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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha telling Shiv that she has to talk something important to him. Sharda comes and tells him that Panditji needs something and asks him to check. Shiv goes. Sharda asks Aastha what she was telling Shiv that she is nastik. Aastha says no and is about to tell her about Runjhun, but stops recalling Gayatri’s promise. Sharda warns her and says if tells anything to anyone that our relation is over. Aastha comes out of house and thinks she has to go alone without Shiv. Shiv sees Aastha going there and thinks where is she going and looking tensed. Aastha runs and her foot gets stuck in the glue. She thinks to call Shiv. Jaya and Janki hear Ashok and Gayatri talking that they will not go to mandap if Runjhun and Balwan don’t come. Janki says we shall tell everyone that Aastha is playing game with us. Jaya says Aastha will be trapped if they get married. She says if we got this wrong pair married then Aastha will be blamed. Janki says rich girl will marry an ordinary insurance agent. They laugh.

Shiv comes there and tries to free Aastha’s foot. Aastha asks him to free Runjhun and Balwan as plaster of paris fell on them. He tries to cut the plaster of paris with knife. Aastha asks him to bring cutter. Shiv brings it and tries to take it out. Some particle falls in his eyes. Shiv says how I will help them now, I can’t see. Aastha asks do you trust me and says she will become his eyes. She guides him and he frees them. Balwan then frees Aastha’s foot. Aastha asks Balwan to take Runjhun and clean their clothes. Shiv says he can’t see anything. Aastha sprays water in his eyes and the particle comes out from his eye. They have an eye lock. Shiv says I am fine and says lets go.

Runjhun calls Gayatri and says her phone is not working so she called from Aastha’s phone. Gayatri says just 20 mins left for mahurat and says after that they will tell truth to everyone. Runjhun asks her not to tell anything to anyone else her life will be spoiled and two families have to bear insult. Gayatri agrees and asks her to come before rounds atleast so that they can change place after switching off lights. Runjhun agrees. Shiv and Aastha come there and they sit in car.

Jaya brings Gayatri and Ashok to mandap before Pandit could ask them. Guru maa is doing havan and thinks marriage will not happene. Gayatri and Ashok sit in the mandap tensedly. Govind asks where is Shiv and Aastha. Janki says they might be with Guru maa for the Vign puja. Jaya asks Panditji to start the marriage. Runjhun asks if she will not marry. Aastha says we will reach on time. Shiv says we can’t go in 10 mins. Runjhun asks if she will not marry. Shiv recalls promising Aastha and stops car seeing a temple. He says you will marrya at right mahurat. He asks Runjhun and Balwan to come out and understand his point. He buys garland and tells that he knows marriage mantras and will get them married. He gives garland to them. They exchange garland. Shiv says we all shall pray. Pandit ji asks them to do ghatbandhan of bride and groom. Sharda does their ghatbandhan.

Gayatri thinks where is Runjhun, come fast. Pandit ji asks them to start for rounds. Gayatri and Ashok get tears in their eyes. Ashok thinks Aastha will come soon. Jaya says they will get up as they care about family respect. Gayatri recalls Lakshmi telling that family respect is more important to her than anything else. Shiv asks Balwan and Runjhun to hold each other hands. Ashok and gayatri gets up. Pandit ji asks them to take rounds. Balwan and Runjhun takes pheras infront of temple. Gayatri says come on Runjhun. Lakshmi asks her to come infront. Jaya asks her to stand infront and take remaining rounds. They take remaining rounds. Runjhun and Balwan also complete the rounds. Pandit ji asks them to sit on their place for the remaining vidhis. Shiv tells Aastha that he got them married within mahurat and sit in the car to go home. Pandit ji asks groom to make her wear mangalsutra. They get tensed.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lakshmi asks Aastha did you know that Ashok and Gayatri are in the mandap. She asks didn’t you lie to me or not. Sharda asks how can you hide such a big thing from us. Guru maa looks on. Janki says bahu of the house betrayed them. Aastha is tensed.