me, flashback ends. Parth says to Shorovir that i didnt expect this from you. shorvori says i know but i had to make you realize that if this truth come out to family then what will happen, you are so scared just by thought of this truth coming out so think what will when it truly comes out, look at yourself, you are going crazy rightnow, you left my hand to run to stop Teni, why? because you know well that if family knows this truth then it will bring destruction only, i accept that we did this act together but nothing will happen by telling truth, i know you love me a lot, i love you that much too but where we are standing, we cant think about ourselves only, we have made this lie to such bigger truth that we cant make it lie again, this lie has become life of our family. She shows him dada playing with some random kid in mandir, Parth tears up seeing the scene.

Shorvori says we cant break dada’s heart because dada’s heart is already weak, accept this for our love and our family, give this baby to me and our family, i understand your problem but if our family’s hopes break then my lifeline will start breaking too because i wont be able to live with this helplessness, first taking you away from family and now giving pain to dada.. now i cant do it, i dont have anything in my control, i couldnt even tie prayer thread here. Teni says i tied it, she shows them baby cot and says i tied it on tree, my prayer thread broke so i tied it with Shorvori’s thread. Shorvori says this cant be coincidence, this is God’s will that our prayer will be fulfilled with Teni only, we have to accept God’s will. Shorvori holds Teni’s hand and gives her hand in Parth’s hand, Parth tries to take his hand back but Shorvori says accept God’s will. Parth looks at Teni in shock, Teni is tensed and recalls how she prayed for Parth to get baby, how hints kept pointing at Teni.

Dil Se Dil Tak 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Parth lifts Shorvori in his arms and says Teni is coming to live our house from today, Shorvori says she has our baby in her belly. They hear fire crackers bursting outside house, Parth asks who is there? Teni comes inside and says wont you welcome me? if you bring fire cracker like me in house then there will be blasts for sure, she winks at them, they look on tensed.

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