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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv’s lookalike as his face is shown. Lakshmi tells Aastha that the box has many memories of Shiv. She says he used to take money from everyone and then used to count sitting in her room. One day he had hidden it in my almari and never came to get it back. When I got it today, I thought to return his precious stuff. She asks her to give piggy bank to Shiv and asks her to see it, may be you will feel good. She asks her to see the engagement arrangements and goes.

Aastha looks at the box/piggy bank and takes it in her hand. Lakshmi comes back and sees Aastha holding it. Jaya and Janki are happy to see dance troupe. Dancer tells that Shiv wants his engagement to happen best and that’s why hired us, the best dancers troupe. They asked the men to keep the big lotus there and says they will dance with it. Shiv’s lookalike manages to come out. He hears someone coming and hides. Shiv comes and tells Lakshmi that Aastha selected the ring and if she lets the marriage happen then.

Lakshmi says I got strength from you and asks him to have trust on his love, says she thought of something. Aastha is going to give piggy bank to Shiv when Radhika comes and stops her. Aastha says it is Shiv’s piggy bank. Radhika doesn’t know about it, but pretends as if Shiv had told her. She asks her to tighten her dress which is in room. Aastha says ok. Radhika eyes the piggy bank. Aastha comes to room. Shiv says my clothes were here so I thought to wear it. He asks Aastha to help him wear the tie. Aastha looks on. Shiv says you can tie it atleast. Aastha ties it. Mahi Bolna song plays….

Sweet moments between them are shown. Shiv says one last work and gives her Brooch. He feels pain as pin pierced his skin a bit. Aastha gets concerned. Shiv says you can feel this pain, but not heart pain. He asks why you are doing this? Aastha says she is bearing pain for her one sided love. Shiv is going and thinks Aastha stop me else we will go far from each other. Aastha asks him to see the box which Lakshmi gave. Shiv says I remember everything and all memories is in my heart, asks her to keep the box. Gurumaa comes to the room and see Shiv’s lookalike missing. She fumes and says where did he go. Shiv’s lookalike falls from the balcony in the big lotus. The man pushing it hears the sound, but other rubbishes his thought.

Gurumaa brings Radhika for the engagement. Runjhun says I would have brought her. Gurumaa says mother only will bring and then realizes what she said, and says she brought her as she is not having any family. Jaya and Janki say that it is good. Balwan tells Angad that he is not feeling good. Angad says what to do. Gurumaa thinks she searched him in the entire house and thinks where did he go? Janki asks what happened? Gurumaa says she is feeling unwell. Janki says you will be fine after watching dance performance.

Govind asks Lakshmi if she is sure that Aastha will stop this marriage. Lakshmi says yes and tells that once she sees that Gulak, she will stop the marriage. Shiv sees the cards etc which she gave him and gets happy and emotional. Radhika asks Shiv to start the engagement. Gurumaa says they will do aarti first of bride and groom. Shiv says once Aastha comes, we will begin. Aastha comes there. Janki asks Aastha to do the aarti as she is doing everything and taunts her. Aastha looks at everyone.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gurumaa opens the box and says ring is not in it. She asks how can it go missing. Runjhun says ceremony can’t happen without ring. Gurumaa says Engagement will happen now itself. She asks Aastha to give her ring to Radhika. Lakshmi is shocked. Aastha looks on helpless.

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