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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Shiv what did he do? Shiv says I thought this is the only way to make Aastha understand and hopes that she stops his marriage. Lakshmi asks if she will stop. Shiv says once misunderstandings get cleared, Aastha will stop the marriage. Radhika thinks even God can’t stop the wedding now. Aastha thinks about Shiv and his decision to marry Radhika. She cries. Lakshmi sees her crying and comes to her and asks her to have food. Aastha refuses to have food. Lakshmi says your maa is calling, you don’t want to pick the call and trouble her. She says you calls Papa to Govind, but feels connected with me, says maa will never removed from sasumaa. Aastha says I always thought about you as my mum. Lakshmi asks her to tell what is in her heart.

Aastha says their relation is built on a lie and says she can’t figure out what to do. Lakshmi says sometimes we have to see from heart sight and says she has seen Shiv’s heart and it has so much love for him. She says now only you can stop the marriage. The man in the secret room wakes up and manages to come out.

Aastha is hearing music wearing head phone. Man (surely Aastha’s father) walks to her and is about to keep hand on her shoulder, when Gurumaa comes and hits on his head. He falls down unconscious. Gurumaa hides his face with a cloth and drags him inside to the secret room. Radhika comes to Aastha and says sorry. She says she is feeling bad for her and says she don’t want to marry Shiv as he is her husband and says she will talk to him. Aastha stops her and says you will not tell anything to Shiv.

Radhika says she has to talk to him. Aastha says Shiv will not start loving me and says I got married to him as I thought he loves me, but what is the use of marriage when there is no love. Whatever he is doing is right. Radhika says even I can feel this pain, as this has happened with me. She says she felt the same pain when Shiv left her and married you. She says may be that’s why you wants to go away from Shiv. Lakshmi comes and says Aastha will not go from here and says Aastha is our bahu and will stay here. She asks Radhika to leave her with Aastha for sometime. Radhika goes.

Lakshmi asks Aastha if she accepted defeat so soon. Aastha says what she will do by winning, she can’t get Shiv. Lakshmi says this means you will not love Shiv. Aastha says she learnt what is love and its meaning from Shiv. She says people says satyam shivam sundaram, and says Shiv is sundar, satya and her life truth for her, and the truth can’t change that she loves Shiv, but he loves Radhika and his happiness lies with her and not with me, that’s why I can’t stay here and want to go far away from me. Lakshmi asks what is truth, which we see or which we can’t see. She says truth is that earth rotates, but nobody saw it rotating. She says if you want you can break your marriage with Shiv, but not from this house. Aastha says she will not stay here anymore. Lakshmi asks her to stand up.

Gurumaa ties the man and says you can’t move even an inch now. He tries to touch the flute with his foot. Gurumaa smashes his foot with her foot and says she has given him enough liberty, but not anymore. She injects/actually stabs big injection used for animals.

Jaya asks lakshmi why she called them. Lakshmi says yes and says my son has decided to marry Radhika, I will not interfere in his decision but that doesn’t mean that Aastha will go away from this house. She says Aastha will do the arrangements of marriage as a bahu. She asks Aastha that if she can do her vardaan and asks her to make the arrangements as her bahu. She asks Aastha if she will do the arrangements and forwards her hand. Aastha gives her hand in her hand and says yes mummy ji, I will take care of this responsibility. Shiv thinks thank you Aastha, Maa has stopped you, now stop my marriage. Radhika thinks why did they stop Aastha and where is Maa?


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