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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshmi saying it is 11:55 now, because of this girl we couldn’t celebrate Krishna Janmashthami for the first time. Janki asks her to kick Aastha out somehow and says we have no place in our house for such girl. Runjhun says you said right, my sister did devil’s job and she shall be kicked out. Janki says yes, this devilish girl shall be out. Aastha recalls Gurumaa asking Govind to switch on AC and that her kanha ji shall not feel hot. Gurumaa thinks to act and find the idol and become God in everyone eyes. Aastha thinks idol is not stolen, but melted. She runs. They wonder where did she go? Lakshmi says where she went. Janki says she went hiding her face as her theft is caught. Lakshmi asks Shiv if he can bring Kanha ji idol from somewhere. Shiv says he will try to arrange and goes. Aastha goes to kitchen. Gurumaa comes there and says thief has wipe out all proofs and says you will not get Kanha ji, you are more clever than my thinking.

Aastha says you are more clever than my thinking, you made bal gopal of ice, and got all AC’s switched on, you manipulated my words about Kanha ji, left me alone with the idol, you got all AC switched off so that idol melts down and the blame come on me. Gurumaa says so what I could do. She says you have become devil. I will show Kanha ji’s idol to everyone saying I got to know from you where is the idol. She is about to go near fridge. Aastha stands sticking to fridge. She says she knows that idol is hidden in the cucumber.

Gurumaa says so you know this only and asks her how you will find it, you can’t find it in 3 mins. If I couldn’t get that idol then you can also not get it, think it as my last warning. Aastha thinks just 3 mins left to strike 12 and thinks how to search Kanha ji. Jaya says for the first time, we can’t celebrate krishna’s birth. Janki tells that aastha is inauspicious. Shiv comes and says he can’t get idol. Gurumaa comes to Lakshmi and tells that she tried to asks Aastha where did she keep idol, but she didn’t listen. She says we can’t do puja today. Janki says what is that. Aastha brings big glass box. Aastha puts the water bucket and adds all the cucumber in it. Lakshmi asks what she is doing. Aastha asks her to give 1 minute. The heaviest cucumber with Kanha ji’s idol falls inside the glass tub..Aastha picks it up and opens it. She finds Kanha ji idol in it. Everyone is surprised seeing Kanha ji’s idol on Aastha’s hand.

Aastha comes near Lakshmi and tells her that her mum used to celebrate janmasthami. She used to keep kanha ji’s idol in cucumber, she used to tell just like God Krishna was born at 12 am from Maa Devki’s womb, likewise we take out the idol from the cucumber and show his birth. She says she has heard many stories in her childhood about God Krishna. She says he is Vishnu’s 8th avatar, he is Guru, he is Sakha, he knows well about rajneeti, dharm, darshan, yogya etc. She says he is purn Avatar in hindi dharm. She turns to Gurumaa and says I don’t believe on God, but I know about him surely. She says my maa told me stories of every God, and I have understood from those stories that truth can be worried, but can’t be defeated. Gurumaa is angry, but controls her anger. Aastha tells lakshmi that time is less, and asks her to do puja first. Govind also says the same. Lakshmi makes Kanha ji’s idol wear the clothes and keeps him in the cradle. They do the puja and celebrate his birth.

Lakshmi gives Prasad to Aastha and says I didn’t understand what you have done. Aastha says Gurumaa knows everything and she will tell you. Gurumaa is trapped. She says Aastha called God as thief, I scolded her and made her realize her mistake, so that’s why she returned the idol. Lakshmi says this is not good, just few seconds were left. Gurumaa says she wouldn’t let them skip puja. She says lets do aarti. She does aarti and then tells Aastha that she is enjoying his defeat, but thinks this defeat as game, like tiger plays with its prey. She says just one day is left for my idol’s placement and your challenge will be defeated. Aastha says 12 hours are left, I will change your position. I don’t care if you become God or not, but I won’t let you fool my family, this is my challenge. Gurumaa fumes.

In the morning, Govind asks Servant to make tea for Lakshmi. Aastha says good morning to Govind. She asks if it is right to take up wrong way to do something good. Balwan comes. Govind indirectly tells her that they shall aim at the destination without thinking right or wrong if it is for good. Balwan says I didn’t understand. Govind asks him to go. Aastha thinks you have solved my confusion. Gurumaa brings the idol’s head and keeps on the idol. Aastha says it is not looking like you and brings the food pipe and puts in the idol’s nose, and says now she is looking like her Gurumaa. Gurumaa is surprised. Aastha accepts her defeat and says she has realized her power, sits on her feet.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shiv breaks the matka to celebrate the festival. Nand Lal tells lets place Gurumaa’s idol. Aastha thinks to press the remote button to expose Gurumaa’s truth, just after the cloth is taken off from it.

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