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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Guru Maa telling Sharda that their new bahu recites the mantras on the mandap. Sharda thinks how will Aastha read these mantras. Shiv gets Radhika’s call and she asks where are you? Shiv says you called on landline. Radhika asks how my marriage arrangements are going on. Shiv tells her about the bus accident and how Aastha saved them. Radhika is shocked and says mandap is broken and my plan is failing. Shiv asks what do you mean? He says marriage will happen at home now. Shiv says I am thinking about Aastha and says she is a nice girl and can’t do wrong. Radhika says Aastha is bad and wants to impress your family and saved you all. She says I have supported you always when your mum didn’t support you. She asks him to decide. Shiv ends the call. Radhika calls Shiv.

Lakshmi says I haven’t end the call and tells that I am his mum who is always with her son. Radhika says she is not tensed as she heard her. She says he will marry me. Lakshmi says Shiv will do as I says. Radhika says I am modern and have thinking like Shiv, and says although we don’t believe on God much and drinks and eats no veg. She says your son loves me and wants to marry me. If you can, you can stop my marriage. She challenges Lakshmi. Lakshmi is angry and looks on.

Aastha gets ready for her marriage and wears the ghunghat. Sharda thinks about Guru maa’s words and come to Aastha. Aastha shows her bridal dress and asks how am I looking? Sharda gets emotional and says you are looking beautiful. She tells her about the mantras to be recited during marriage. Aastha says didn’t you tell them. She asks her to talk to them. Sharda says how to tell them that these mantras need to be recited. While govind and others are walking on the road as they bring Doli. They see the cut tree branches and stones kept on the way. Radhika pays the money to the goons to put the things on the road. She sits in the doli. Govind and others take the doli home. Balwan sees photographer scolding Aastha to pose for the pic. He scolds the photographer and fires him. He tells Aastha that he can’t see anyone insulting his bhabhi and says even if Shiv insults her then he will not bear. Runjhun thinks Balwan is stupid, but nice guy, and can be her destiny lock. He asks Aastha to confess love to shiv and goes to call him.

Govind brings the doli and says they shall keep it in guest room. Lakshmi asks them to keep the doli down and looks inside. She gets Radhika’s hair jewellery and gets doubtful. Radhika is seen hiding in the room. She thinks thank god she is saved. Balwan brings Shiv to talk to Aastha. Shiv says I don’t want to talk. Balwan asks her to talk about the rasam. Shiv thinks if she will refuse for marriage realizing her mistake. He says Balwan was telling me that you wants to tell me something. She asks him to close his eyes and takes him to mirror. She asks him to open her eyes. Shiv is shocked to see I love you Shiv written on the mirror with lipstick. He wipes it off. Aastha is shocked.

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Gayatri takes Shiv from there and says you are not allowed to meet her. Aastha thinks may be he wiped it as Gayatri came. Lakshmi tells Guru maa that Radhika came inside the house. Guru maa says she can’t do anything, and I won’t let her succeed. Lakshmi says I will handle her this time. She says Radhika challenged me that she will marry my son and that’s why I will stop her. She says I will take off the black eye fallen on my son. Sharda asks what you are talking about? Guru maa says Lakshmi was saying that she wants to take off black sight from them. Lakshmi goes. Guru maa asks Sharda, did you give mantras to Aastha. Sharda says yes, but still holding it. She thinks to make Aastha tell the mantras. While Aastha is in the washroom. Radhika locks her and smirks.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lakshmi takes Radhika to mandap thinking her to be Aastha and asks Pandit ji to do rituals. Aastha knocks on the washroom.

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