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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Runjhun coming out to go to parlour. Aastha comes and talks to her friend on call and invites for Runjhun’s marriage. Runjhun hears her and is hiding from her. Guru maa sees Runjhun and comes to Aastha to divert her attention so that Runjhun can go. She tells Aastha that their servant has caged the pigeon and asks if he did right or wrong. Aastha says this is wrong to caged the birds/animals. Guru maa says for some birds, they wait for the change and flee. Aastha says I didn’t understand. Guru maa sees Runjhun going from there. She says I have freed you to go under this sky. Aastha thinks she will tell truth to everyone and will be freed from the lie. Shiv comes and asks if she is thinking about him. Shiv tells her that everything will be fine. Aastha is hopeful.

Balwan and Runjhun sit in auto and go to parlour. They reach parlour. Balwan asks her to get ready fast and says he will bring charger for Shiv’s camera. Runjhun asks him to come fast. Balwan says ok and asks her not to take much time. Parlour lady/beautician comes there and tells Runjhun that she will do he pedicure first. Runjhun asks why? She says for applying nail polish. She asks her keep her head so that they can massage her head to bring glow on her face. She keeps cucumber on her eyes and starts massaging. Guru maa comes there with her sevak. They put the glue or plaster of paris in the tub and keeps Runjhun’s feet in it. Runjhun says it is very thick.

Beautician tells that it is made in Thailand and asks her not to worry. Gurumaa thinks you can’t go once this mixture become solid. She takes Runjhun’s phone and hit it on the ground. Beautician excuses herself and goes. Runjhun opens her eyes and sees her feet glued inside the tub content. She calls Balwan and Beautician. Gayatri calls Ashok and asks if they have come. Ashok says no. Gayatri says we have no choice, we have to continue this drama. Gayatri says someone is coming and ends the call.

Aastha is about to come, but is stopped by the servant and kirana man. Aastha asks him to bring bill in the evening. Aastha comes inside and tells that she brought necklace for her and sees her face. She is shocked to see Gayatri. Balwan comes back. Runjhun tells that her feet is stuck. Balwan tries to free her feet using small knife. Runjhun says he needs big thing. Balwan sees big knife on the cupboard and tries to take it out. The plaster of paris or glue content kept on above the cupboard falls on them, making them freeze.

Aastha tells Gayatri and Ashok that the mahurat is for 10 mins, and it is already 5 pm now. What we will do if they don’t return by 5:50. Gayatri says she tried to make her understand, but she didn’t agree. Ashok says why did your brother go with her and asks why you are blaming my sister. Gayatri asks him not to fight. Gayatri asks Aastha not to tell anyone and promise her. Ashok promises on Aastha’s behalf and asks her to handle. Aastha says I will not tell anyone. Gayatri wears ghunghat and sits down. Ashok hides under the bed.

Lakshmi comes and says Guru maa can’t attend this marriage, I want to tell Runjhun. She says Guru maa can’t attend your marriage and says she was getting bad vibes about this marriage, so she has decided to get the pooja done so that your marriage happens smoothly. She says she has sent her blessings. She says she brought ancestral jewellery and will make her wear, but bangle falls down from her hand. Gayatri picks up the bangle before Lakshmi bends down, and wears bangles. Aastha smiles. Lakshmi asks Aastha to bring Runjhun to mandap. She goes. Aastha tells that she lied to Lakshmi and tells that she will go and bring them. Ashok says if you couldn’t come on time then? Aastha asks them not to go to mandap and tell everyone. They agree. Aastha comes to Shiv and says she has to say something.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru maa is doing the havan and says this marriage can’t happen. Gayatri calls Aastha and asks when they will reach. Aastha says we will reach before time. Shiv says we can’t reach in 10 mins. Runjhun asks if my marriage will not happen. Later Runjhun and Balwan comes home wearing garland with Aastha and Shiv and see Gayatri and Ashok taking rounds. They are shocked.