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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 10th April 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Balwan coming to Shiv. Shiv asks him to go to his Bhabhi. Balwan saysy Bhai is Bhai and says we will not talk about her today and asks him to show card magic. Shiv tells that his eyes are saying that hukum ka satta. Balwan checks the card and says you are magician. Aastha hears him and recalls her childhood with her father. A fb is shown, Her father tells that he won’t let any tears falls from her eyes. Shreya is taking off the petals. Her mum in law comes. She says she wants to see who will rule in the house. Mum in law tells that the game is interesting and asks her to take more names. They do hi five at the end of game.

Shiv thinks he can’t marry Aastha and how to make her refuse for marriage. He recalls Aastha stopping him from going to ghosts bungalow and thinks to make her refuse for the marriage. Shiv knocks on the door and pats on her shoulder. Aastha gets scared and is about to sit on bed. Shiv stops her and says someone is sitting there, and starts talking as if ghost is there. Aastha asks him to stop it. Shiv says I will give you water and spills water intentionally. Aastha asks him to go and says I will not get trapped in your stupid pranks. Shiv says okay, I will go and asks her not to close light. Aastha says I am not a kid. Shiv challenges her to stay in ghost bungalow for 5 mins and then he will agree that she is not scared of anyone. Aastha tells her friends that Shiv challenged her. Chotu tells that everyone is afraid of that ghost house. Girl tells that today is amavasya. Aastha says we all will go. All kids are scared, but supports Aastha. Shiv thinks she is more scared than kids and thinks his plan will be successful.

In the night, Aastha comes to ghost house with kids. All the kids run away being afraid. Aastha gets scared, but thinks she will prove Shiv that she is not scared of ghost. She goes inside the ghost bungalow and shouts as pigeons fly on her head. She thinks I have to make my fear lose. Shiv tells Balwan that he will meet Aastha as a drunkard in that ghosts house and then she will refuse for marriage and I will become villain for her. Aastha is scared. Balwan says she is innocent and cute, and asks why he is doing this. Shiv says he will become big villian and meet Aastha in that ghost house. Aastha sees goons smuggling drugs and says it is goons’ place. Goon hears Aastha and asks who is there? Aastha tries to run out and hides seeing goons following him. Goon sees Aastha.

Aastha runs, but is caught by the goon. Goon holds her neck and asks what did you see. Aastha asks him to leave her and breaks bottle on his head. Shiv enters there. Aastha is still in the ghost house and runs to save herself. Shiv thinks I am drunkard and Aastha will not marry me now. Aastha runs to him and hugs him being scared. Piya Plays……Shiv thinks everyone is backfiring. Goons come there.

Aastha tells him that goons are smuggling drugs here and asks Shiv to get them arrested. Shiv asks why you are troubling a girl and asks them to go and sleeps. Goon laughs and says you will sleep here. Shiv kisses his locket and starts fighting with the goons and beat them. Namo Shivaye plays……He beats all the goons and asks Aastha to come. Aastha couldn’t walk due to her injured foot. Shiv takes her in his arms and takes her home. Aastha is moved by his gesture and stares him.

Balwan and Radhika are waiting outside the ghost house and are surprised to see Shiv carrying Aastha. Shiv drops Aastha and goes.

In the house, Balwan laughs seeing Shiv’s plan failing badly and says you are liking her, but acts to dislike heer. Sharda bandages Aastha’s foot and praises Shiv. She asks her to rest. Aastha says she have to take part in the competition. Radhika tells her that Shiv sent her, but saved her also. Aastha says I thought him wrong. Shiv says situation made me saved her. Balwan says Shiv and Aastha and says your jodi is made with her. Aastha says he is not that bad. Shiv beats Balwan with the pillows.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Aastha thinks to win the race to fulfill her dreams and get the prize money. Guru Maa tells her devotees that she wants many temples to be build and gives an idol to them. The men digs the land and tells that when the winner will come here and find the idol, new temple will be build here. Aastha hears them.

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