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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th April 2017 watch online Episode on

The Episode starts with Shiv thinking his heart is not letting him leave a girl alone in the train, thinks Radhika’s words and asks God what to do? He then gets down the train. Aastha is still sleeping and reminisces the moments spent with Shiv. Shiv sees God’s pic and imagines many God’s pic. He folds his hand and says I know I am wrong, but if she is with me then I can’t talk to Guru Maa. Shiv thinks if anything happens to that girl and says you can’t do this. He is about to go back to Aastha. Radhika comes and stops him. She asks him to go home and talk about their marriage. Shiv says ok. Radhika thinks sorry Shiv, if I take care of Aastha then our marriage can’t happen.

Lakshmi asks Sharda to have some lunch. Sharda refuses. Shiv comes home. Guru Maa asks where is Aastha.

Sharda says she was with you. Lakshmi asks him the same thing. Guru Maa asks where is Aastha. Shiv says Aastha is missing. Everyone is shocked.

Aastha wakes up in the train and looks for Shiv. She calls him and asks where are you. She searches for him tensedly. Sharda is shocked. Govind asks what do you mean? Shiv tells that he went to washroom and then he came back, she was not there. Sharda gets worried for her. Aastha searches for Shiv at the railway station. Lakshmi scolds Shiv and says you have crossed yout limit today, what we will answer to Sharda. Govind asks her to calm down and says they will search her together. Aastha sees Police booth and thinks to call Sharda. She then thinks that her purse is with Maa. Balwan tries calling Aastha and thinks her mobile and purse is here.

Aastha asks someone to give his mobile, and calls Sharda, but her phone is unreachable. Man takes the phone and goes. Aastha gets worried. Kahan Ka Khuda hai plays…..

Sharda panics and is worried. Guru Maa goes to pray for her. Govind asks about her dress color. Sharda says yellow. Guru Maa prays for Aastha. Shiv tells Lakshmi that he wants to talk to her about something important. Lakshmi says not now and accuses him as Aastha went missing. A goons eyes Aastha, mixes some medicine in the water and asks did you forget the way. Aastha says she lost the way and tells that she wants to go to Durga Nivas. Man offers to drop her to Durga Nivas and asks her to drink water. Aastha drinks water and returns the bottle to man. She suspects him and calls a woman as her Durga Aunty, and tells man that she will go with her.

Everyone is worried at Shiv’s house. Guru Maa tells Sharda that Aastha will be saved. Aastha thanks the lady and recalls Balwan telling address of Durga Nivas to someone. She thinks may be this is the place.. She asks the woman about the place, but woman tells her something which is not understandable to Aastha. She goes to a shop and asks about Durga Nivas, but the man ignores her. Aastha sees God’s Shashta falling on the boy and saves him. Man thanks Aastha for saving his son. He asks what you are saying? Aastha tells that she wants to go to Durga Nivas. Man asks her to go in the tempo and says Durga Nivas is on the way. Shiv is about to tell her that he loves someone else, but suddenly they hear the thunderstorm. Lakshmi runs to inhouse temple and asks Shiv to hold the diya. She also holds the diya and says Maa Durga can’t be in darkness. Lakshmi’s devrani tells that Aastha brought back luck for us and tells eclipse happened today.

They come out of house and see Aastha coming out of Goddess tempo. Aastha walks smiling. Eclipse goes when Aastha walks towards their house. Khuda tha khuda hai plays…..

Aastha greets everyone and says she is Aastha. Shiv feels bad and thinks she should be here with Radhika. Guru Maa tells that she is a God’s child and that’s why eclipse is gone seeing her. Sharda asks if you are fine? Aastha says yes. She tells that she was searching Shiv.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aastha asks Sharda, if they know my truth. Chachi asks Aastha to greet the God as says it is our custom. Aastha is shocked.

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