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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Gurumaa telling everyone that Lakshmi had told her that Shiv loves Radhika, but as Aastha was her choice, she wants to make her bahu and not to Radhika. Everyone is shocked. Gurumaa says who knows that we will get to see Aastha and Radhika’s opposite personality. She tells Govind that Lakshmi was not guilty and she wants Shiv’s betterment and takes blames on herself for selecting Aastha. Aastha cries and is heart broken. She is going. Lakshmi looks at her with tears in her eyes and holds her hand. Aastha walks leaving her hand. Kahan Ka Khuda Hai plays…….Lakshmi cries and gets upset with Shiv. Aastha goes to room and looks at Shiv. Radhika smirks. Shiv runs to go inside the room, but Aastha closes the room. Shiv asks Aastha to listen to him once and open the door. Piya plays…..

Shiv also cries and sits on the door. While Aastha sits on door inside. Lakshmi comes to Shiv and tries to pacify him. Shiv says I had told you that I should have tell Aastha. He tells that there is nothing between Radhika and him now. Lakshmi says mistake is mine. Shiv says I will do whatever you says. Lakshmi asks him not to talk to Aastha now, give her some time. She asks him to get up and says I will talk to her. Shiv asks her to talk to her. Lakshmi knocks on the door asking Aastha to open the door once. Aastha opens the door. Lakshmi gets inside and sees Aastha sitting on floor. She says I can understand what is going on between you. Your thinking is right, you are betrayed. She says Shiv didn’t have no mistake. Aastha says mistake was of Shiv only, why did he marry me when he loves Radhika and says why he didn’t tell me after marriage. Lakshmi tells her that Shiv said that he can’t marry you, but I was sitting on your place before marriage. A fb is shown. Lakshmi says I didn’t want to tell this thing to everyone as I want you to become Shiv’s wife and our bahu. She says whenever Shiv tried to tell you, I stopped him as I wanted to see you together, thought everything will be fine with time. Aastha says nothing will be fine now as she saw love in Shiv’s eyes for Radhika. Lakshmi says no, and tells her that Shiv loves you a lot and asks her to give a chance to Shiv. She says even you have done many mistakes, but I always gave you a chance. She asks her to do what she thinks is right. Aastha looks on.

Radhika tells Gurumaa that Shiv has to chose her only. She tells that things were easy as she called Aastha to hotel and decorated the room with her stuff. Gurumaa says I am proud that you are my daughter. She says very soon you will get Shiv and your pics will be in the house. Radhika asks why your pic is alone, I have proved that I am your daughter, and is about to take off photo frame. Gurumaa says she will bring photo frame first and then she can hang the pics. Radhika says ok. Gurumaa looks at her photo frame worriedly.

Jaya and Janki tell that they are in a state of shock knowing about yesterday’s truth. Janki says Lakshmi is a good politician to have gotten Aastha and Shiv married. Jaya says but we will be suffering. Janki says Aastha and Radhika will fight know and we will see drama. They see Radhika and Aastha going hand in hand and get surprised. Jaya says if Shiv knows that sautan bani saheli. Shiv gets message from Aasthas mobile asking him to come out. He goes out and sees Aastha and Radhika standing under the poles. He wonders what is happening here. Radhika is tensed while Aastha is sure that Shiv will save her.

Shiv sees the poles falling on them and runs to save Aastha. Radhika recalls asking Aastha to stop crying, and tells that she can’t come between her and Shiv asking her to take Shiv’s test to check if he loves her or not. Aastha says Lakshmi asked her to give him a chance. Radhika says I will tell you what to do. She tells that they shall stand under the poles and seeing the poles falling on us, Shiv will save any one of us. I am sure Shiv will save you as he loves you. Fb ends. Shiv runs and saves Radhika. Aastha is shocked. Radhika falls on Shiv. She recalls standing close to pole so that Shiv saves her seeing her in more danger than Aastha. Shiv sees pole falling on Radhika and saves her. Radhika holds Shiv and don’t leave him. Shiv asks what you were doing under the pole. Radhika says Aastha was taking your test. Shiv is shocked. He comes to her and asks Aastha what she is doing? Aastha says I have found out that you loves Radhika. Shiv says from this stupid idea. Aastha says it was not stupid idea and tells that feelings come out seeing loved one in danger. She says she wants to talk to him and hear him, but this test proved that your first love is last one. You will love Radhika always. Shiv says if this is your opinion and asks how she felt that he don’t love her.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shiv tells Aastha infront of his family members that his love, their marriage and everything is lie according to her, so he will free her and marry Radhika. Radhika smiles. Lakshmi is shocked. Aastha cries.

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