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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Shiv’s Lookalike Is Held Captive By Gurumaa


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Govind telling Lakshmi that Aastha has accepted Shiv to marry Radhika and says he is doubtful if they are following their heart, or become egoistic. He asks if you think she will stop the marriage and fears for bad. Lakshmi says nothing bad will happen, and tells that their love will brought them back, when they come together this time, they will never separate again, I have full trust.

Aastha is packing her stuff. Shiv thinks she agreed to stay back then why she is packing her stuff. He questions her. Aastha says she has shifted her stuff in guest house. Shiv says you can stay here, we will separate our beds. Aastha says it will be wrong as you and Radhika are going to marry and unite, please don’t stop me, let me go. Shiv is about to keep his hand on her shoulder. Judaai song plays…..he recalls moments between them. Aastha gives his shirt to him. Shiv says ok, if we can’t stay in this room, then we will not stay. It was my decision to marry Radhika, so you shall not be hurt, I will go out from this room and not you. He goes.

Aastha is serving food to everyone. Lakshmi stops her from serving food to her. Shiv comes. Lakshmi asks where did he go early morning. Shiv says he brought jeweler with him so that they can choose rings for Radhika and his engagement. Lakshmi says Shiv. Everyone is shocked. Radhika is happy. Govind asks why he is in hurry. Shiv says when we have decided, then why to wait. He asks Aastha to select rings for them. He asks jeweller to show the rings to Aastha. Jaya and Janki are happy, and says now she will get some intelligence. Shiv thinks tell Aastha that you can’t select the rings and don’t want this marriage to happen.

Shiv asks her to come on. Aastha chooses the ring for him. Shiv thinks don’t do. Radhika gets happy as Aastha selects ring for her. Aastha selects ring for Radhika and Shiv. Shiv asks jeweller to give those rings and goes. Radhika asks Aastha not to bear, still there is time. Aastha gives rings in her hand and goes. Jaya and Janki come to Radhika’s room and see the ring. Janki says diamond ring. Jaya wears it. Janki says we shall take selfie with it. They wear it and take selfie, but ring gets stuck in Janki’s finger. Jaya says we shall go out and take the ring. Radhika comes to him and asks him to share his feelings. Shiv says I thought Aastha will not select the rings, but she selected it. He says he don’t think reverse psychology will work.

Radhika asks him to wait patiently and says Aastha will come to him. She thinks Aastha will come, but can’t meet you. I have lost you once, but will not do same mistake again. Jaya tells Janki that they shall cut her finger. Janki says no and says they shall put soap on the ring so that ring comes out of finger. A rat comes and takes the ring with it. They wonder what to do now. Rat takes the ring inside. Shiv’s lookalike face is shown, who is held captive with Gurumaa. Lakshmi comes to Aastha and shows Shiv’s precious thing to her and asks where is he? Aastha says she doesn’t know. Lakshmi says Shiv used to collect money in this box and forgot just as he grown up. Shiv lookalike frees his hand.

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Shiv’s lookalike comes out in the house. Gurumaa comes and finds him missing. She thinks where he went and gets angry. Shiv and Aastha are coming from opposite sides and are about to see the lookalike.

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