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Diya decides to divorce Ratan


Diya finds Ratan getting crazy after the drugs. She gets heartbroken. Ratan’s drama fails in front of her. She learns he was just acting as a drug addict to keep her away. She asks Ratan how could he plan so much just to stop her feelings and end their relation. Ratan apologizes. He blurts out the entire matter. He tells her that he was doing everything to avoid her feelings. He knew Diya loves him and will confess love to him, but he didn’t wish to happen. Diya sheds tears. Ratan wipes her tears. She gets too depressed.

She asks Ratan why did he do such things, instead of talking her face to face. She tells him that he should have trusted her and rejected her on her face, his drama has hurt her even more. He feels sorry seeing her cry.

He tells her that he doesn’t deserve her, she is too good and he isn’t. She decides to give him divorce. She tells Ratan that she will give him divorce and also reveal their relationship’s truth to the family. He gets emotional after talking to her. She declares that she doesn’t feel deserving of him, as he has proved this, she isn’t worthy of his love. He asks her not to feel so. She parts ways with Ratan. Their secrets have come out in open. Ratan didn’t wish to hurt her heart. He fails to prove his intentions to Diya.

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