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Dil Se Dil Tak 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 9th November 2017 Episode start With Dada ji agrees to Rishab and Sejal’s proposal. Sejal also accepts the proposal, Mohini says she has no problem with it. Rishab’s mother leaves happy.
At night, Ramnik joins his hands to Jagruti, they broke her heart for the sake of his family. Mohini comes there taunting that last time Indu broke her promise. But this time they accomplished it very well. Ramnik forbids Mohini to discuss about property distribution anyway, it’s because of her that he snatched his daughter of her dreams.

Parth was still thinking about Teni. Indu asks why he didn’t take her call. Parth says it was on silent, he notices she was upset. Indu tells him about the whole situation. Parth was shocked about Jagruti breaking her marriage for the sake of education. He turns to speak to her, Indu says Jagruti stated clearly she wants to stand on her own feet. Indu wish she could tell him the real reason. Parth asks what about Rishab’s love for Jagruti. Indu says sometimes children have to sacrifice for their parent’s sake. Indu doesn’t tell him about Sejal’s proposal. She asks if he got vitamins to Teni, Parth says he had forgotten. Indu assures she will take care of it. Teni comes behind Parth and complains why he didn’t come to her with medicine.

He is ignoring her today, if he would have done this to Shorvari as well? Parth strictly says Teni can never take Shorvari’s place; she was his wife and Teni is only a friend. Teni accepts his deal of friendship, she is happy. Parth jerks his thoughts accusing himself for misunderstanding her. He apologizes Teni for being rude, he is tensed for what happened at home. He takes a leave. Teni curses herself for not discussing to Parth about Jagruti’s off mood.

In the room, Parth asks Jagruti about the reason for denial of her proposal. Jagruti assures she really wants to be something. Parth accepts and assures his side.
Mohini and Sejal come to the room. Sejal says if they won’t get their part in property. Mohini was determined to ask about her share in property once Sejal is married.

Parth was asleep when Teni comes to his room and coughs hard. He wakes up asking what she is doing here. Teni tells Parth there is a huge fly in her room. She requests him to come to her room and make it leave. Parth wasn’t ready to help. Teni asks how they would sleep. Parth tells her to sleep on his bed, he goes to the couch. Teni turns to lamp off and continue yawning. She finally gets up, then wake Parth up to narrate her a story. Parth finally agrees to show her funny videos on his mobile. She lay down watching the videos and fell asleep. Parth was sleepy as well. He speaks to Shorvari’s photo he would dearly love their child.

As he comes to sit on the chair and watch the videos on his phone by herself he comes across the video of Shorvari’s accident. He was shocked to see Teni’s car in it and wonders why Teni didn’t tell him about the crash. He looks towards the peaceful asleep Teni. He thinks about her Teni and thinks she is only attempting to get close to him, this isn’t friendship.


Dil Se Dil Tak 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni wakes up and asks why Parth is staring at her. Parth was furious and says he won’t spare Teni, that lady was right and girls like Teni are only selfish.

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