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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv breaking the handi. Shishya sees light coming out from idol’s eyes and Aastha holding remote. He goes and inform Gurumaa. Gurumaa fumes and recalls Aastha making her spit the truth. Govind is about to take out cloth from the idol’s face. Aastha switches on the TV. Just then Gurumaa kicks her idol’s head with a hammer breaking it. Everyone is shocked. Lakshmi asks what did you do? Why did you break your own idol. Gurumaa apologizes to everyone and says I can’t do this. She says I know you all have faith on me and gave me place of God. She says she is happy to pray to God and don’t want to become God. She says let me be Gurumaa and not as Bhagwan.

Everyone praises her and says Jai Gurumaa. Aastha is upset and recalls Gurumaa spoiling her plan. She recalls how Gurumaa acted to save her and Runjhun and how she ruined her plan to expose her. She is about to fall when her father’s soul comes and holds her hand.

Aastha is surprised to see him. She says He asks her to keep quiet and asks her to come with him. He makes her sit and tells that lines don’t look good on forehead. He massages her head with forehead and asks if she remembers her childhood. Aastha smiles and says yes. She tells that she was careless before, but now she is changed and became something else to bring out Gurumaa’s out infront of everyone. She says she has lost from Gurumaa.

Baba asks her not to worry and tells that you have stopped Gurumaa’s idol to be placed in temple.. He tells her that she is saving Aastik family from Gurumaa and says when everyone will come to know about your truth, they all will praise you. Aastha is happy and says don’t know how you makes my fear go. She finds him gone and sees the oil bowl there. Shiv tells Lakshmi that if Gurumaa don’t want to take God’s place then why did she get the idol and then broke it.

Gurumaa breaks the idol. Aastha comes and says it was your idol only. She says you was greedy to become God, you are leaving humanity. One day everyone will come to know about your truth that you are not God, but wants to become God. Gurumaa acts to cry seeing family members coming. Jaya tells Aastha that she is devil for them. Runjhun says I am ashamed to call you my sister. Gurumaa tells that she don’t want to become God, and agreed because of her bhakt. She asks Jaya did you hear what she told just now. She says she didn’t complain about Aastha thinking she is a child, and tells that her childish acts increased. She says she told something to me during idol placement and I thought it is better to break the idol hearing her bad words. Aastha says this is all lie and asks Shiv to trust her.

Balwan tells Aastha that she is having misunderstanding. Aastha says everybody trusts her blindly and asks her not to betray her own family. Lakshmi tells that they have never seen tears in Gurumaa’s eyes and asks her to apologize now itself. Jaya tells Lakshmi that she let Aastha stay in the house and doing kalesh in the house. She says if Aastha is wrong then you are also wrong. Shiv asks why Maa will break her vardaan. Jaya says it is vardaan and not pratigya. Nand lal asks her to keep quiet. Jaya says someone has to tell to make the house better. Aastha and Lakshmi are in tears. Lakshmi looks at Shiv and goes. Shiv looks upset and goes.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lakshmi tells Aastha that she is giving her last chance to stay in the house, and asks her to win everyone’s heart else leave from the house silently. Aastha looks on.

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