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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji asking groom to make bride wear mangalsutra. Jaya asks him to make her wear mangalsutra even after knowing the truth. Ashok thinks please Gayatri say something. Gayatri thinks Runjhun come atleast now. Jaya falls on Ashok making him put mangalsutra on her. Everyone claps. Aastha calls them and says they are not picking call and tells Shiv that she told them to tell the truth if they don’t reach on time. Runjhun asks did they tell truth? Shiv asks them not to worry. Aastha says we will reach in 2 mins. Pandit ji asks Ashok to apply sindoor to her. Gayatri thinks she can’t be silent anymore. Ashok thinks he can’t fill her maang and have to tell truth now. Jaya makes him take pinch in his hand. Jaya pushes him and fills falls on her maang. Pandit ji says marriage is complete now. Gayatri and Ashok get shocked. Aastha, Shiv, balwan and runjhun come there. Chacha ji says if you both are here then who is on mandap. Gayatri and Ashok reveal their faces. Everyone is shocked.

Guru maa comes there. Govind apologizes to guests and tells that there is some misunderstanding and they have to solve the matter, asks them to leave. All guests leave. Lakshmi refuses to accept the marriage. She says a poor girl can become bahu of my house, but my daughter can’t become bahu of a poor family. Everyone is shocked. Lakshmi says I don’t accept this marriage and asks Gayatri to come. Govind says rounds are completed, Ashok filled her maang with sindoor and says we have to accept this marriage. Angad says how did they come in the mandap. Chacha ji asks how did this happen? Balwan says this happened because of Runjhun, and says she wanted to go to parlour and that’s why asked them to wear bride and groom’s clothes. Runjhun thinks her husband is putting blame on her. Balwan says we would have come before time, but something happened with us there. Lakshmi recalls Gayatri wearing the bangles in a hurry and asks Aastha, did you know that this bride and groom are Gayatri and Ashok. She asks did you know that she was Gayatri and asks you have hidden truth from me and says it is equivalent to a sin. Aastha asks what did you do? I told you both that if we get late then tell truth to everyone. She says why did you come on mandap and get married. She questions Ashok. Lakshmi says I am asking you and you are asking them. She asks did you lie to me or not? Aastha nods and says yes. Ashok says Aastha didn’t lie, as we told her to say this. Lakshmi asks who is elder than them. You kept quiet on their saying, but didn’t say truth when I asked. Sharda asks Aastha why did you hide from Lakshmi, and says how can you hide such a big thing. Janki taunts her and says bahu of the house betrayed the family.

Jaya says you hide the truth and got your nanand marry your brother. Janki says only Durga maa knows how did this marriage happen or her param bhakt. Aastha says she didn’t do it deliberately. Janki and Jaya scold Aastha and says you have thought marriage as a game and says Guru maa trusted you and you have done this. Shiv asks them to stop it and says Aastha was helping Balwan and Runjhun and took them out from the problem. Janki asks how? Shiv says Balwan and Runjhun were stuck with plaster of paris and she went there to take them home. He says because of her, Balwan and Runjhun got married at the right mahurat. Lakshmi gives angry look to Shiv. Balwan says Bhabhi didn’t do anything and says they would have brought us on time.

A man comes there and says he got the bills for the things ordered by her and also the remaining amount. Angad checks the bill and asks why did you get plaster of paris. Aastha is shocked. Everyone is also shocked. He shows the bill to Lakshmi. Aastha says she has ordered Aata. Jaya and Janki ask if she is behind the conspiracy and ordered Plaster of Paris. Aastha says she ordered flour only. Lakshmi asks Angad to get it and says if Aastha is found in it then you will be saved, else your lie will be caught. Gurumaa recalls changing it. Angad says this is POP. Everyone is shocked. Jaya says there is no place for evil her and puts POP on her mouth. Shiv asks what you are doing and says let her prove that she is right. Shiv gets knife and takes out POP from her mouth. Jaya says her mouth is stuck. Gurumaa smiles.

Shiv cleans her mouth. Janki says Aastha was lying. Jaya says she slapped on our face. Guru maa thinks she ordered POP so that Runjhun and Balwan’s marriage can’t happen and the blame fall on her. She says atleast you got the blame of getting Gayatri and Ashok married. Aastha asks Lakshmi to trust her. Lakshmi says she conspired to get your family connected with us more, send Balwan and Runjhun out, then made Gayatri and Ashok sit in the mandap and got them stuck because of POP so that you can get both marriages done. Sharda says Aastha can’t do anything wrong with anyone. Lakshmi says truth is out, your daughter has betrayed us and is guilty of us. Shiv says no Maa, Aastha is innocent. Aastha cries.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shiv tells everyone that whatever Aastha has done is for family’s respect. He says Aastha is not wrong, but you all. Jaya says you are saying against your mum. Shiv says I will against everyone to support Aastha. Aastha looks at him and gets touchy. Lakshmi is angry. Everyone is shocked.