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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Runjhun about to fall down as she steps on oil. The blanket falls from Runjhun’s hand and falls near Aastha. Balwan holds Runjhun from falling down. Govind recalls Pandit ji’s words that God makes the charity happen with the person she wants. Aastha gives blanket to Runjhun and asks if she is fine. Runjhun feels drowsy as she is about to give blanket to the boy and falls down unconscious. They all get shocked. Aastha crosses the line and goes towards Runjhun. Balwan is also shocked and is about to cry.

Govind checks her nerve and says it is not beating. Aastha is shocked and cries Gurumaa smiles. Aastha recalls Gurumaa telling that Runjhun has to die. She blames Gurumaa for killing her sister. Everyone is shocked as Aastha accuses Gurumaa and holds her neck. Everyone try to stop Aastha. Gurumaa acts as if Aastha pressed her neck. Lakshmi asks Gurumaa if she is fine, and asks Aastha to come to her senses. Gurumaa asks Lakshmi not to scold her. She tells Runjhun that she can’t leave them and asks someone to bring Goddess chunari. Balwan brings Chunari and asks Gurumaa to save her.

Gurumaa asks everyone to stand far as she is doing God’s dhyan. She recalls and a fb is shown, Gurumaa puts some drug on Runhun’s handkerchief to make her faint. She covers Runjhun with the chunari and peeps inside. She then gives her injection to make her fine and thinks her nerve was stopped for a while due to the chemical, and now with this antidote, she will be back to life and everyone will regard her as God now. She gets up and says Jai Maa Durge.

Runjhun starts taking breath. Aastha gets happy and hugs her while crying. People here tells that it is a miracle to make a dead person alive. Jaya says this is Gurumaa’s one more miracle. She says Jai Gurumaa. Janki says this means Gurumaa is God, she gave life to Runjhun. Runjhun is surprised to know that Gurumaa saved her. Everyone applauds for Gurumaa. Runjhun pushes Aastha and goes to Gurumaa and bends her head infront of her. She ssays you have saved my life and is more than God to me. Aastha is still crying. Gurumaa smirks. Kahan Ka Khuda hai plays…..Gurumaa makes Runjhun get up and hugs her. Everyone is thankful to Gurumaa and bends infront of her.

Later Lakshmi lights the diya infront of Goddess in room. Govind asks what is the matter? Lakshmi that she has a feeling that Goddess Durga is upset with them and tells about the recent happenings. Govind says you see that troubles are coming on our house, but Aastha or Gurumaa saves us. He says Gurudidi gave life to someone today and says they shall be happy. He lights the diya.

Gurumaa is in shama grah. Gurumaa is playing with the puppets. She says you were acting according to me, and says you have lost there and have lost here also. Aastha tells that because of her, Runjhun’s life would have gone. Gurumaa says because of me, she is saved today because of this chemical. She shows the chemical bottles and says her nerves stopped because of this and started again because of antidote. Aastha says if her nerve wouldn’t have beat then. Gurumaa says then she would become amar. She tells that she is happy to become God and says just 1 day is left and tells that her idol will be placed in side the temple tomorrow. Aastha says she will expose her truth to family. Gurumaa laughs aloud and says you have fallen down in their eyes, and says everyone believes me.. She asks her to leave from there. Aastha says you are God to yourself only and says you are curse to my family and I will expose you. Gurmaa keeps trishul on Aastha’s neck and tells that she would have killed her, but tomorrow her idol will be kept in temple. She says people will call her God and will call you devil. Aastha looks shocked and hurt.

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