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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee  11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv driving the bus. Govind asks him to drive carefully. He hits the bus on to the marriage venue. Everyone is shocked.

3 days before

Aastha thinks about her father. Goddess says that she is his favorite daughter. Aastha recalls her father telling that he will go inside the water and come out after 10 mins, first his flower will come and then him. He gets inside the water. Sharda asks Aastha to do idols visarjan. Aastha does the visarjan unknowingly and recalls her father getting inside the water. She gets inside and imagines seeing his father’s dead body. Lakshmi tells Guru Maa that Shiv came for Ekadashi bath. Guru says he is big Aastik. Aastha tells baba, I am coming and gets inside. She recalls her father’s death while showing magic to her. They shout Aastha. Shiv hears the noise and swims towards her to save her. Everyone is concerned for her. Aastha asks how did I come here? Shiv asks why did you come here, to save me. He asks her not to do this again and goes. Lakshmi asks Sharda not to feel bad about his scolding as he cares for her. Guru maa tells that this is love as Aastha risked her life to save Shiv’s life. They think Aastha saw Shiv taking a dip and tried to save him. Sharda asks Aastha if she saw her baba again in river. Aastha tells yes and tells that she took God’s name aloud, but he was not saved. She says if my baba is not in this world then God is also not in this world. Sharda prays to God and asks her to make everything fine. She says when they can accept Shiv being nastik then why can they accept Aastik.

Shiv talks to God and tells that he couldn’t find Radhika and she is in pain. He asks God to help him. Goddess says that Sharda wants to get her daughter married to Shiv and Shiv wants to marry Radhika. I shall listen to whom and is struck in dharmsankat. Radhika manages to come out of shama kash and thinks to sit in the truck which is leaving in sometime. She hides from everyone’s sight and manages to sit in the truck. Truck driver drives the truck. She escapes.

Lakshmi does aarti. Guru Maa plays shank. Someone say that Aastha and her family came. Aastha greets Guru maa. Ashok signs Gayatri that she is looking good. Gayatri smiles. Jaya tells that she has mixed the haldi. Janki says Aastha will look beautiful. Guru maa praises Aastha and tells that she is a blessed child of God. Aastha looks on. Sharda says she is unique and special. Guru maa says you said right. They hear dhol. Shiv thinks he can’t get ready for haldi when Radhika is missing. Balwan comes and invites him. Shiv asks him to go and says he will come. Radhika calls Shiv and asks him to come out as she came to do haldi rasam with her groom. Shiv gets happy. They see kinnars coming there and singing song. Lakshmi says marriage haven’t happened here still. Guru maa says let them stay. She gets a call from her sevak and gets to know that Radhika have escaped from Shama kash. Lakshmi asks whose call is this? Guru Maa tells that Radhika is escaped and will come here. Lakshmi asks Jaya to bring money to be given to them. Radhika smiles standing among the kinnars.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee  12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aastha gives money to kinnars and touch their feet. Sharda asks why did you touch their feet and says there is a much difference between us. Aastha says this difference is made by us, whom we have named as caste, religion etc.

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