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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with fire catching in the mandap. Aastha shouts. Sharda holds her. Shiv is in the bus and loses balance.

2 days before.

Lakshmi tells Guru maa that if Radhika comes here. Guru Maa says she will take care of her and asks her to go to Aastha. Lakshmi gives money to kinnars and folds her hands. Jaya and janki also gives them money. Kinnars bless them. Lakshmi asks Aastha to take their blessings. Aastha gives money to them and touches their feet. Everyone is shocked to see Aastha touching their feet. Lakshmi thinks what did she do? Jaya says this is wrong. Why did Aastha touched them. Kinnars bless her. Janki asks why did you do? Radhika smirks. Aastha says they blessed me and that’s why I touched their feet. Guru Maa tells Jaya that Aastha is innocent and don’t know family’s rules. Sharda asks Aastha why did you touch their feet and says there is so much difference between us. Aastha says there is no difference, I couldn’t see and says these difference are made by us. She says you only tell that we shall respect same to elders. Radhika says one second Guru Maa and asks her to let them come inside to dance. Guru maa says let them go. Everyone go inside. Radhika drops something. Shiv bends down to pick it and sees her face. Radhika hides her face.

For sangeet, Radhika is dancing along with the kinnars. Aastha smiles looking at Shiv. Radhika thinks to talk to Shiv somehow and wonders how? Guru Maa signs sevak and asks if Radhika is found? He says no. Guru maa asks him not to find the thorn and throw. Sharda hears her and thinks Guru maa is talking about puja. Gur maa says I have life’s mantra and says there should be no hurdle where good thing is happening. Lakshmi sees Radhika picking taking sweets and going to Shiv to make him taste it. Lakshmi asks her to stop. Radhika drops laddoo on floor. Lakshmi says we permit you to enter here, but haven’t given permission to do any rituals. Radhika goes. Shiv picks the laddoo and gets her message asking Shiv to meet him in 5 mins in his room. Guru maa asks Lakshmi to start the rasam. Lakshmi says she saw Radhika here. Guru maa asks her to see Aastha’s smiling face and not to fear from Radhika. Lakshmi thinks it might be her imagination. Guru maa tells lakshmi that this marriage is God’s blessings and says I can do anything to make God happy. Sharda does the rasam. Gayatri says now jashn will happen. Runjhun, Gayatri and other dance on the song Chalka Chalka.They take Shiv and Aastha to dance. They collide. Piya plays…..aastha holds his hand while the song zehnaseeb song plays….They dance and it turns out be her imagination.

Gayatri takes back Shiv and Gayatri to their place and asks him to do rituals with Aastha. Radhika thinks she has to wait for him and thinks if Guru maa sees her. Shiv applies haldi to Aastha. Gayatri asks her to apply haldi to Shiv’s face. Aastha then applies haldo. Shiv pretends that haldi fell in his eye and goes to wash his eye. Aastha feels bad. Gayatri says its okay. Radhika waits for Shiv in his room. Guru maa comes there and tells her sevaks that Lakshmi saw Radhika here and asks them to search and find her. She says she shall know what will be the punishment for eloping from her shama kash. Sevak says if she will go to Police. Guru maa says who will believe her, and tells that Shiv also will not believe her if she tries to tell anything against her and then Shiv will punish her and not me. He will kick her out from his life. Radhika hears her and is shocked. Guru maa says I want this and says asks them to search and bring her. Sevaks go. Guru maa feels as if Radhika is here.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aastha asks about coconut usage. Gurumaa tells that coconut will be presented in front of God and then bus will run over the coconuts. Aastha says anything can happen then and we shall not do this ritual.

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