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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv asking Aastha to see him and make baati. Aastha makes baatis. They add ghee in the diya and says it is ready. Shiv says I would have make 10 diyas, you would have told me. Aastha is worried. Oh Piya plays….Shiv says Aastha. Aastha hugs him crying. Shiv reciprocates the hug. He asks what happened? Aastha says don’t know, I am very tensed, tomorrow is Runjhun’s marriage and says if everything will be fine. Shiv says it is my brother’s marriage too and says we will make everything fine.

Next day, Sharda, Runjhun and others come for the marriage. Runjhun says they have done good decoration in Aastha’s marriage and poor’s decoration in my marriage. Shiv comes and asks if she is nervous. Runjhun says a little. Lakshmi thanks Sharda for letting her daughters marry in the house. Sharda says it is her good luck. Aastha comes and hugs Runjhun and then hugs Sharda thinking about her warning. Balwan smiles looking at Runjhun. Guru maa asks them not to go out and says marriage shall happen between 5:50 and 6 pm. Balawan says ok Guru maa. Lakshmi asks Sharda to come and see the arrangements. Everyone go out. Aastha sees Guru maa talking to someone. Runjhun goes to guest room and thinks this is not less than a five star hotel. She thinks Balwan’s room might also be good. She jumps on the bed. Apna Sapna Money Money plays….Jaya and Janki come there and is surprised seeing her jumping on bed. Jaya asks Runjhun if she is enjoying and says they will also jump. They give her clothes while jumping and asks her to sit and wear clothes.

Guru maa ends the call and sees Aastha standing. She asks what you are doing to do now. Guru maa asks if she is doubting or accusing her, and tells that she got this alliance to save Runjhun from bad publicity, and says if I have to break the alliance then I don’t need any other way. Gayatri comes and see them jumping on bed. She says I need to make Runjhun ready. Jaya says she enjoyed jumping on bed, and asks Gayatri to get her ready nicely. A woman comes and says she is a beautician. Runjhun asks her to show the album. Woman says to whoever I do makeup, their marriage breaks. Runjhun is shocked and asks her to go. Gayatri asks what did you do? That woman was sent by Guru maa. Runjhun says she wants to look best for her marriage and tells Gayatri that she will go to parlour and get ready. Woman comes to Guru maa and says she has done her work. Guru maa gives her money.

Runjhun calls Ashok and Balwan and says she wants to go to beauty parlour. Ashok says marriage mahurata is for 10 mins only. Runjhun asks Balwan to help her and says this is my life’s important day. Balwan says did you understand what Guru maa say and says both bride and groom can’t go out. Runjhun asks Balwan if he will let Aastha get make up from an ordinary beautician. Balwan says I can do anything for my bhabhi and says she is like my mum and I will bring Parlour for her here. Runjhun says I am your Bhabhi’s sister. Balwan agrees. Gayatri asks what we will tell everyone here. Runjhun asks them to wear bride and groom’s clothes and sit for sometime. They leave. Ashok asks Gayatri not to think that it is real and says we are just acting. Aastha comes and says she will help Runjhun. Gayatri says she will help her. Aastha calls someone. Runjhun comes out. Guru maa smiles.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Runjhun’s legs glued in the fevicol or plaster of paris. Balwan comes to her rescue and the same thing fall on them making them stand as statue in the parlour. Aastha sees Gayatri on the bride’s place. She gets worried as the mahurat will soon be ending.