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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Gurumaa asking Aastha to accept her defeat and leave. Aastha says until I save my family from this curse, I won’t leave. Gurumaa keeps trishul on her neck and says tomorrow everyone will call me God and to you as devil. Later the idol goes missing. Jaya blames Aastha for stealing kanha ji idol. Janki says she has done this. Runjhun asks her to atleast think about her. Jaya says your sister is not related to anyone. Janki says she has hidden the idol as she knows that we were about to do puja at 12 am. Balwan asks them not to shout at Aastha and says he will go and search the idol. Janki says there is no idol in the house. Runjhun says just 5 mins is left. Jaya says for the first time, we can’t do kanha ji’s puja. Aastha says she is innocent and tells that she has not stolen the idol. Lakshmi asks why we shall believe you and tells that I heard you telling God as makhan chor. Gurumaa tells Lakshmi that they have to check all aspects. She tells Aastha that she saw her standing near the idol one hour before. Shiv says yes. Gurumaa asks him to tell what happened 1 hour before.

1 hour before: 11 pm.Shiv says he was tying peacock feathers to the idol. He covers the idol. Aastha comes there and says it is puja flowers. Shiv asks her to stop acting and says you said God as thief and asks how can you say that and hurt everyone’s feelings. Aastha says she has never hurt anybody’s feelings for God. Shiv says you are a big fraud and liar, we can’t trust you. He makes the flower fall. Aastha looks at him. Gurumaa comes there and tells Shiv that it is cold, asks him to switch off AC. She asks why the flower is on floor. Shiv says it fell by mistake. Gurumaa asks her to bring Vaishno puran from Shama grah and says Aastha will be with God till you bring it. Shiv says how can she stay here, you know what she has done. Aastha hears her. Gurumaa asks her to switch off all ACs. Aastha tells Gurumaa that she never told God such thing and says it was you who manipulated my words 2 hours ago.

2 hours before: 10 pm.

Gurumaa tells Harish, Chacha and Angad that they will distribute Makhan to poor. They ask about the AC. Gurumaa says even God can feel hot. Chacha says he is waiting for her idol placement in temple. Gurumaa says she don’t think herself as God, but she is agreeing as it is a God’s wish. They take makhan/butter to give to poor. Aastha comes and asks Gurumaa how can anyone betray, cheat, lie, theft etc. She says my mum used to say that Krishna was makhan chor, but it was his Leela, but whatever you do secretly is a fraud. Gurumaa sees Lakshmi coming and asks Aastha what did you say? Aastha says how can a thief be God, as she is saying to Gurumaa. Gurumaa acts and says you said thief to my Kanha ji. Lakshmi hears her and says she is not surprise to hear such thing. Aastha says she was telling to Gurumaa and then gets silent. Lakshmi regrets to give her vardaan. Gurumaa thinks this is just a trailer, I have started planning 1 hour before to prove you devil.

3 hour before: 9 pm.

Gurumaa gives bath to Kanha ji’s idol with honey, curd and water. Lakshmi gives her kanha ji’s clothes. Gurumaa says I will make him wear. Janki says she will make him wear. Gurumaa doesn’t let her touch it. Aastha gets doubtful. Gurumaa asks Govind to switch on AC and says God shall not feel hot. It is 9 pm, she says she will do aarti and celebrate his birthday at 12. Lakshmi asks where is peacock feather. Jaya and janki blame each other. Shiv says he will tie it. Gurumaa asks Nand Lal and Angad to come to kitchen with her and take makhan. Her hand towel falls from her hand. Aastha bends down to pick it and asks Gurumaa why her hands are cold. Gurumaa says that curd was cold. She thinks Aastha’s mind works faster, but she would have use it 4 hours before.

4 hours before: at 8 Pm.

Gurumaa keeps the cucumber in the fridge. Aastha asks what you are doing? Gurumaa says she has got it to give it in charity.
Back to 12 am:

Jaya says she has stolen our Kanha ji. Runjhun asks her to return the idol. Lakshmi says it is going to be 12 soon, because of this girl, we can’t celebrate Krishna birth. Aastha recalls seeing Ice book. Janki says don’t know if she has hidden the idol or destroyed it. Jaya asks Lakshmi to kick her out right now. She says we have no place for devil like her. Gurumaa smirks and recalls her promise.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : At 11:55 pm, Aastha runs to kitchen to search the idol. Guru maa says she tried to ask Aastha, but she didn’t tell. She says just 2 mins is left now, nothing can be done. Just then everyone is surprised to see something.

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