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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 13th April 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Aastha telling Shiv that he is a nice guy. Shiv smiles and says I have never thought that we would. He asks did you like any guy before. Aastha says I didn’t like anyone before, but liking someone now. Shiv says if that person is not like you think. Aastha says when her mum met her father before their marriage, she thought he is the one for her. She tells that whenever she hears his voice, all good things happen around her. Shiv smiles. Radhika congratulates Aastha and says even aunty wants this alliance. She tells that she is happy for her and says you deserves someone better. Aastha says what do you mean? Radhika says you said that he is strange. Aastha says I thought him wrong and that he is a fine guy. Shiv comes there. Aastha asks Radhika if her father sent money for her. Radhika says no,, and says he will send money in 1-2 days. Shiv throws the paper rocket. Aastha picks it up and reads Shiv’s message asking her to smile always. Aastha smiles.

Balwan tells Shiv that he has seen how he throw paper rocket for Aastha and teases him. Shiv goes. Balwan asks him to tell that he likes Bhabhi.

Janki asks God to shower her blessing on her and does puja. Her mum in law sprinkle water on her face. Janki says God has listened to me. Her mum in law asks her to change her name and asks her to do the thing which she can do better. She says we won’t let Aastha settle down here.

Shiv talks to his friend and tells that his mum have fixed his marriage here and asks him to come home. Guru Maa comes to have food. Sharda asks her to sit. Guru Maa asks where is Shiv? Shiv comes. Guru Maa asks where were you? Shiv says he went to market. Aastha looks at Shiv and smiles. Balwan thinks Shiv is in love. Guru Maa asks Shiv what is in your heart about Aastha. Did you like her? Shiv tells that he wants to talk to her and gets up. Guru maa asks what you are hiding in your hand. Shiv says nothing and drops ring box under the table. He then kicks it to hide. Aastha drops the spoon and picks the ring box. Guru maa says so you were hiding this and asks Aastha to show. Aastha shows the ring. Balwan gets happy and tells that Shiv said yes from his side. Shiv says to tell you the truth. Guru Maa blesses them and says Shiv and Aastha’s jodi will become Shiv and Parvati’s jodi.

Later Radhika slaps Shiv for giving ring to Aastha. He says you loves me and wants to marry her. Shiv tells her that he loves her very much and hugs her. Radhika says you are lying and you don’t love me. She tells that she followed him and acted that her bags are stolen and befriended Aastha. She says if I had not come there then you would have married Aastha.

Shiv says we know each other since 4 years and asks if she understands him this much. He tells that he thought Aastha will refuse, but his plan have failed. Radhika asks do you love her. Shiv says since when I came here, I used to see you and that Aastha thinks that I see her. He says I brought that ring for you, but that ring reached her. Radhika says she likes big solitaire ring. She blames him for not talking to his family and says I am a modern girl and misfit in your religious family. Shiv assures her that he will marry her only and makes her wear tree leave as ring. She refuses to believe him and asks him to talk to Guru Maa. Aastha asks what happened? Radhika and Shiv makes an excuse. Aastha goes to talk to her mum.

Balwan is talking on phone and telling addres of Durga Nivas. Shiv comes and tells Guru Maa that he wants to talk to her about them. Guru Maa says I wants to talk to you about you both. Shiv says I want to talk about my marriage. Guru Maa says I think you wants an early marriage, and says I have decided that Aastha and Sharda will come with us to Kolkata and marriage will happen there. Sharda says she has to make the arrangements. Guru Maa says you said that your elder son stays there. She says arrangements will be done, this relation is made by god and asks Balwan to book tickets for them. Sharda asks Aastha not to worry and says Guru Maa told that she likes you the way you are. Aastha smiles. Guru Maa asks Radhika what she will do. Radhika says I will come with you people to Kolkata. Guru Maa says okay and asks Balwan to book her ticket as well. Balwan says okay. Shiv thinks to stop Aastha from coming there.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radhika asks Shiv if he loved her after asking Guru maa. Shiv tells that he will not marry Aastha and that she will not reach Kolkatta. Later Radhika thinks Aastha will not come. Aastha is seen looking tensed as the train starts.

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