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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Janki asking Aastha to do aarti of Radhika and Shiv to take off evil eye from them. Aastha nods and takes the aarti from Janki’s hand. Everyone is shocked. Aastha recalls seeing Shiv and Radhika’s first date bill and I love you Radhika written. She gets teary eyes and does their aarti separately. Radhika thinks she kept fake letters in the box at last moment and it worked. Gurumaa says now we shall find ring ceremony and asks Radhika to step infront. Lakshmi is shocked. Gurumaa opens the ring box and shows the ring. She gives ring in Radhika’s hand asking her to make Shiv wear it. Lakshmi tells Govind that they shall do something and stop this.

Govind says it is too late now. Radhika makes Shiv wear the ring. Everyone claps. Gurumaa opens ring box and sees it empty. She says ring is missing. Radhika asks where it went. Guru maa shouts asking where is ring. Jaya asks Aastha if she kept ring somewhere to stop the engagement. Janki also blames her. Radhika says Aastha can’t do this. Runjhun says engagement can’t happen today. Gurumaa says engagement can happen now itself only. She asks Aastha to give her ring to Radhika. Jaya says yes, it is of no use now. Janki asks if it will fit Radhika.

Gurumaa says rasam needs to be completed. She asks Aastha to give ring. Radhika thinks problem is solved and Aastha’s strength is also broken. Aastha recalls her engagement as Gurumaa tries to take ring out from her hand. Aastha feels pain and blood comes out from her finger as she tries to pull it out. Shiv couldn’t feel the pain and tells that they can do the rasam after dance performance. Dancer wishes Shiv and Radhika best for the engagement.

Jaya asks Janki if something will come out from the lotus. They keep the lotus petal down. Everyone is shocked to see Shiv’s lookalike. Gurumaa is alsos shocked. They wonder if he is a thief. They couldn’t see his face as it is dark. Someone switches off lights. Shiv’s lookalike shouts and faints. Nand Kishore asks Shiv and Balwan to see who is he? Shiv says I will see. He goes near him, moves his hairs and sees his face. He is shocked. Everyone is also shocked to see his lookalike. Lakshmi gets teary eyes and says my son…..Aastha says son. Gurumaa gets tensed and upset. Govind tells Shiv that he is his twin brother. Nand Kishore says Bhabhi’s son had died. Govind says Gurumaa told us lie that he is alive. Lakshmi questions her. Gurumaa says your son is alive and I had hidden him. Nand Kishore says you have hidden him for 25 years, where? Gurumaa says in the cellar, I didn’t let him come infront of anyone. Jaya says you have hidden a man.

Janki asks how can you hide him and nobody doubted. Govind asks why did you lie to us. Gurumaa thinks someone telling that he will be threat for the person who thoughts bad about the family. She lies to Govind that when Lakshmi gave birth to both kids, he hugged them both. Doctor said that one of the baby is weak and can might, that’s why she did this. Radhika thinks because of him, Shiv and my engagement came to a halt. Govind says why didn’t you tell us when he was alive, and why did you keep us away from us. Gurumaa says to keep him alive and tells that he had dosh in his kundli and couldn’t stay with us. She asks if you had kept him with you, then can’t you see him dying. She says she thought to keep silent and waited for 25 years. She says I brought him to make you all meet him. She says she thought this is right at that time, and apologizes to Lakshmi and Govind. Lakshmi says no Gurumaa, not this time. She says whatever decisions you had taken, I agreed, but I don’t accept your decision and will never forgive you. Gurumaa sheds crocodile fingers.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aastha asks Shiv to talk to his brother and asks what is stopping you. Shiv says 25 years, he was locked in the cellar and I lived a perfect life here. He says don’t know what to talk to him. Aastha asks him not to talk now, but go and sit beside him so that he can feel that his brother is with him. Shiv goes and sits beside him.

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