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Dil Se Dil Tak 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Shorvori says to Dada that I am sorry but I dont accept Aman’s wedding proposal for Teni, Dada says i know wrong happened in past but i thought we can give another chance to them, Shorvori says you are right, Teni and Aman used to love each other and wanted to give another chance to their relation but i worry for my sister, i thought everything would be fine after Aman came here but seeing changes here, i am worried, what if anything wrong happens in future? we wont be able to do anything, i am telling you that whats my decision is Teni’s decision too, Dada says if you both have taken decision then i wont force it upon you both, i will talk to Aman and ask him to go back, Shorvori thanks him and leaves.

Teni thanks Shorvori and says you have saved me, i would have killed Aman. Parth says its strange that Aman doesnt fall in love but he fell for our surrogate only? Teni says you dont know what i am, if you didnt meet Shorvori before me then you would have fallen for me too, Shorvori stares at her, Teni says sorry just joking. Shorvori says i dont feel good about doing this with Aman, i am not feeling good, Parth hugs her and says we didnt have any other choice.

Shorvori is in garden. Aman brings hot chocolate for her and says its my special, you will like it, she drinks it, and says nice. Aman says can i say that your baby is lucky to get parents like you both and a loving family, there is nothing greater than love, Shorvori says yes nothing is greater than it, Aman says you know what? i was lucky too, i was born into good family, i had big house, loving family but one day suddenly God twisted fate and I lost everything, he gets in tears and says then Dada held my hand and brought me to this house, i got everything in this house, i got love, relations and everything but with due respect, i always felt some void in my heart, some place was lonely in my heart, i spent my life to fill that void, i kept searching for girlfriends to fill that void but no girl could bring happiness to me, they always hurt me but Teni.. Teni filled that void, her craziness and her love behind it, i want to win that forever, the love I have for her, i want to give that to her, i know you have doubts but just give me one chance, i promise to keep Teni always happy, i promise to not let her cry ever. Shorvori says we cant tie relations from one end only, Teni doesnt love you. Aman says but i can get one chance to win her love and your trust? just one chance please? Shorvori looks on.

Parth says to Teni that how can you be hungry at 2AM? Teni says i dont know bring anything for me. Shorvori comes there and tells them about Aman asking for one chance to win them over. Parth says what? you gave him chance to win Teni’s heart? Teni says you want him to get married to me? Shorvori says i just gave him chance to win your heart, Parth says everything was done so why did you do that? Shorvori says you could have seen how he begged me for a chance, he had so much feelings that i couldnt say no, Parth says i dont know, say no to him, Shorvori says i already told him yes for a chance. Teni says then get ready to marry me, Shorvori says Teni! Teni says your baby wants to eat that dish which you people brought for foreign clients, Shorvori says Parth brought them from Mumbai, Teni says but Baby is not listening, he wants that only, Shorvori says those were waffles, I will go and see if they are there.

Shorvori comes in kitchen and is searching for waffles, Aman comes there and asks if she is hungry? Shorvori says not me but Teni wants to eat some waffle, she gets that packet and leaves. Aman says Desi girl is weird.

Shorvori brings waffles packet for Teni, Teni tastes one but doesnt like it, she tastes another and says they dont have taste which I like, i want that only, Parth says they cant be brought from Mumbai right now, Teni huffs and leaves. Shorvori says this girl is weird, if our baby would be weird too? Parth asks her to sleep,

In morning, Parth says to Shorvori that i ordered chips for her. They come in Teni’s room and sees chips packet already there, Shorvori tries to hide them but Teni wakes up and says i thought if you dont bring it in morning then i wont talk to you both but you are nice, Shorvori says we didnt bring it, Teni says then who? Parth reads note attached to chips, note says ‘you have craving for something and I dont bring it? i will bring everything you ever need, with love Aman.’ Shorvori says i told you that he loves her a lot, Parth says who told him about her craving? Shorvori says i went to kitchen and he came there and i told him mistakenly but Teni got what she wanted, Teno nods and eats. Aman comes there and says thats love, people bring stars and moon and they are just chips, when i got to know about her craving, i took flight to Mumbai and brought those for her, Teni says you took plane just to bring chips for me? she is about to hug him but stops, she says you have made me happy, Aman says this is just start, just see next.

Aman comes to his room and says I have liked to become reason of your happiness for first time, i am sure I will win your love and Shorvori’s faith now, he says I should take a shower now. He opens his cupboard and finds his pictures with different girls, he says if Shorvori sees it then she wont trust me, they are not needed my life now.

Aman is burning images he had with his girlfriend in garden. Teni comes there and says I was finding you and you are here, Aman asks if you had some work? Teni says i wanted to thank you, i get happy when someone gives me to eat what i want, Aman says it was not needed but if you are saying it gently then its accepted. Teni asks why he is burning photos of girls and whats in this diary? Aman says they were my girlfriends and this diary have their contact numbers but I am out this circle now so I dont need it. Teni says if you are trying to impress me then listen, nothing can happen between me and you. Aman says only time will tell what happens next, I am not doing all this to impress you but I am way ahead of all that, the girl i was finding is standing infront of me, if you say yes to me then you will become mine and if you say no even then I will remain yours forever, he lovingly smiles at her, Teni looks on, Raabta plays.


Dil Se Dil Tak 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Jagruti says to Sejal that Teni is so lucky to get a life partner like Aman, Sejal says Teni will leave one palace and go to another and have luxury life. Teni overhears and says am I doing a mistake by saying no?
Shorvori says to Parth that I am worried about Teni, for the first time she didnt like our gifts and went on walk alone too, is Teni hiding something from us? Parth looks on.

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